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  1. Love: you can see my kitchen here - re-modeled from our house fire. Natural Light - block lights in back of room, huge over sink double windows- windows from dining room -GREAT light! Open concept- we took out walls and doors. Tons of counter space. Tons of cupboards. Wood Floor- super love!! Dishwasher that works - we finally got our lemon replaced (hallelujah!) lots of outlets. 3 forms of light- overhead, undercounter, peninsula large peninsula -LOVE it- we can all eat around it, and dh works at it when he's home and we kind of LIVE around it- bookshelf at one end -sweet. counters are a couple inches TALLER than standard (I'm tall, most of my family is tall) - I LOVE this! powder room off the kitchen open floor plan Wide wood trim on windows -12' trim on floors. 9' ceilings Put in 2 cupboards for 3 separate trash areas (we haul our own)- burnables, compost and trash- under sink is plastics. I love the nicklebrushed hardware. Love the wood blinds we bought. They are clean and simple. Crown molding on top of cupboards that match stain to cuboards. We have crown molding throughout the rest of the first floor but it matches the espresso stain. LOVE the style of cabinets but they are hard to clean at the angles. (I seriously, totally love my house). Don't love: no tall pantry- so no place to put brooms wish I had a farm house sink Would definitely trade electric smooth cook top for gas- HATE glass cook-top. Wish i had put in a prep sink on small back counter and outlet on west wall. Book shelf is a bit too shallow - need to figure out how to cute it up. Wish I had put in quartz countertops- at least partially Want a backsplash- we'll do it eventually Wish we'd have put in a charger outlet- bil did this- so many FEWER cords! and it's not that expensive!
  2. Theater. My 2nd super shy dd was able to really excel at theater. It gave her skills that allowed her to "put on" her "drama" face when she was in public. She now works in sales and is always one of the top sellers. Also, TeenPact- they give you hands on tools and skills on how to present well to anyone. Experiences that demand she go beyond herself. I was a super shy kid and young adult. One of my first professional jobs included almost cold calling for a recruitment position. I had a script and I used it. Scripts are a very useful first step in learning to live beyond yourself.
  3. Ds 15 is finishing up Adv. Bio as a Freshman. He has already done Gen., Physical and Bio, but just didn't have enough math under his belt to do Chem yet. He did do both a Biology and Chemistry LABS this year (the Chem lab was on-line), and even that was a stretch, without Algebra completely done. He'll do Chem next year. And I totally agree with EndofOrdinary- this is not an Adv. Biology course as much as an A & P course. No chemistry knowledge needed.
  4. I think the Usbourne books on WWI and WWII are fairly thorough while still being sanitized enough for middlers to make it do-able.
  5. We mostly did the geography plan you've outlined- MP's states and capitals, World I and II- LOVEd it! Then, Mapping the World in co-op.Last year, dd was in CC and did U.S. geography- memorizing states and capitals, rivers, mountains, deserts, trails, etc. Ds 15 did a lot of map blobbing and I plan to have him follow along with us in ChA next year, even though he won't be in a Challenge program himeself. Next year we'll do Ch.A and dd will memorize drawing the world with 400 points from continents to far more detailed. We have 10's of old National Geographics around and dh came home last week with a huge box of goegraphy materials from a teacher that we can use next year. Also, I plan to get a world map shower curtain, or if I can talk dh into it a wall sized world map for the basement wall.
  6. Window to the World is Lit analysis and not a pre-req to the writing. Do you want to teach or do you want a DVD to teach? If you are going with DVD- I'd suggest "B". Your kids are taught through the DVD and create a writing notebook- they will learn the lingo as they go through the DVD. If you want to teach, go through TWSS and learn the lingo-it will teach you how to teach the program. Then, I would suggest a theme book to match up with science or history. I've taught both IEW and WWS and I did not find IEW more intense than WWS- it is just a different focus. With IEW, your kids will learn a lot of stylistic techniques, but the writing they've done so far will put them in a great spot to soar with IEW (or any other program, for that matter).
  7. I am not talking about rigidity in personality, like an Aspie might have. I am talking about rigidity based on the DSM IV criteria. (DSM V is now out, but DSM IV is easier to find). As in, the more closely they align and rigidly adhere to the NPD criteria.
  8. I write high school transcripts for a living and most college prep transcripts are 3 academic years of math, so Alg I, Geo, Alg. II. I always count Biz Math as a year of math once the basic 3 are done, unless the student is going for an "honors" transcript, which would indicate 4 yrs of academic math, so you'd want Trig, Pre-Calc, Adv. Math also. It is possible to only indictate Alg 1, Geo and Biz Math on the transcript, even for a college bound student and be o.k.. I wouldn't recommend this for a college bound student, however, because the SAT/ACT will test through Alg. II and your kid will do better on the tests if they are at least familiar with the material. Whether is counts for a half credit or full credit depends on the hours inovled in the course- 60 hrs is generally a half credit, 120 a full credit. Graduation requirements are determined by your state, so you need to check with your state homeschool org or the HSLDA web-site to determine the specific requirements for grad where you live. If you are concerned about college admittance, check with a few colleges that your kiddo is interested and find out what they are looking for.
  9. I wrote a post about the LIW DeSmet place. We loved it!
  10. Roman Roads Media just introduced Logic and Humanities Peace Hill Press, of course, Memoria Press and Bridgeway Academy. I think there's a lengthy thread on the High School board about on-line classes.
  11. Rigid in the behaviors and mannerisms that are specific to NPD.
  12. You can have traits of PD without being PD. PD is when a person becomes rigid and inflexible in their personality. They are, literally, all that, and not much else. The dynamic nuances of a healthy personality are lost.
  13. Not shocked. Not cynical. Who lives in a reality T.V. show?
  14. I remember too, Kari. Your post was beautiful. Love to your family!
  15. Did you know that Grammar of Poetry has a DVD of Matt Whitling teaching the course now? He is a fantastic teacher. I LOVE this curriculum - it's a middle school must have, imho, I reviewed it here.
  16. Just to be clear- you used quotes to indicate I wrote something that I never did write: While what in fact I wrote was this: "It's not terrible but it's a bit uninspiring." .
  17. I am acutely aware of what I have and what I don't have actually. I am also acutely aware of the sacrifices, hard-work, discipline and loss I've gone through to have the life I have. Like everyone, I have more privilege than some, less than others. Because some have less, my words are condescending, judgmental and reek of privilege? Really? Condescending to who? Of anyone who has less? Of course I'm privileged. I never insinuated I wasn't. I appreciate the privilege I have. But by your logic any hope or dreams that go beyond whatever privilege I have is something that I should never be frustrated about, never talk about and always be ashamed of? We've lived on a 1/4 of what we made last year for years, with more kids, believe me I know the pinch up close and personal.
  18. Thank-you to everyone who has posted, shared resources and experiences. I've shared much of it with dh and ds- it has been helpful to know that we are in good company and that there are more options to research and choose from.
  19. Dh is in the mental health field and I have been so it's part of our conversation. We also have family members that are abuser/ addicts and our kids have alwasy posed the questions first, "What's wrong with X." This question has applied to a person being stoned/ drunk and/ or pickled from years of abuse.
  20. I'm not sure what exactly you find galling. Just to be clear- my frustration has to do with the COST of education and how out of reach much of higher ed has become. Dh acutally teaches college courses on-line. His take- away is that the quality is pretty abysmal. He's had students in GRAD classes who have NEVER written an APA style paper and offended that he requires it. And, while our kids could get reduced tuition from that institution, it's still thousands a year. As in, they'd grad with 10's of thousands of dollars worth of debt, even with reduced tuition. I do NOT begrudge need based scholarships to those who need them, or those with specialized abilities. But what exactly is need? I'm frustrated for MY kid (s), specifically the 20 yr. old. Our state schools just changed a year ago so that we now have DE. With that, gen ed courses, which used to be 1/2 price at the State Schools went up full price. So, he missed out on DE, he is now paying full price for every class.
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