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  1. Out bichon frise was a wonderful family dog. Nice size, mellow, kid-friendly temperament, didn't shed. (We called him Col. Sanders because we bought him from a farmer who said the dog just loved squeak toys) :ohmy:
  2. When my cat got diabetes our vet actually recommended Fancy Feast ( but only their "classics" line) because she said it had more protein.
  3. How Hard Do I Push? Until the baby's head and shoulders are out. Your OB or midwife can assist you.
  4. Just wanted to mention a couple other resources for those looking for a gentle intro to Chemistry. Pacworks - Integrated Physics and Chemistry You can either do all 12 workbooks for the full course, or you can separate it and do just the chem portion (Chapters 1,3,5,7,8 and 11) Another option is the Chemistry 101 DVD set from Westfield Studios. These two options provide a good basic coverage of the concepts without being overwhelming. (Perfect for students like my 'artsy' daughter.) ;)
  5. Thank You for the compliment on Sam. He is a sweetheart to let my girls 'baby' him the way they do. (If you thought the stroller was should see the carseat pics!)


    Your pups are beautiful, too!



  6. Sam in the stroller is adorable! Now I think I need a, really I don't but...SO CUTE! :)

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