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  1. I have the same problem - I love this little app, but I can't get it to send any reports out. It's not even saving them to the photo album. :sad: Guess it's time to move on to a new system. Bummer, I really liked this one and was used to it after 3 years....
  2. My DD will be doing geometry with My Homeschool Math Class (by boardie Jann in Texas). She has really liked the Algebra 1 class she's taking this year with her.
  3. Not the PP, but: Looks like it's full. But there are 3 options for the summer: click here and choose summer 2017, life skills, high school level. My daughter is taking the August 21-24th one as a "Welcome to High School" course, LOL. HTH!
  4. We will continue the prayers here for him and the family.
  5. You may have more luck posting over on the Learning Challenges forum. Lots of experienced parents there. We used the book "We All Can Read" as an in-home program. It worked very well for my 13 year old Stealth Dylexia student. They do have a website with an online program here. The books that the site is based on are under the "Buy Books" link. I found mine used, at a great discount.
  6. dori123 - Sorry, I've been out of town without access to computers. My daughter and I enjoyed Diagramming Sentences, but I will say that we didn't write in the book - we worked out the sentences on a whiteboard. For us, with a solid grammar background and just wanting to try diagramming, it was a good fit. I thought there was enough of each type of sentence for practice. I did notice when sometimes a sentence included a part of speech we hadn't learned to diagram yet (like a prepositional phrase), but we just left that part out. I could see how if you were not strong on grammar it may not be a good fit. This book assumes you're familiar with most parts of speech.
  7. We started with this book last year and it was very quick and easy: Diagramming Sentences We moved on to Drawing Sentences because DD liked diagramming so much.
  8. There's been some recent research on melatonin and reflux/heartburn. A quick google search brought up the following article Something in a slightly more friendly format: It seems that it's not a cure-all, but there is some research backing it up. Maybe ask your doctor?
  9. Handwriting Lessons Through Literature from Barefoot Ragamuffin offers a vertical cursive that looks much nicer, IMO. My elder DD preferred it to HWT.
  10. Just curious as to how your dysgraphic child is handling the copywork - is he typing the text, or spending the time writing it out? Or are you adapting it somehow? I'm interested as I have a 7th grade dyslexic/dysgraphic as well. Sorry to hijack, OP!
  11. 1. Because I know I can give her all the accommodations/scaffolding she needs to succeed. I'm concerned that our impacted local public schools would not be able to meet her needs well enough. 2. I was homeschooling before the diagnosis, and had been for 2 years. 3. DD13, official diagnosis: disorder of written expression (in her case: stealth dyslexia and dysgraphia); SPD
  12. Some ideas for anatomy: The Blood and Guts book - offers shorter reading sections with hands-on activities. Since she likes cooking I was thinking that maybe she's like to do some more activities (which may help with grasping of concepts) It's a 4th grade reading level, but has a good amount of detail. The Body Book - more of a supplement, but really helps with seeing how the body works. But only use if she likes coloring/cutting/pasting - otherwise it's not worth the effort! The Way We Work book is very neat but it's at a higher reading level - maybe see if your library has a copy to look through? She may enjoy just going through it and looking at the pictures. Good luck no matter what you both decide to study this year!
  13. Hmmm, I ordered the TE (two different levels) from Rainbow Resource and was able to download the student guides for free. I don't think it matters where you order it from - the download instructions are on the first page of the spiral-bound TE . Unless someone else has experienced it differently?
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