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  1. I am spending about $500 for 5 school-age kids, including our co-op fee, but not including things like dance, tae kwon do, and piano, which the grandmas pay for (thank heavens!). :)
  2. I just bought Part One of this program, and am excited to use it. Is anyone here familiar with it? If so, pros, cons? I like the idea of its being written by and for a homeschool mother, and I like the format of the chapters; plus it has a workbook with multiple choice, fill-in-the-blanks, and essay/further study questions.
  3. My experience has been that "inclusive" generally means "we believe various things, and you can believe various other things, as long as we all agree to be polite." "Secular" means unschooling, consensual living, rabid attachment parenting, and, generally, "anything's OK except Christianity." Obviously, this is only here, and I don't feel like these designations are applied as I would like, but that's what they are. We have more in common with the people in an inclusive, but doctrinally oriented (different from our own) group, than with the "secular" group, b/c the lifestyles of that group actively conflict with our own. Best of luck to you in your search!
  4. You might try looking here for some help. It's a cloth diapering site, but this section is for doing elimination communication--it's possible you could get some tips there too! :)
  5. I would have done what you did, mama. I hope your little one is doing better now. I think in a situation like that, what you did is a better option. :)
  6. I come up as an INTJ--do you ladies find these to be an accurate assessment of yourselves? I haven't ever looked into this before. :)
  7. On another board that I frequent, where there are a lot of WAHMs who make and sell kids clothing, toys, etc., the conscensus (SP?? ARGH!) seems to be that items manufactured before a certain date are "grandfathered in," and that items like books which are not "wearables" should be OK also. I will happily accept correction, if someone else know more/differently! :)
  8. My sister, who is 25, had her bone density tested last year and was told that her bones were those of a 50+ y-o woman. She is active anyway, but she upped her activity levels. Specifically, she has started to run more, and to lift weights. Apparently, exercise which is "load-bearing" is what helps to combat low bone density. I am doubtful that milk will make much difference--my understanding is that the jury is still out on the actual calcium acquisition benefits of drinking milk. My very inexpert advice would be to have her begin running and/or weightlifting, and taking calcium, as well as a good quality multi-vitamin--maybe even a prenatal one, as they have more "oomph" than ordinary ones--and consulting your pedi ASAP. Do you have a family history of osteoporosis? All the best to you and your DD. :hugs:
  9. This is what we did growing up too. Right now I use paper mostly, b/c with 5 kids and a constant laundry backlog, plus cloth diapering, the thought of having to wash napkins all the time is just too much for me. But I plan to go back to it before too many more years pass... :)
  10. Sioux Falls, SD here, and gas is about $1.85 for regular, $1.79 for ethanol.
  11. What do the different levels mean? Are they related to numbers of posts, or what? I used to come to the other boards a couple years ago, but this is new to me! :tongue_smilie:Thanks for your help!
  12. I bought mine from Nichols this year. Great prices and all non-GMO seeds, as well as TONS of heirlooms. Very nice people too. :)
  13. Mine is "phylactology," the science of counter-espionage! :)
  14. Could you use it in recipes as an oil-replacer, like you can do with applesauce??
  15. Why read an abridged Little Women? It's not overly long and the language isn't overly difficult. I would not choose an abridged book over an unabridged one except for the "learning to read" type abridgements. I have found that abridged books generally are poorly done. I would myself prefer a "retelling" or a "based on" to an abridgement. My 2 cents!
  16. That's my father's college! (He went on a Nat'l Merit scholarship in the days when it was a full ride--if I understood the story right). :) Although he went to the Santa Fe, NM campus (where I was born!), the curriculum is identical. I went to the Catholic version of SJC, called Thomas Aquinas College for my first year. The curriculum is very similar, although Latin is the language taught, rather than Greek, and it's VERY Catholic. :)
  17. I read the first one, and enjoyed it well enough. I found that I could tell that a teen had written it, not because the writing was "poor," but rather b/c all of the characters had the same "voice." No one had any linguistic quirks or dialects that couldn't be found in any of the other characters. As the PP said, fun, just not "great." :)
  18. Yes, Michelle is right. Has the class covered the verb "sto?"
  19. Well, I wouldn't call it "so disadvantaged," but I do think that the language of the KJV is the most beautiful and poetic in English, bar none. The Douay-Rheims always feels contrived to me, and the Catholic RSV is like the KJV lite, IMHO. :) My favorite example is the the 23rd Psalm. "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me" is just so incomparably beautiful, I feel it leaves other translations in the dust. I would never maintain that from the perspective of the best scholarly translation that the KJV is optimal, though. And I do think that Catholics ought to have some exposure to it, even though it is incomplete. ;)
  20. My kids call my DH "dad," which is what he wanted to be called. I grew up calling my father "papa," (which is what my DC now call him as well) and DH grew up without his father. They are now friends, and DH calls his father "Pops" and the DC call him by his name. :)
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