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  1. What I am most looking forward to about tomorrow is NOT being told to go vote. Or how to vote. Or what my vote means. Or how lucky I am to vote. I'm over it. I voted a week ago, leave me alone.


    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      I am so offended when others tell me to vote. Duh. I've been doing it for decades. It's not a new fad. It is the responsible thing to do. 

  2. Trader Joe’s dark chocolate mint stars are everything.

    1. Shelly in VA

      Shelly in VA

      Just picked some up yesterday! I guess I need to open the box!!!

    2. sassenach
  3. Deactivated my FB account until Thanksgiving.

    1. Loesje22000


      From what year? ;)

  4. You know that child that you have to fight with to throw away every blessed scrap of paper? It turns out that not much changes when you get to moving them out for college.

    1. Spring Flower

      Spring Flower

      I'm in deep, deep trouble...

    2. Sahamamama


      I have three of those children -- all girls, all in love with paper scraps.


  5. DS has an event in San Francisco tomorrow. On pride weekend. The day after today's ruling. I wonder how many hours we should add to our commute estimate?

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    2. idnib


      Yeah, for TI I would follow that plan. Don't cut through SF. I would add 60 minutes if it's important to be there at a certain time.

    3. clemota


      Sounds like a good plan. But add extra time for the Bay Bridge. and 80 just in case. I think idnib's extra hour suggestion is a good one.

    4. sassenach


      Update- it was totally easy getting in and out. Also, first time to TI. It was so NOT what I was expecting.

  6. I just cracked my perfectly seasoned, 10 year old Pampered Chef cookie sheet. Sob.

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    2. Tsuga


      Oh no! So sorry to hear that.

    3. justkeepswimming


      I just broke ours last week! Thought it would be a fantastic idea to put it out of the way on top of the washing machine while I rearranged the drawer... while the washer was running. Spin cycle did it in. *sigh*



      I am so sorry too! I miss many of my stones.. boys are too rough here. I am wanting to buy a roaster pan again now.


  7. That moment when you discover that the entire bookshelf was being held up by that one book.

    1. mama25angels


      Lol!! I'm so sorry to laugh, but couldn't help it after that visual popped into my head.

    2. MamaSprout


      ...that you just removed. And the phones ringing. And a pot is boiling over on the stove....

    3. 4ofus
  8. Blue Hole Back Home is the best book I've read in years. So beautifully written.

  9. My dh has an amazing ability to purchase overripe fruit. When I am 90 and have lost all my teeth, I will surely appreciate it.

  10. Two Father's Day videos are done! One for church, and one for dh. Can't wait for Sunday!

  11. If you're not incorporating Queen into your Galileo lesson, you're missing some of the goodness of homeschooling.

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    2. Belacqua


      I couldn't wait to get to Alexander Hamilton in US History so we could use Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Mixtape.

    3. quark


      And don't forget Weird Al when dissecting a pancreas!

  12. The circus act in my brain has too many plates spinning. There goes one crashing to the floor now!

  13. I'm having an "I hate Kaiser" moment. When they screw up, they go big.

  14. A homeschool Calvin and Hobbes funny for you all-http://funnyasduck.net/post/12911

  15. Movie Rec: Enough Said, with James Gandolfini is a great flick.

  16. The Dodgers lost. Boo.

    1. GailV


      Everyone around here seemed pretty happy about the outcome.

    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Oh, yes, Gail! Very happy! Guess I know why my So Cal cousin isn't answering my texts!! ;)

      GO CARDS!!!!!

    3. sassenach
  17. My son's special ed teacher just forwarded me a link to the Barnes and Nobles "Educator Appreciation Days'" flyer. It's so nice when someone (especially another teacher) actually thinks of me as an educator!

  18. You know what's awesome about this board? We're starting chemistry, so I search "chemistry." Within 10 minutes, I have 5 awesome looking books on hold at the library and 1 vintage text on my ipad. Thank you ive!

  19. In the last 24 hours we bought our first hamster, it escaped overnight, we found it behind dd's bookshelf, and successfully captured it. I'm starting to see why my mom never let me get a hamster.

    1. Tess in the Burbs

      Tess in the Burbs

      oh just wait for winter. then they escape and hide in the vents where it's warm....

    2. houseofkids&pets


      Hamsters are excellent escape artists. We now have guinea pigs since they are bigger (and ours would be too lazy to attempt an escape!).

  20. Car accident and jury summons in a 24 hour period. Blah.

    1. Dana



    2. Plum


      Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

  21. Would it be obnoxious of me to change the font on the charter school enrollment forms before turning them in? Seriously, can we all just agree to retire comic sans?

    1. *Michelle*
    2. Plum


      charter school enrollment form uses comic sans?

  22. What a totally annoying day. Leaky sink, late plumber, canceled plans, kid who is melting down....

  23. Volunteering is wiping me out. It's a pain on both ends- getting people scheduled and doing my time.

  24. I raise my glass to Kay.

    1. swimmermom3


      Thank you for sharing this.

    2. elegantlion


      What a song. Wow, thanks.


  25. Parenting a 10 year old boy is has been one of the most interesting experiences of my life. From deep spiritual thoughts to butt jokes in half a beat.

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