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  1. Roman Roads Media is offering flipped classrooms with greats like Wes Callihan and Jim Nance.
  2. You might take a look at Notgrass' American History. I found it easy to edit out parts that seemed too pedantic and she covers a lot of little known history- interesting people and places. The add-ons are cool, too. Source docs and maps, esp.
  3. We did a year of Essentials last year with my then 11 yo and 14 yo. We'd done R & S previously as well. I've taught and vended for IEW for years and my kids have done WWE, WWS, IEW - they get and like to write. My kids breezed through the writing portion, loved the math games (and it got my deliberate/accurate but painfully slow math thinker to get through math more quickly) and really worked hard at the grammar portion. I am a "natural" writer, too and really wondered if learning grammar would make a difference. Totally. I believe my writing has improved dramatically as I am learning grammar. We are working through Henle Latin this year (we jumped into Challenge) and getting it. It's work but it's satisfying work- not painful and frustrating work-kwim. My now 16 yo (they both have winter birthdays) totally gets both English and Latin grammar. He is loving the Latin and appreciates English grammar. Was it that year of Essentials? No. He did Essentials and FFL last year as well. But it's just natural to him. His persuasive essays this year take him about 20 minutes.
  4. The way I got started was to approach curriculum providers that I use and appreciate. I was on the TOS Review Crew for a couple of years and learned a ton and had SO many resources it became overwhelming once I got a professional job. It's a good deal, fantastic group and quality materials. I always put my heart into the reviews (I figured if Dorothy Sayers got her start as a copywriter, it was good enough for me), very detailed with links. You need a blog following with analytics One of my first reviews in 09 was pf a product that we used and I loved- it ended up on the landing page of the company that ended up buying the product and reproducing it and led to some other great opportunities. I also have my current job due to a review which allows my kids to take on-line classes for free. lmk if you have specific questions.
  5. I think Audible or Netflicks has Great Courses - as do some libraries. Our library used to have Rosetta Stone but has now switched to Mango -foreign language. Henle can be purchased for pennies on the dollar through Amazon and you can buy MP Latin (and other products through the FB page (I bought our Henle text for $2 last year)- Latin. Kahn Academy The least expensive way I've done high school has been to write curriculum reviews- we received many opportunities, on-line classes, complete curriculms etc by writing good, honest reviews. High School reviewers are not as common so the opportunities are definitely there. Tutoring for CC- I have found the Challenge program to be excellent and rigorous, using much of the same curriculum that we would use anyway. Starting or teaching at an Academic class day where the Tutors are paid/ grades given.
  6. I would start with D'Aulaire's Norse Myths. It will give her the basics and set the stage.
  7. Reasons to Believe. Not young earth but definitely creationist and a humble, hard science based approach.
  8. I am using LTW this year, for the first time, as I tutor CC's Ch.A. We are taking 3 weeks per essay, using a good book. ANI charts are one week and the kids are having to come up with 30 items for each area of the chart. This is really stretching them to think deeply about the book. The program itself is good/ basic, and the terms are a bit different (exordium), however, I have found it to be a good exercise to learn them as they are referenced often (I hear the term "Exordium" often this Xmas break while watching Peter Wimsey films and listening to Old Western Culture)- iow, it expands your classical vocab. My 7th-ish grade students are enjoying the class and their essays are developing very well. There are videos available with the 5th ed. I found these helpful.
  9. I think part of it depends on personality. I am married to a logical, sequential man. I am random, global. He tends to be far more organized. I get a ton done, but it's usually messy during the doing portion. My youngest dd is a natural logica/sequential person. Also, add, adhd seems to affect ability to organize- we've seen this in our home.
  10. We enjoyed Memoria Press' Geo. It's not marketed as H.S. but I would say it's at least comparable to ACE's World Geo, which is.
  11. What are the admissions requirements at the grad school? Is it a competitive program? If it's based on test scores and essays, it would be worth a talk to an Admissions Counselor and get their take on the students chances regarding essays. I would think that if the test scores, research and essays are in good order a grad school would be happy to consider a good candidate if they are coming from an accredited school.
  12. Cambells and other farm supply stores often carry slim fit jeans. Lately Sams has had 28-29" waist and 29-30" jeans in decent styles.
  13. I am busy. I like being busy- I do get more done when I am busy as long as it is creative and movement oriented busy. The last two years have been too busy- stressful and non-creative busy. It's not rejuvenating, it's wearisome.
  14. I know several missionaries that definitely fall under the Narcissistic umbrella. One of my profs stated years ago that it takes a certain level of narcissism to tromp off across the world and expect people to listen to you, so I try to think of it in those terms. Lately, my patience is wearing thin with some of these folks. They are just ohsospecial. Our family members who are PD, who faithfully go to church while they reign fire and destruction down around them....I'm just glad that judgement (for them and me) comes from a higher pay grade than I currently hold.
  15. In theory I believe that the purpose of college is to become a more educated person.
  16. I think if you do much research/read/ talk/ live with/ to people in the academy you will find that this has changed. Higher Ed is no longer about helping a person become a well-rounded individual but about creating a political machine. The "Academy" is not what it used to be. I would say that some of the great books Colleges and U's do adhere to the Liberal Arts Pedagogy, but also don't accept federal aid or loans - again, the $ issue, and while the graduates have a well-rounded ed, what do they "do" when they graduate? Furthermore, the ability to afford the Academy is a challenge . Young adults with crushing debt is not a winning combo. Why go to college? Vocational Training.
  17. Tutoring for LD's/ special needs is big- the Gilligham method is big I think. SAT prep.
  18. We've used IEW, WWS and currently Lost Tools of Writing. LTW is not only a terrific writing program but a fantastic critical thinking program. It incorporates whatever lit you are using. I also created a Creative Writing class I taught in a co-op, incorporating the Grammar of Poetry, reading about creative writing and many creative writing assignments.
  19. I actually read two books this year (3 cheers for me) in between tons of on-line video and ed stuff. To Kill a Mockinbird, which, of course, is all that it is. Ds 15 is reading/ writing an essay on it for next week and, oddly enough, is in a farce for our Jan Festival of One Act Plays where he plays a wannabe lawyer and one of his lines is, "I consider myself a modern-day Atticus Finch." And Room. It rang true. It was touching and poignant and beautiful. As an MFT, I super loved the ending. It also was a good look at all of the "Room(s)" by which we define and limit ourselves and that we must often risk what we love most to be free. Still pondering it.
  20. What are you looking for? A lit guide, lit analysis, grammar? Grammar of Poetry is phenomenal and a great fit for Jr. High- tropes, great poetry, good writing instruction, etc.
  21. We live in the far north and winter is long and cold. We leave Christmas stuff up until the Jan 29 birthday. We all love the twinkle lights and greenery- makes the dark, cold days of winter seem more bearable.
  22. One of my kids read The Economist for Gov his Sr. year and found it discouraging. Also, The Fourth Turning by Wm Strauss is very good.
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