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  1. I have been looking allergy type pads for my son's room for the same reason - dust mites. But when I have read reviews on-line, I have gotten discouraged. I don't want a plastic-y type enclosure for several reasons. They seem to be reviewed as too hot. Others say they make a crinkle-type noise every time you roll over. in addition, I don't like the idea of the toxic plastic fumes given off all night long. So I am interested to see what others have to say...... Myra
  2. Seriously, I am not the one to add to this discussion. I have not ironed any article of clothing in the past five years! That's right - for formal occasions such as graduations , I have encouraged my sons o take a dress shirt to the launders. The rest of the time, quick removal from the dryer and quickly hung on a hanger is the go to method around here. I think the last time I used an iron was to wax leaves in the Fall. Me bad, Myra
  3. To me this conversation comes down to the way women are taught by social-cultural norms on how to react to conflict. We are encouraged to either accept the situation, ignore it, or address it in a round about manner. I think it is a feeling of lack of empowerment that causes women not to use conflict resolution skills, but ultimately to lash out in frustration and anger. If being called a "girl" is unacceptable to you (as it is to me) then you should be able to just state your preference face-to-face. There is not need to sugar-coat your position nor is there any reason to turn the situation into aggression or rudeness. Just politely state your preference. Most times, no explanation. If it is a reoccurring problem, just repeat as often as necessary. We just got to respect each other's differences. And that's my two cents worth! Myra
  4. After visits to pediatrician and then a sport orthopedic specialists there was still no firm diagnosis or treatment plan. However, at one of his soccer games, a parent approached me, introduced himself as a chiropractor, and mentioned that he thinks my son is exhibiting symptoms of Osgood-Schlatter syndrome. After making an appointment at his office and a thorough examination/x-rays etc. , my son was fitted with a custom knee support. The pain was lessened immediately. I am not diagnosing your kiddo, but just offering what worked for my son's knee pain. Good luck, Myra
  5. Years ago, I had a similar issue with my youngest son. After bombing the initial testing for color blindness at pediatrician's office - you know, where they show a circle with one color containing a number/picture inside with a different color, we went for further testing. The specialist was at her wit's end until a light bulb went off in my head. I asked my five year old WHY he did not see the different colors. His response was that he saw and knew the other colors. But he was ignoring certain colors just because he just didn't LIKE those colors.! Mystery solved! But I should have known, as this was the same kiddo that refused to be three. He said he was two until he turned four. Reason: He just didn't like that number two. Go figure! Myra
  6. What a relief - I am having the same issues. I did my "go to" for solving any technical problem: turn the device off, breathe deeply, cross my fingers, then turn it back on again. It didn't work this time! Glad to know the problem is not with my phone directly! Myra
  7. I am not on facebook, but my son is - so I will forward this information to him. Do you think this would be a good review course for someone who has taken Latin I and II at the college level a few years back but needs review before starting Latin again at the graduate level? Thanks, Myra
  8. I would be interested in learning more about this free Latin course. What's the scoop?
  9. So has anyone had experience with the add-on type attachments for existing toilets - recommendations, etc
  10. A push toy like the fisher price corn popper an oball wobble bobble Both hits at our house eons ago!
  11. This sounds like a great stocking stuffer. I have never seen or heard of these before. Could you give me a heads-up where I could find them? Thanks, Myra
  12. This sounds great for both of my college kids. However, when I did a quick search I only found ones that require extra ingredients that my kids wouldn't necessarily have on hand...like butter, eggs, milk, etc. Could you point me towards recipes that are all inclusive ingredient wise? Thanks, Myra
  13. Sure -it was Ursinus College in PA. This was about 5 years back so you would need to check out if the policy is still in effect now.\ Myra
  14. Both my sons got merit aid contingent on keeping a min. GPA. I know first hand how much stress this caused my kids - even though they kept the merit aid for all four years. However, both of my kids sighed relief when they completed their senior fall semester. They were glad there was one semester left where they didn't have the threat of losing the merit money. I do know that that merit money made my kids nervous about exploring options that they might not succeed at...... so although the $30K a year was great, and without my kids couldn't have attended that college..... it did come with strings attached. A friend of mine has a son that got into a different college on merit scholarship. But his college did not require a min GPA because they didn't want to limit the kid's exploration and stretching himself during college there. I think that is the way it should be. The colleges want to attract the high GPA student to their school as it improves the college rating, etc - but it can come at a cost for the kids both stress-wise and limiting experimentation with courses. Myra
  15. Both of my kids had a laptop in high school. I realized that they would need to be able to know how to use a laptop efficiently for when they went off to college. So I made sure they were adept at using one during our homeschooling years. Once at college, they were often required to bring a laptop to class. Not just for note-taking, but also for group in-class projects. A hint for buying a laptop -make sure the battery will hold a charge long enough to last for one day of classes. There often is not an electrical outlet nearby! Myra
  16. I trained my kids to love outdoors (as much as I do!) But I spent a lot of time outdoors when they were young as I don't feel comfortable with kids under 5 being outside without my supervision (and interaction) - even with older siblings around. From the time they were babies they were crawling/snuggling on blankets while I read. Then later the toddlers painting with water, blowing bubbles, or making mud pies. When they were 5ish I would start being outside with them while running inside for a few minutes to put a load in the washer or watch them out the kitchen window while I prepared a snack (to eat outside, of course!) and this helped start their independence. My kids loved their swing set but often used it for other purposes like tying old sheets to them while anchoring the sheet ends with rocks to make forts, teaching the dog to go down the slide, etc. Myra Myra
  17. I would like to thank the moms that posted honestly about their college kids not finding their "tribe" in college. Of my two sons, the youngest is a senior in college and "living the life" (as I quote him). He is doing the college experience with friends, fun times, studying(?) - just enjoying himself. But my eldest is an introvert and starting his graduate school coursework about 6 hours from home at large state university He was lonely throughout his undergraduate experience at a small college, and it seems that it is the same so far. We will see. Oh well.
  18. Your post was timely! I was just googling fire extinguishers as my son just moved into his first off-campus apartment. I really like the idea of the "can" option. Thanks, Myra
  19. My son once removed a splinter from his finger using his jack-knife. Yeah, I know - germs, germs, germs. However, when he got around to showing me a few weeks later it did not look infected but wasn't healing either. The doctor did a swipe to send off to the lab on a hunch. Yup, it was MRSA. Surely, that is not what you have in your situation - right?
  20. Lately, I have seen tv ads for online degrees esp. for UNH (University of New Hampshire). What's the academic rep for a online Masters Degree vs brick-and-mortar Master Degree programs? Do employers value each equally? Would a PhD program later give equal weight to online vs brick-and-mortar Master degrees?
  21. Both of my boys found the interviews to be very relaxed, rather informal, sessions. Overall, the interview experience was excellent. However, a couple of the interviewers were rudely skeptical of home schooling. They doubted the academic level of home schooled courses. They even questioned the ability to adapt to a larger classes at college. One even doubted that my son would have the social skills to work with peers since his internships involved working closely with only adult professionals (he worked at a research center as a lab assistant) So in case, I would review how to answer these type of interview questions. Edited to add dress code: My sons wore kahaki pants, belt, sneakers, and an ironed oxford-type shirt with sleeves rolled up. But we saw kids waiting in the reception area wearing anything from shorts/t-shirts to dress suits. The gals were mostly wearing capri pants/t-shirts or summer sundresses with sandals.
  22. I usually give a cook book, some cute oven mitts & hand towels, PLUS a fire extinguisher!
  23. With my high-risk pregnancy, I had the regular doctor and the mid-wife from their medical office. My exams were mostly done by the mid-wife throughout the pregnancy with the doctor just breezing in for a few seconds each visit. At the actual hospital birth, the mid-wife stayed with me throughout the labor while the actual doctor was on duty in the lounge. The doctor then stepped in when things went medically downhill, but was assisted by the midwife during necessary interventions. The midwife was more of an advocate reminding the doctor during the emergency my wishes plus she "interpreted" what was going on for me.
  24. What I hate is people spraying perfume on in public! My son has severe allergies and perfume is one of the triggers. Last time we were on a plane, the women next to us reapplied her make-up mid-flight and then sprayed her perfume! We had to request a change of seats which meant the flight attendants requesting passengers to switch with us! No apology but eye-rolling from the women!
  25. Would you mind telling more about advantages/disadvantages to living trust for your home...
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