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  1. Thanks everyone- it's sweet to drop back in and be remembered- its amazing how much my life has changed in 7 months, and although I haven't been able to let go of all my homeschooling stuff yet (I tried but I am still too sentimental about the possibility of homeschooling grandchildren part time!), it feels like a distant past right now. I don't have much spare time nowadays but will endeavour to drop in more often. Hi Ann- my man is an environmental scientist/ ecologist. Passionate about speaking up about the rapidly deteriorating environment, climate change, species extinction,
  2. I was just thinking today how much these boards have shaped me over the years- I often refer to things that happened here, in conversations. I have just popped in to share how things are going for me and to share my gratitude for all the wonderful women here who have shared their stories, helped me on my journey, and helped me rear my kids the best way I was capable. My ddalmost18 is in university. She only has to do another year and she is finished- she got lots of credits because of the course she did beforehand. She is studying Mass Communications and doing well and loving it. She has
  3. Dog is allowed on couch only if personally invited by family member. Not allowed otherwise. They get the difference. You can tell because of how they look when you enter the room and they are on the couch and they know they shouldn't be :)
  4. I like this wallet so much I had one sent to Australia. I get comments about it all the time. I use it every day- it is my daily wallet. It defines how I manage my finances- I use an envelope system because of it, including spending last month's income, not this month's. It works well- and sometimes I think I must be pretty anal but i don't think I am- its just that when a system resonates and works, I adopt it and I no longer think about it.
  5. Balance- on a day to day level, but in all areas of life. Balancing rest and work, cleaning and creating, mothering and self-nurturing. My priority is shifting away from my kids being the main focus of my life. That feels healthy at this stage. I am taking care of them with love and plenty of attention, but my life is not revolving around them any more as it did for many years. It is an adjustment for all of us but we seem to have entered a new phase where they need to start seeing me as a real person, with needs and wants of my own, not just "mum". Slowly slowly. Eating well is a pr
  6. I co-slept for years. With my first she woud also sleep on a mattress on the floor in the same room, but my 2nd wouldnt - he had to be next to me. I think co-sleeping makes for very secure kids. My dh didnt sleep with us however. If he did, and I didnt feel he woudl be aware enough not to roll on the baby, I would simply put myself between the 2 of them. At once stage we did put 2 queen sized beds in a bedroom and he slept with the older while I slept with the younger. People have been co-sleeping since the beginning of time. Unless there are alcohol and/or drugs involved, we instinctual
  7. I just caught your post on my FB wall , Rosie :) Gosh you guys, you are all so lovely! Wow. I have been flat out busy. I have moved home to a lovely, open place where I have my own living area in a loft and the teens have the area downstairs- much closer together than we are used to, but still a distinct separate space for me. I have my chickens here, the cat, and we are going to get a puppy after Christmas. Both kids have had a party this week. I don't like parties but I promised them a housewarming at the new house- each (what was I thinking?) .The neighbours complained at both. Not a g
  8. Oh, that is so exciting for you! I know that feeling too. My son lasted 6 months in high school then asked to come home again. It is soooo nice to have him around again. And he lurvs the lifestyle and freedom of homeschooling (although technically he is now doing correspondence college).
  9. I take sickness as a sign that myself or the kids need to rest more- and I try to organise our lives for that. But it's not always easy to do that. I am not irked by sickness but I am conscious of people of being around sick people and do try to avoid them coughing on me- but I am not particularly germ phobic. While diseases are transmitted by germs, there is another huge part to getting sick- if one is run down, not getting enough sleep, not eating well etc. one is more likely to catch what is going around than if one is in a good healthy state. So if I am around sick people, I take echinac
  10. My son never eats soup. He doesn't like it when foods are mixed together and has some sensory issues. My dd however would have no problem with it. I tend to put out pizza in such situations for my teenagers and their friends, although we have often had meals like marinated baked chicken, or spaghetti Bolognese (meat or vegetarian), or sausages, mashed potatoes and peas, since they seem to be generally acceptable meals to most of the teens who come here. I do find many kids to be fussy, so I try to cater for general tastes- we don't eat a lot of meat but I do make sure we have meat when I
  11. Well, if you have imbalances in gut flora, and parasites- then sure. But throwing the baby out with the bathwater will only cause a host of different problems. But most parasite cleansing programs will include adding in healthy bacteria for healthy gut flora.
  12. My understanding is that we are meant to have a lot of various micro-organisms in our gut- a couple of kgs of them actually- and we are pretty much symbiotic with them. Some parasites are pretty devastating however- if you have ever been to a 3rd world country and got them you know what i mean. Yet the locals tend to adjust so perhaps we all have many deifferent species- and when we live in different countries, we develop different strains of micro organisms. I think it is an area where there needs to be a lot more research, and there is much more we don't know.Our relationship with micro-or
  13. When you consider what a concentrated food they are, it is understandable that they are fairly expensive. Thats a lot of fresh grass! I just vary my green supplements regularly, according to what is on special or I feel like. I also make green smoothies which are a cheaper way to get your greens.
  14. Most Mac users like myself rave about our Macs and would never go back to PCs. There are a minority who prefer PCs, but for most of us- once you have a Mac, you never go back :)
  15. I am so touched by all the replies- really, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words, everyone.
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