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  1. Would love to have actual name brands or links to comfortable bras - any one want to share?
  2. Son thinking of moving from Denver to Albany - New York - area and needs to transport his motorcycle. Since the value of the cycle is only $500, the quote that movers/transporters are giving is $950ish so it doesn't make sense. according to uhaul, his Honda civic can't pull a 600 lb cycle and trailer so ... Any ideas? \ Thanks
  3. oh my - oh my sorry I touched a nerve with you Like any person, my 26 year old kid has grown and changed as a person throughout his life and I am sure will continue to do so. But in some areas directly relating to my kid we will just have to agree to disagree. Please have the grace to just let this go.
  4. My pup has seasonal allergies. Just keep an eye an the scratching so that his skin doesn't end up infected. Last month, we had to get an oral steroid to stop the itching and antibiotics to cure the infection! He is all healed and no more itching/scratching
  5. Thanks everyone! Hey Pippen - Looks like we'll be making this tonight! Hey FuzzyKat -Also will look into ordering that scale - thanks for the link! And Tanaqui - remember all aspies are different that it why it's a spectrum.
  6. My apsie son wants to make this recipe. But when he tries to make a conversion into tsps, ozs, lbs, etc. it doesn't make sense. For example, 60 grams of ginder = 12 teaspoons of ginger? And since he's an apsie he will not improvise but needs to follow the recipe exactly! Can anybody make the conversions for us? Thanks https://gordonrumsay.com/chilli-chicken-with-ginger-coriander Chicken thighs 600 g 6 cloves of garlic Ginger 60 g 1 red chilli 1 lemon Coriander seeds 20 g Cumin seeds 20 g Plain yoghurt 200 ml 1 onion Ground coriander 1 teaspoon Haram masala 1 teaspoon Turmeric 1 teaspoon Tomato puree 2 tablespoons Butter 50 g Fresh coriander 30 g
  7. I know this sounds crazy, but maybe your husband should consider pulling off at one of the state's rest stops along the highway and just sleep in his car - a lot of people do that. He could use the "rest stops" or "service area" restaurants to grab a bite, use the rest rooms, and gas up.
  8. No , my spouse and I did not get the direct deposit yet even though we e-filed 2019 federal and state taxes already in March and the IRS has our bank info that we used to pay tax owed - no refund for us this year. The IRS website said stimulus check was successful, but waiting to be processed? No, my two kids in their twenties, not declared as our dependents on 2019 federal/state taxes with no tax owed or no tax refund (but they were both declared dependents back on 2018 taxes since both students then) anyhow so they already e-filed their own 2019 taxes in March but since they didn't get a refund - turbo tax didn't let them put in bank info) So when we check the IRS website feature for them to add banking info and to check stimulus check status it says (for three days now) that there is a tech problem and bounces us off. . . what's up?
  9. No , my spouse and I did not get the direct deposit yet even though we e-filed 2019 federal and state taxes already and the IRS has our bank info. No, my two kids (in their twenties, not declared as our dependents on 2019 federal/state taxes but they were on 2018 taxes since both students so they already e-filed their own 2019 taxes but since they didn't get a refund turbo tax didn't let them put in bank info) So when we check the feature finally released on the website says there is a tech problem. . . what's up?
  10. oh my - I misread your original email. I misunderstood and thought your mom put her wrong address, not that she mailed it to the wrong IRS address. Sorry!
  11. https://www.irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-impact-payments they have a section that I copied below Check payment: If you moved since you last filed, let us know your new mailing address.
  12. I give my son $50 a week.
  13. We faced a similar problem this winter - rural area, no garage, etc. yup - I no longer have a working radio due to mice gnawing at wires And my neighbor had to have major electrical rewiring for the same reason. Unfortunately, after trying animal cruel-free mouse traps we had to resort to the old-fashion mouse trap after I could hear them running overhead in the roof when I was driving. Yuk! Then I bought at local Agway store a product called "mouse magic repellent" - a 4 pack of sachets filled with essential oils. I think they helped deter further mice after we eliminated the original culprits and, if not, at least my car smells great!
  14. My allergy expert son swears by Xyzal. It covers a lot of different types of allergies and doesn't make him drowsy at all. Unfortunately, it can not be bought in a generic form so it is a bit pricier. edited to ADD: he did the allergy shots for a year - huge reaction for each weekly shot - swelling at injection site like 1/2 size of tennis ball - anyways, the allergist specialist suggested he stop as they didn't seem to be effective in his case.
  15. We did this at our homeschooling coop a few years back. So went to a hobby shop and got a pre-cut kit for around $8 that included the wood car shape, wheels, and axles for each kid. Remember to ask for a discount! Also bought at the dollar store a couple packages of acrylic paint sets and a package of cheap paint brushes & superglue Didn't bother with weights as I wasn't going for an official pine wood derby - just making cars for fun. Beware of superglue as it needs to be supervised closely by an adult as it gets everywhere For the track, we left-over length of pressed wood (about 10 feet x 3 feet) from when we built our house - it was propped up onto a folding table to create the hill/slant. The car lanes were separated by nailing down some free yard sticks from the lumber yard. The kids got to race as often as they wanted until the enthusiasm wore off. It was a lot of fun.
  16. ANd it is not only pups! My 8-year old golden retriever comes running whenever he hears the printer working - just hoping to grab a copy as it is printed!
  17. Hey - look on the box of your contacts for an expiration date. My place let me return them for refund and/or credit... Just a thought
  18. Does everyone have this problem with contacts - I mean not being as clear vision as with glasses? I thought contacts were suppose to be so good since everyone seems to be wearing them. What am I missing? (besides my sight - haha)
  19. I,too, have found that my vision is not as clear when wearing multifocal contacts. I wore them a few years back when I was homeschooling so I didn't have to keep putting on and off my glasses all the time. When my kids went to college, I switched back to reading glasses for sharper focus. But I have annual eye exam next week and I am thinking about getting a pair of "transition" glasses to keep in the car so that I can wear them while driving and be able to read GPS stuff. BUt I am thinking about checking out the costs of contacts again as it seems that I need my glasses to read anything anymore...
  20. Here's a different way to go .... keep using the table clothes you already own but put a plastic see-through vinyl table cover on top of them. You can buy the clear vinyl cheaply at stores like Wal-mart that sell it by the yard. This would protect your table cloth and make the vinyl is easy to wipe down!
  21. also take pictures with your phone so you can reassemble everything - like what goes where in the bookshelf, etc.
  22. I am going to use this as my mantra for 2020 to help me not becoming depressed, but more accepting of my situation. THanks!
  23. I won a raffle for a $250 gift card at Target that has the stipulation that it must be donated for a charity to use. So any ideas on which charity would be best served by shopping at Target?
  24. I got a package of 3 for my kid who has long hair for the backyard pool this summer! Just got it at the grocery store hair product aisle and they worked great.
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