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  1. I saw only one at $.99. The were others for $3 or less, but the one 99-center.
  2. I think Hexe is right, it's both. I like TeA and I love my dh--it's a winning combination, IMO. And neither of us is as, uh, youthfully beautiful as we were 18 years ago, so it's not a matter of simply enjoying the visuals, iykwim. ;)
  3. My dd9 likes playmobil, horses, American girl-style dolls, and doodle books. Wishing your friend a full healing. :grouphug:
  4. I know I'm always flogging these books, but Dorothy Sayers' Peter/Harriet novels, especially Gaudy Night and Busman's Honeymoon, are awesome love stories.
  5. I find that for me, it's very helpful for there to be sunlight. On dark dreary days, it's much harder for me to wake up than on nice sunny ones. I am planning to get one of those light alarm clocks for the winter, which is long and dark here in the Frozen North, ad see if that can mimic the bright early summer mornings well enough to get me out of bed at a time more conducive to an early school start. Good Luck!
  6. Yep, ditto. That week off saves our bacon. :)
  7. I'm listening to it on audible. I quite like it. There's a lot of swearing, if that bothers you. I'm finding the characters well drawn and the mystery interesting, though. Knowing that its Rowling, I can hear the similarities in style, but I'm not sure I'd ever have guessed without that; the subject and the "voice" are too different from HP.
  8. I make this, with the addition that I first dredge chicken in flour and sautée in EVOO with a ton of garlic and some salt and garlic pepper. Gets rave reviews every time. It's a bit spicy, but we all like it, even ds5. We add Parmesan to the dressing too. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/caesar-salad-dressing-recipe/index.html Serve over chopped romaine or a romaine/spinach combo, with croutons and a generous sprinkle of grated Parmesan.
  9. I have and use both. But prime was worth it for me even without the streaming. I feel like things on Amazon are more permanently *there*, but I could very well be deluding myself. ;)
  10. Because they believe that they're commanded to cover their heads in modesty; by shaving them and wearing wigs, they fulfill the commandment without looking "different."
  11. My first thought is always, "wow, she's a strong lady!" because it's so non-normative here. Only secondly do I consider her reasons for so doing.
  12. IMO writing is the act of actually composing an essay/paper/composition. It's not the prep work, it's not the research, etc. If I saw you in the library reading primary sources, and I asked you what you were doing, would your answer ever be, "I'm writing a paper"? Surely not! Rather, I think you'd say, "I'm doing research for a paper." But, I don't keep track of our English-related subjects so minutely that I divide up these things. It's all English, IMO.
  13. I think you could do very well using the book on its own and not bothering with the online class. There's lots of good info there, and it'd be easy enough to supplement if you wanted to.
  14. We didn't use an online program, but dds took about an hour to an hour and a half a day, between reading, taking notes, and working the problems. Our experience was that the time spent was basically equivalent to the time they took to do the Saxon Algebra (also without online or video lessons).
  15. I need to replace the car seats my dc were in in our rollover this week. Ds5 was in an evenflo triumph, and dd9 was in a booster seat. If possible, I'd like to replace the triumph with a good solid 5pt-harness-to-booster option, if it exists at a reasonable price. Can you advise me? I'm not sure how much the insurance will be willing to reimburse for, so that's a consideration as well. Money is always tight, but especially now that we have to figure out a new-to-us van as well. :tongue_smilie:
  16. The Saturdays is much less tedious. Enright beats Estes every time. :)
  17. ...dd rolled it with us all in it. Happy birthday to me. We're all safe, and OMG, seatbelts and five point harness seats work, thank God, but I now have to find a van that will seat us all again. :(
  18. Here people say "tennis/running shoes" in the place of sneakers. My Oklahoma grandma said divan and davenport.
  19. Congrats from the mom of one Gideon to another! Enjoy your babymoon!
  20. My mother had me convinced for years, YEARS! that Pez dispensers were flashlights that were powered by candy. Imagine my embarrassment when I asked a friend once to "turn on" her Pez dispenser. :svengo: (My mom was a VERY crunchy granola mama in my childhood, which is why this illusion was able to be sustained for so long--we never had that kind of thing in the house, so anything was possible!)
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