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Channeling Doran...........

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Renting a wheelchair at Disney... motion sickness and flying... Well, if you push the wheelchair fast enough, yeah, I guess you could feel a little queasy.


Math Fluency... I'm fluent in fractions, decimals, percents, and algebra. But my geometry's pretty rusty.


I want to be age 3 again... Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?


What is "The Dark Side"? The bottom of the cookie.


Parental Participation Schools... Around here, we call that homeschooling.


Does medicaid allow second opinions for dentists? No. The dentist can tell you to brush twice a day, or tell you to floss, but he can't tell you to do both.


Missing Person, Manhunt: INDIANA -- These sound like great TV shows! Are they on Netflix?


Suggestions for creating own writing program? First, you need paper and pens...


Rehoboth Beach, DE? I've only ever seen the printed version. I don't like digital.


Bipartisan... how do we get there? You go through Rehoboth Beach, DE. Try Google Maps.

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Renting a wheelchair at Disney...I think renting one locally would be easier and cheaper, really.


Take the kids or leave them...Well, you can take the kids or I can leave them with you, either way works for me.


:party: at my house!

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How to think..........




This one is soooo open I think we should all take a stab.


Close your eyes tight, bite your tongue (being sure to let it protrude from your mouth), clench your butt cheeks and then see what comes to you... If that doesn't work, I got nuthin'... ;)

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Do you ever just feel like packing up the kids in the mini-van...


Yes. It's close enough to the house that we can keep an eye on them, and yet....soundproof.



I laughed out loud. :lol::lol::lol:

When we first got the H2 (it was winter), we would have it in the garage, and keep the door open between the house and the garage and ds would sit in the driver seat and 'drive' for hours. Of course, this was also the child who found the one 'circular' design on the coffee table, and when he was 16 months old, he would sit and 'drive' the coffee table for hours as well.:D

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