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  1. Next summer, just do a practice test to see how close he might be. That would be the best approximation. I'm not positive, but I think the second practice test was the 2016 administration. If you decide he should prep, use SAT prep. In our house, ACT and SAT results are not comparable (i.e. the concordance is not helpful) due to personal strengths and weaknesses that render the ACT unsuitable (speed). As far as comparing PSAT and SAT, in theory, a student should receive the same numerical score on both tests if they were taken on the same day. I'll never understand the point of the lower ceiling on the PSAT, but College Board set up this system so that students would see growth in the form of score increases between the time of the PSAT fall junior year and the time that they typically would take the SAT the following spring or fall. NMSQT relies on the Selection Index instead of the four-digit PSAT score. To calculate the SI, add together the subscores for reading, writing and math (each out of 38 total possible), and then double.
  2. What an admissions officer will infer from a graded AP course without a self-reported test score is an open question. That would be really interesting to ask an admissions officer someday if I ever get the opportunity to do so anonymously. From what I have read, this varies by school - some super-selective schools care, others do not. I have a hard time imagining that a great deal of attention is paid to data points that are not present in the short time an app gets read, but we are not looking at extremely selective, HYPS-level schools. One anecdotal example I read about was U Chicago, where a person claiming to be a former admissions officer said they care about missing AP scores, but that person worked there >5 yrs ago, and since then the school has changed its written testing policies for SAT/ACT. Their new test-optional policy surely has its share of a need to read between the lines, but it is premised on the idea of reporting what the student feels is representative. A homeschooled AP course may make reporting much more important; I have not looked at homeschooler app requirements. Incidentally, over the summer, a lot more colleges changed their regular, non-homeschooler testing requirements to allow self-reporting of SAT/ACT scores in the app - seems much more common than it was even a year ago. (The Common App includes the ability to self-report an AP test, taken or planned to take, the date, the subject and the score. The student can include as many or as few as they wish. Tip: the Common App allows you to open a parent "practice" account that allows you to see all of this.)
  3. Maybe just ask for a copy of the transcript. At my kids' school, the transcript reports two semester grades for a year-long class (which I thought was typical). I agree -call or email guidance. You don't have to say which class you're thinking about.
  4. wapiti

    Math placement - how times have changed!

    One of the possible ways is by placement test. What other way are you thinking about that isn't offered? I was under the impression that at most colleges, a math placement test is to be expected, unless the student has AP credit. Shouldn't the student who took calc in high school be able to pass the placement test (that is likely precalc content)?
  5. wapiti

    Pre-AP classes???

    I had it all mixed up; my apologies.
  6. Mind if I ask what colleges asked for AP scores to be sent from College Board? I was under the impression that no colleges require an official AP score report for admission purposes, but only later, for placement and credit.
  7. Look better for admissions? My understanding is that scores are self-reported on the common app. It's unclear to me whether officially-sent AP scores are even seen by admissions or are sent directly to the registrar's office for credit and placement. When self-reporting, a low score can be omitted, looking as if the student didn't take the test, or took it and scored poorly - colleges are not going to know which was the case. While I've seen some people suggest that the college will assume the worst (low score), intuitively I imagine that app readers aren't devoting time to conjecture on whether the test wasn't taken or whether the score was low, but simply moving on as there's no data point - too little time. Some colleges award credit for a 3. I'd suggest taking the test to see what happens.
  8. There is wide variation in competitiveness by school
  9. wapiti

    Class of 2018 acceptance thread

    I believe MIT only has EA, nonrestrictive.
  10. nevermind - I see it discussed over at CC
  11. wapiti

    Skip SAT?

    The others may speak to this better than I can because we are still a few months away, but I'd assume the app itself asks about citizenship. I don't think the info in College Board's registration is relevant to the admissions process. My dd isn't interested in the spam unless it comes from a school that is already on the Colleges I'm Thinking About list in Naviance (which is a compilation by herself, her counselor, and me). Last week she got a big envelope of spam from Harvard and she never even opened it. I might open it before I throw it out just to see if there's anything in there I can make fun of - not sure why H needs to send out spam with a 4% acceptance rate.
  12. wapiti

    Skip SAT?

    Most of those questions don't actually need to be answered. They're optional. Just press continue. I have read about people having trouble registering such that using a different browser might help.
  13. wapiti

    Thoughts on Standardized Tests / Prep

    A few random thoughts: I don't think one needs to worry about test prep until the middle of high school. Prepping for the junior PSAT is important for those with the potential to do well enough for NM or for NHRP (National Hispanic Recognition Program). The summer before junior year is a good time to start. Today's SAT (the "New" or "Redesigned" SAT) debuted in March 2016. It is not the one we took as parents and is not comparable, period. The test has changed at least 3 or 4 times since then. The current test is amenable to practice as advertised by Khan and College Board - David Coleman (head of College Board and architect of the Common Core) touts a study to that effect. It seems to be optimal to wait to take the SAT1 until after algebra 2. Note that apparently some stats topics showed up on both the fall 2017 PSAT (standard deviation) and on the March 2017 SAT (box and whisker plots). These are on the list of possibilities as Common Core topics but hadn't previously shown up on actual administrations of the new psat/sat.
  14. wapiti

    New SAT easier??

    Both College Board and Khan Academy have the same 8 practice tests available free, of which #5-8 were actual administrations of the new SAT. It has now been two years since the new test debuted. Eta, no I would not use old SAT material for practice.
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