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    I've been doing Duolingo for German for the past three weeks. Generally, I like the format especially listening to the language being spoken. However, I wonder how people without any foreign language background (or a really good grasp of grammar) make progress without just rote memorization. Maybe it's me as I learn better getting the "whole" picture and not dribbles of info. For example, talk to me about fem, masculine, and neuter nouns then practice them then add a new topic. I guess I like more explanation. But overall, I really like the setup. Myra
  2. And don't rule out private colleges - as my son rec'd merit scholarships, but also qualified for a couple of endowed scholarships. These included one that specified it to be granted solely on being from a rural area, another for being a child of a state-employee, and one for working for college funds by summer part-time jobs! And then there are general grant money based on who-knows-what
  3. On a side note, has you son looked into the requirements for a BA in Classics? My son's undergrad required four semesters of college undergraduate Latin and two semesters of Ancient Greek as min. language requirements. Currently, his master's degree program requires two semesters of graduate level Latin as well as two in Ancient Greek. In addition, he must pass a competency test for one modern romance language i.e. German, French, Italian. So if your son is saying he doesn't want to study any more Latin..... hmmmm
  4. Does this smack of sexism to anyone? A man can wear the same suit, shirt, shoes, and tie everyday but no one comments. Hmmmmm.....
  5. Oh I just thought of something else - index cards. I went through a phase where I taped up index cards with notes on them all over the house (think kitchen cupboard, fridge, bathroom mirror, computer keyboard, etc.) to help me remind myself like "Smile - they're your kids and you love them" or "take 5 deep cleansing breaths or no reason at all" or "Just go hug someone for no reason" or "Snap out of your funk and try to smile." I know it might seem a funky or false thing to do, but it helped me get through a rough time. Just taking the time to write the message to myself and to read it several times during the day really helped me focus on what I wanted to change. Myra
  6. Sometimes I found the joy of motherhood being smothered out because I needed downtime to recharge myself. One thing I did for a month or so was to institute nap time for everyone for 20 minutes after lunch. Everyone had to stay in their bed - no excuses. They didn't have to nap but could take toys, books, etc with them - but once the timer was set no getting out of bed or communicating with each other or me. Even I had to abide by the stay quite, time out, and remain in my own bed alone. It's funny but that little break in our daily routine just recharged me and allowed the "fun" mom to return. I also instituted an every other day nature walk along a path in the woods. The kids could wander off as long as they could see me and I could see them. The serenity of the woods helped renew the "joy" - and I loved how the kids would run to share their discoveries with me. And the librarian dug out some DVDs that were yoga for kids. They were fun, a bit silly - but something we could all do together on the living room floor that was physical and calming! And the local Waldorf school had a workshop for knitting for families for all ages starting with age 6 and above - so I checked out a book about that and it is amazing how everyone can work on a craft with various skill levels, helping each other, focusing on a task, etc. Good luck. Remember we've all been in the doldrums! Myra
  7. I like a bagette with my french onion soup for dipping. I also like a small turkey and cheese on a bagette as a side with the main entree being the soup.
  8. My poor son -he is so depressed and confused. He drove around for a couple of hours yesterday just trying to clear his head. Yesterday, he got two responses to emails from his previous campaign work. One campaign manager said absolutely not to move to D.C. that it is impossible to get an entry level position and the cost of living is prohibitive and the second email who did an intern in D.C. for a congressman and is now managing his interns says go for it as they only hire people in the area. So what to do.... where's my magic mom wand that I can wave and clear a path for him???? But since I don't have a wand, I am trying to just remain somewhat neutral and just listen. Myra
  9. Farrar - Thanks for the support. Really, he is going to do what he feels best. He saved almost all of his salary from the congressional campaign work last summer/fall. I mean he worked 10 hour days, low below min. wage pay BUT lived at home & since we live in a relatively rural area and all of his friends have moved so he spent zip on recreation/entertainment so he has a smallish nest egg. Plus he is willing to work hard at any job to tide him over if need be - grocery store, retail, delivery, etc. and he has hung out with college buds that live in NYC so he is comfortable navigating transit systems, large city life, etc. SO....... Thanks again everyone, Myra
  10. Hey - See my recent post in Washington, D.C. It's about my son trying to get a job after graduation - yikes, so different times when I graduated years and years ago. Myra
  11. Thanks everyone! And Farrar... I will let you know when he chooses an area to see your opinion. And Displace...I understand everyone's idea about finding a job first then moving (it's how I've done it in the past), but several jobs have said they only hire people that live already in the area - law of supply and demand, I guess. So it's not that I am nervous about him moving to D.C. it's the idea of just jumping and moving there without employment, contacts, friends, etc. And Chris in VA...he is hoping for a job in the political campaign area, less out in the field but more in the office. But he is willing to grab any job to support himself (including pizza delivery, etc) until he lands a "real" job. He was employed by the last congressional campaign right after graduation last year up to end of Nov. 2018 (living here at home) but there are now zip jobs here, he is getting really down with no friends in the area and no job prospects and living at home .... big time depression; therefore, he views this as a "hail Mary" type of move. Once again thanks!
  12. Thanks for the info - I will pass it along. Are you familiar enough to suggest decent/safe/within commuting areas to start looking for room to let?
  13. My college graduate wants to make a career in political field. Upon advice from his professors, he is planning to move to Washington, D.C. First, he thinks he should find a place to live - share an apartment or rent out a room then apply for jobs once he is there. His resume includes bachelor degree in communications, minor in international politics. Job experience includes field organizer for successful congressman's campaign in 2019 plus 2018 summer research intern for political consulting firm.... Any advice for living arrangements? Any advice for jobs? Any advice at all (to calm this mom down)?
  14. Here's a side-bar.... I'd like to add a faint smell of lavender to my laundry - I read online to add a wet washcloth that has a few drops of lavender oil on it to the dryer cycle - didn't work at all. Any help? Thanks, Myra
  15. I wish I had gone with full size mattresses all along - just skip the twinsized all together. This would have allowed more snuggling and room for read alouds .... and room to spread out as they hit the teen years.
  16. It could also just be nerves - my creatures would be antsy when staying elsewhere or even friends' "pet sit" at our own house. But when we came back - it all came out (so to speak!).
  17. When my kids were younger, I broke my leg and dislocated my shoulder. And although I could have done without the fracture, it did change my family's dynamics for the better. As I was immobilized on the couch all day, I learned that my kids could handle much more responsibility than I had previously given them credit for...and I learned to be much more relaxed about household chores being done in a timely or a certain way (my way, that is!) We had to cut down on daily outside activities yet that caused my kids and I to move to a slower track in life. We rediscovered the joys of just snuggling on the couch, sharing books again, and just hanging out together. I don't want to sound smarmy or whatever but ,all in all, I think my 12 weeks in various casts really ended up being a positive experience!
  18. I know! We are trying to build an emergency fund, but daily (and unexpected) financial drain is winning out!
  19. And here's an example where I didn't even open the door, at first, for two police officers. They knocked on my front door in uniform but carrying a full-size ax! From my door, I could not see their official police car. After they explained by showing me their badges through the door window, I did open the door and stepped out onto the porch to talk to them. It seems there was vandalism all the way down our country lane by teenagers who used the ax to take out mailboxes. They explained mine was one of them edited to add that my mailbox was one of them not my kids (I hadn't been out to collect the mail yet!) and they just wanted to know if they could take pictures of the mailbox and if I wanted to press charges. Ha!
  20. I, too, live out in the country with no neighbors. So if a stranger - male or female - comes knocking on my door I do answer the door, but I just don't open it! I figure they can talk to me through the door with the 100 lb. dog barking and jumping excitedly around my feet!.
  21. I also suggest writing on the box which room you want the movers to place the box in your new place. I suggest using different color markers for each room and make the room obvious i.e. master bedroom, kitchen, master bath, basement, etc. It can get overwhelming when movers are quickly bringing in boxes and so this seems to help during the confusion
  22. In addition, prices have gotten out of control. It is hard to save enough to pay cash for a house, college tuition, cars, etc. Many people are on a fixed income or min. wage income and are living pay check to paycheck. The only way to get basic stuff is through credit card or financing. I am not talking about frills but just the basics food, housing, college, cars. insurance.... Although are very frugal and save as much as is possible, we have to resort to zero-interest financing, an at times, higher interest rates. to get by.
  23. I saw on one of the home improvement shows called This Old House that the bottom half of container was filled with those foam type "worms" that are used in packaging. Myra
  24. What is strange is that I had no anesthesia at all for my colonoscopy - it wasn't even presented as an option. There was no pain; just a general feeling of discomfort.
  25. Check out if the college grad school that he is interested in requires the GRE. My son's grad school told him that the GRE is required, but that they just have to check it off that he took it - they didn't even look at the scores at all. The grad school recommended that he just take it without studying!
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