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  1. K'Nex has some different kits and books that are used to teach physics. I haven't tried any of them, but they are on my wishlist for the future. I think that I have also seen this book recommended in a past thread: http://www.amazon.com/Teaching-Physics-With-Toys-Hands/dp/1883822408/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t
  2. We use the trifold presentation boards from Walmart. They are made of cardboard and are pretty sturdy. It is nice since we can use them to display posters or as a "word wall", and then fold them up and put them away. They come in different sizes too. We use the smaller ones on the table top and the larger ones when we are sitting on the floor. I tried to upload a photo for you, but it was too large. I need to figure out how to add pictures! You can purchase them at other stores, like Staples, but Walmart is the cheapest that we have found.
  3. I voted for suburb, 0-5. We live on a small cul-de-sac with only 17 houses. It is quiet and does not have any through traffic, which is nice when my dc are out on bikes or scooters. However, we are minutes away from a large mall, the public school, town park, etc.
  4. Sorry to hijack this thread, but we are in a similar situation with ds10. How do your drop everything to focus on certain areas or areas of interest if you live in a state that requires you to cover and report on all subjects? I would love to take this year to just focus on math, reading, spelling, and writing. but that is not possible here. Do other state not have the same requirements? BTW, we are in NY.
  5. Is it this? http://www.marieswords.com I have seen this set also available at timberdoodle and on ebay.
  6. :grouphug: :grouphug: What state does your sister live? Here in NY, you would get a tutor paid for by the school district because it is a medical issue. My dd had a tutor visit our home last year when she had a modified schedule at ps due to health issues. Is that a possibility?
  7. We use her books (and Brian Cleary's) to discuss parts of speech. I have never purchased one though. We can borrow the series from our public library.
  8. We have never had gnats, but I know that guinea pigs can get mites and fleas. I would change the bedding and give the cage a thorough cleaning if it is just gnats flying around. However, if it is some other parasite on them, they may need some sort of treatment. I have yet to find the perfect water bottle. We ended up buying a rabbit litter box that has a high back and sides but low front and put this in the cage. We put the water bottle through the cage so when it drips, it is dripping into the litter box. That way, we can just change the bedding in the litter box more frequently instead
  9. LinguiSystems is having a members only sale for 20% off from 11/4-11/10. Membership is free; just sign up on their website. Many families use items from LinguiSystems to address executive functioning, speech & language delays, pragmatics, etc. http://LinguiSystems.com
  10. I don't have any tv show recommendations. I just wanted to see your baby. Adorable!! :001_smile:
  11. Yes, we watched it! Ds10 didn't really care for it, but dd13 enjoyed it. I have to admit, I probably said, "Hello. I am Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!" at least a hundred times over the weekend. I need to work on the accent. :laugh:
  12. I've only seen the "Rainbow Loom" around here. We purchased ours at Michaels. I definitely recommend the full kit (the loom, hook, and a variety of rubber bands) instead of a smaller starter package. I have seen rubber band knock-offs at the local Five Below store. There are lots different colors!! Dd13 has learned to make many different styles of bracelets by watching you tube videos.
  13. It makes me happy to read everyone else's happy news. I might use up my quota of "likes" today! I'm happy because it is a sunny, crisp autumn day. The leaves are such gorgeous colors right now. And, thankfully, we don't have too many trees, so raking isn't an overwhelming task. Just enough leaves for the kids to make a leaf pile to play in with their puppy. It's Friday, so dh gets out of work a little earlier. We always have "Friday night pizza" as a family. Dh works long hours, so I cherish the nights when we all get to be together. Ds10 has a baseball game tomorrow and he has mad
  14. I watched this movie so many years ago that I don't remember much. After reading this thread, I borrowed the DVD from the library to watch over the weekend with dc. Hope it doesn't turn out like my Sixteen Candles nightmare. I remember enjoying the movie when I was young, so I thought my kids might enjoy it. It is rated PG. Within the first 15 minutes, we heard the f-bomb and my kids saw b00ks. I turned it off and returned it to the library the next day. My kids still tease me about my movie choices.
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