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  1. a dip of Cream cheese mixed with marshmellow fluff then apple wedges or orange slices for dipping sounds weird but is yummy
  2. YUp - 25% is usually as good as LLBean gets - and be careful because they often run out of sizes and colors
  3. Myra

    Holiday Drama

    I get it. It's good to be generous with family. This often involves hosting events for large groups: although an extended family gathering enhances the holidays, it also can be a burden at the same time. This especially seems so when the host/hostess is taken for granted without, often, any acknowledgement of the amount of work, or an offer to help, or any display of appreciation from the family. I did this for years because family was family. But when I said I couldn't do it alone anymore, the rest of the family just dropped me and went off and did their own individual celebrations. It hurt that no one cared enough to step up to continue the traditions if they had to share in the work. However, I could no longer be the sole provider of traditions; I had to let the idea go completely when it seemed like I was the only one that valued the gatherings enough to host, organize, etc. So our new tradition is just our "nuclear" family for the holidays - it's different, a little sad, but it is what it is.
  4. Hint: the fire ants are crazy. They build nest mounds everywhere and if you disturb the nest (on the sidewalks, in the yards, at playgrounds, at the beach, parking lots, etc) they attack in a group. So keep on hand, always, a tube of hydrocortisone ointment (from any drug store, Wal-mart, etc) as that stops the bite sting quickly. I always kept a tube in the car, one in my purse, one in backpacks, etc. Myra
  5. Jean - I commiserate with your frustration. I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in May. I am trying to exercise more, eat properly, and have dropped 15 pounds, but even with two types of medication I still seem to be seesawing with my blood sugar levels during my daily testing - unlike you, though, mine are on the high side. Although I have dropped from 12.4 AC1 levels to 7.1 with medication (yeah), I don't see an end in sight of ever being off medication or having this under control. And a new symptom has jumped into the mix - constant sweats/hot flashes. As a person who has been relative healthy all my life, I find this so depressing. I started this post to offer my positive support for you, but my own negativity is surfacing! No advice - so Sorry - hang in there! Myra
  6. For both genders - seasonal boxer shorts - they are great for wearing around the dorm - Target carries thematic ones around the holidays and American Eagle is great - hearts, pumpkins, Star Wars, flamingos, shamrocks, etc.
  7. Back in the day when my boys were younger, they loved Fort Ticonderoga - but they were Revolutionary War nuts. We then took the ferry over to Middlebury for lunch then called it a day.
  8. Also, unfortunately, you need to ensure that the responsible adult/parent is present at all times - at least that is a requirement at the local school has for tutors. They recommend that you also tutor at a public place such as a library for your legal safety/precautions and for the child's physical/mental safety. That's the day and age we are living in right now.
  9. And it is irritating when one applies for an advertised job, spends time customizing a cover letter, and sends in a resume - and then absolutely no reply. I mean, come on, how hard is it to email a response - just even a form letter saying "not now, but thanks for applying"
  10. I would see if his insurance will cover a visiti to an oncology nutritionist as they would have the best advice.
  11. Good - this is what I was thinking that we should just invest the money instead of paying for high cost insurance. However, a couple of my friends are going the insurance route and I am getting nervous. We are fine, I think, retirement and savings wise - plus all college debt is paid off for our kiddos - who are really starting out as young adults now either looking for that first job or in grad school. But since my kids don't have any extended family to rely on - ever - it is just their dad and myself, I worry that we won't be able to leave them an inheritance. I see some of their friends with parents setting up trust funds or having vacation homes, etc. - an wish I could do more for them. Oh well.....
  12. Okay - now that he has turned 65 (how did that happen?) my husband's 20 term life insurance has just expired. SO any advice and/or recommendations on getting longer term or life insurance? Would like to have something to leave my kids when we pass.... something in the long haul since my inlaws lived until late 90s and my parents in their mid-90s. Thanks!
  13. Since you are moving yourselves - I'd suggest move all the heavy items first when your worker bees are still willing and able; that way, as the day grinds on, you only have left the lighter and less cumbersome stuff left
  14. Here's the blurb from their website Natural solution consists of water, xylitol, salt, and grapefruit seed extract The Xlear Sinus Care System Xlear Sinus Care helps clean, moisturize, and rinse away nasal congestion, allergy irritants, and other harmful pollutants. A gentle xylitol mist that clears nasal and sinus congestion Made from simple, natural ingredients Non-addictive, can be used with other medications Hyperosmotic solution to soothe dry, runny noses Safe for daily use to keep symptoms at bay
  15. Does anyone have concerns about Xylitol? I don't know anything about it so...
  16. I love it - the use of "teens won't engage" - that is going to be my catch word from now on -it describes my young adults exactly
  17. The idea of you baked cranberry orange oatmeal with chocolate chips (in muffin tin) sounds yummy. I googled and came up with this this the one you use? If so, thanks. If not, could you give me your recipe.
  18. Why not just shoot them an email and ask what type of snack would be best?
  19. Along the same view as Lang Syne Boardie - just let it go. I often told my kids that starting at age 13 I am no longer responsible for their appearance and behavior; it is all on them. If they want to have a crazy haircut, Goth clothes, or earrings, it is not a reflection upon me at all. But on a side note, this past summer we were swimming at a Gorge and I was talking to a "stranger" adult about kids in general when.... my son said with tongue-in-cheek that yeah, now that I am 60 my behavior and appearance is no longer a reflection upon him, just upon me! My kids and I had a good chuckle at that. So just apply that to the kids' wedding.
  20. Myra


    I've been doing Duolingo for German for the past three weeks. Generally, I like the format especially listening to the language being spoken. However, I wonder how people without any foreign language background (or a really good grasp of grammar) make progress without just rote memorization. Maybe it's me as I learn better getting the "whole" picture and not dribbles of info. For example, talk to me about fem, masculine, and neuter nouns then practice them then add a new topic. I guess I like more explanation. But overall, I really like the setup. Myra
  21. And don't rule out private colleges - as my son rec'd merit scholarships, but also qualified for a couple of endowed scholarships. These included one that specified it to be granted solely on being from a rural area, another for being a child of a state-employee, and one for working for college funds by summer part-time jobs! And then there are general grant money based on who-knows-what
  22. On a side note, has you son looked into the requirements for a BA in Classics? My son's undergrad required four semesters of college undergraduate Latin and two semesters of Ancient Greek as min. language requirements. Currently, his master's degree program requires two semesters of graduate level Latin as well as two in Ancient Greek. In addition, he must pass a competency test for one modern romance language i.e. German, French, Italian. So if your son is saying he doesn't want to study any more Latin..... hmmmm
  23. Does this smack of sexism to anyone? A man can wear the same suit, shirt, shoes, and tie everyday but no one comments. Hmmmmm.....
  24. Oh I just thought of something else - index cards. I went through a phase where I taped up index cards with notes on them all over the house (think kitchen cupboard, fridge, bathroom mirror, computer keyboard, etc.) to help me remind myself like "Smile - they're your kids and you love them" or "take 5 deep cleansing breaths or no reason at all" or "Just go hug someone for no reason" or "Snap out of your funk and try to smile." I know it might seem a funky or false thing to do, but it helped me get through a rough time. Just taking the time to write the message to myself and to read it several times during the day really helped me focus on what I wanted to change. Myra
  25. Sometimes I found the joy of motherhood being smothered out because I needed downtime to recharge myself. One thing I did for a month or so was to institute nap time for everyone for 20 minutes after lunch. Everyone had to stay in their bed - no excuses. They didn't have to nap but could take toys, books, etc with them - but once the timer was set no getting out of bed or communicating with each other or me. Even I had to abide by the stay quite, time out, and remain in my own bed alone. It's funny but that little break in our daily routine just recharged me and allowed the "fun" mom to return. I also instituted an every other day nature walk along a path in the woods. The kids could wander off as long as they could see me and I could see them. The serenity of the woods helped renew the "joy" - and I loved how the kids would run to share their discoveries with me. And the librarian dug out some DVDs that were yoga for kids. They were fun, a bit silly - but something we could all do together on the living room floor that was physical and calming! And the local Waldorf school had a workshop for knitting for families for all ages starting with age 6 and above - so I checked out a book about that and it is amazing how everyone can work on a craft with various skill levels, helping each other, focusing on a task, etc. Good luck. Remember we've all been in the doldrums! Myra
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