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  1. John Irving? He is an adult writer whom I enjoyed even when young and inexperienced. I especially recommend A Prayer for Owen Meany.
  2. I think if your dc is reading well, PLL is fine for firsties. If you like the style, you could also look at the English for the Thoughtful Child, as it too is written in the worktext style; I used efttc first, then PLL in 2nd.
  3. Oh, my. Poor mama. Many many hugs and prayers for you and ds.
  4. I wear earplugs and an eyemask. The combination helps me a lot. One or the other is not enough, but together it's great. Good luck, mama!
  5. Also, by Connie Willis, Blackout and All Clear, fictionalization of WWII London plus time travel. Really awesome and uplifting, but never sappy.
  6. Dds have a tracphone that they inherited from a friend of mine. It came with about 100 minutes still on it about a year ago. All the minutes have not been used up yet. :)
  7. I am SO bummed. It doesn't appear to be coming anywhere near me. :crying:
  8. This stuff is like a miracle cure: http://malibuc.com/products/cn/2210/Malibu-C-Swimmers-Wellness-Shampoo
  9. In our circles, people say Mr/Mrs. Lastname or else just Firstname, no Mr/Miss. (I personally detest Mr./Miss Firstname.)
  10. I think ds felt better wearing his when he was an infant than he did without--he was less fussy, at any rate...
  11. I attend a church which doesn't "do" that type of thing, so I cannot advise you other than to say that maybe this is not the church for your family, and you need to look around a bit. :grouphug:
  12. Stab it, bake it, butter it. No foil, no salt, 350, one hour. Scrummy!
  13. KK, there are cavvy-specific rescues out there, if it ends up you have to rehome them. :( But, could ds commit to always wearing a sweatshirt to spend time with the piggies? :grouphug:
  14. Laura, If you mean some thing like a rash guard and swim shorts, then no, that's not what I'm thinking of. I'm thinking more along the lines of some of the images available here: http://modestswimwear4u.com/. I'm not at all saying its gotta be, paraphrasing Eddie Izard, "bikinis or death;" but rather when people are wearing clothing whose whole PURPOSE is to appear to shout "look at me, I'm modest!!!!", it is rather a self-defeating proposition. (Unfortunately, I think that this falls rather into the same category as p---ography, in that you know it when you see it. ;))
  15. [i say this every time this topic comes up, and someone always jumps on me about it, but I'll say it again anyway.] IMO, modesty is about not drawing attention to yourself, not about how much of you is covered. If you're so covered up that you're making a spectacle of yourself--ie wearing a Victorian style swimming dress to the beach in 2013--then you're not being modest because you've drawn attention to yourself not as a person, but as an object. I think standards of modesty are cultural and subjective. I believe that modesty is a way of describing an interior attitude, not a physical state.
  16. I like to use them as reading aloud practice because the selections have high level language while also being individually pretty short, so they don't look daunting. ;) Remember that the number of the reader doesn't correspond to grade level, necessarily. Your 5th grader might well start off in the 3rd or 4th reader, for instance. Also, get the ones with blue and brown covers, not the all brown ones. Much, much better books. :)
  17. What a great gift! I hope he loves it! :)
  18. Ahh. Well, then I don't think it's a good recipe. :p Custard should have milk (or preferably cream) in it to make it fully creamy and delicious. I think that recipe is just a rhubarb pie with eggs as a binding agent. I'd probably pitch it, myself. But did you taste it? Was it yummy?
  19. I've made custard pie with other fruit, though not rhubarb, and it set up fine. What kind of milk did you use? If you use lower fat milk, it's gonna be watery, even when fully cooked.
  20. Many congrats from the mom of one Gideon to another! Happy babymoon! :D
  21. You might also look into this for her, as an alternative. http://www.mooncup.com/
  22. Be still my beating heart! I am SO looking forward to this one! :D
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