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  1. I've been reading the TOG and Omnibus threads with great interest. Those who have chosen TOG-why? What was the deciding factor for you?
  2. Phyllis- your "school on the tramp" pics are hysterical! thanks for the laugh:001_smile:
  3. I've taught IEW in co-ops with gifted writers and they have improved and grown as writers. Writing is one of those areas where you can always grow in! It is not formulaic, though it might appear to be. It gives the writer tools for their toolbox, expanding their repoirtoire. The good writer will be challenged to grow beyond where they are at. I think it's the best writing product on the market and can be used through college.
  4. My oldest dd did "gap years" - lol! She went on a mission trip/leadership project her senior year to eastern Europe. The following year she spent 8 months there volunteering at an orphanage and traveling. Since then she has worked various jobs, applied to colleges but just couldn't pin down how to fit her interests in a small ethnic minority in Eastern Europe with higher ed. This last spring she was offered a fulll ride 4-year scholarship to an accredited college because of her travel, interests and ability to raise money ;)She just returned from another 3 week trip to E. Europe and will start studies this fall. In the meantime she has taught herself 3 languages (conversant in all), raised over $8K in support and worked. It was a little stressful listening to all of the naysayers about how she wouldn't "amount to anything" including the well developed guilt complex in my own head! At times she seemed obsessed, but we are seeing that her taking "time out" really gave her time to develop a passion and field of interest.
  5. for the last question:) I like the theme based units. The work book is not overwhelming to the kids. The lessons are right there for them so they just have to work the system, not create something totally new. The lessons are straightforward and don't pack so much in that the kids aren't sure what they are supposed to be learning. It's easy for the teacher to pick up and teach from without much prep (other than the initial front-end load of watching the TWSS dvd's!) It's simple, it's effective, it's affordable ;) A tip: I have taken the structure and style page from the TWSS workbook (I think page 33), copied and laminated it for the kids to keep in the front of their writing notebooks. They can check off what they've done and it's "at a glance."
  6. we've used IEW for almost 9 years. We've used it for 3rd through 12th grades (if you don't count the Poetry Memorization study which I am using for my 4 & 8 yo's). I initially used TWSS. Three years ago we began using the Theme based units and have used Medieval History, Elegant Essay, Bible Based lessons. We have also utilized the share ware on the web-site. Next year we plan to use the Fables and Fairy Tales, U.S. Hisory and Progymnasta theme based lessons (I'll be teaching across grades at a co-op again). I might have my 17 yo do the SWII -C depending on her work schedule.
  7. I have organized week long drama camps for homeschoolers for the past 2 years through our co-op. We have also participated in a local One Act Play Festival for homeschoolers. I pick the scripts, assign roles and direct or hire a director.The kids and parents really love it and it's been worth the effort. I have also organized drama classes through our co-op. There are web-sites with scripts, games and info on them for mid elem through college. Even the very young children can easily act out "Little Red Riding Hood" and most love the challenge. If you don't find something, maybe you should start something:) FWIW- I have no previous drama experience;)
  8. If you really want to learn a 2nd language you'll need to understand sentence structure. My oldest dd spent 7 mths in a foreign country. Since she plans to return there she has been studying the languages on her own. Part of her study has been to learn sentence diagramming - she couldn't understand the more complex sentences without translating the sentence structue and functions of the parts of speech first- kwim? It increases your ability to write well. Couple grammar with a program like IEW and you will have an awesome writer! We've been using Our Mother Tongue. It is a very straight forward and accessible. When you are done with that book, if you want more advanced diagramming there is a spiral bound book by Mary Daly that SWB suggests that is excellent and will take the student as far as they want to go. Diagramming is now an essential part of our school curriculum!
  9. I can leave my older kids home. That is an idea to consider. My older ones just get so starved to leave the house- we live waay north and by November we are in for the winter-kwim. It just gets isolated between the weather and the distance from town.
  10. Purchase IEW materials :001_smile:. Seriously. It is great stuff. I was a good writer "before" (wrote a Master's thesis) and have been teaching IEW in co-ops for several years. I can tell a great improvemnt. Check out IEW's Student Writing Intensive "C".
  11. there is a book and CD with Andrew Pudewa reading the poetry. We just go over the poems several times a day. There are 5 levels with several poems on each level that range from silly to serious. We were also part of a Classical Conversations program for a year. The kids had over 1000 facts to memorize during the 24 week school year. It is very doable. There are 8 areas of study- bible, latin, grammar, science question, history sentence, math fact, geography,VP history cards. You can buy the guide and the CD's without being part of a CC community. We learned a lot, including how to memorize vast vaste amounts of information ;). Our "big techniques" for memory work are: 1. flash drill 2. white board (write out the info, erase a bit at a time and continue to "read" the info as if it was still there 3. card games (with the VP cards, we'd learn 8 a week. We flash drill, then I'd shuffle them and take out 2- the kids would have to put them in order and lmk which ones were missing 4."jeaopordy" type games 5. Drama - GREAT for learning how to memorize 6. getting the info set to music and listen to the CD have fun! We've really learned to enjoy memory work!!
  12. I've been part of a class day for a couple of years and we are making significant changes this year. They are offering Omnibus I and II for high school in the mornings with bio, elementary Latin and an art program in the afternoon. The afternoons hold no appeal to us. I would much prefer to do Omnibus III with my rising 9th grader and 12th grader so I am compromising on that if we continue. The down side is that my 8 & 5 year olds have been with this group for the last 3 years and if we don't participate that takes out the one day a week of friends (we live way off the beaten path so we don't get much "socialization"- ;). Also, the elem. is academic rather than enrichment so I'm not "losing" that day of classes with them. The people tutoring the high school aren't my first choice either so that's another comporomise - they don't push the kids, they don't interact didactically- and they'll both have their own kids in their classes. There are dynamics there that I'm not thrilled about either. I am really concerned about not staying the course we've decided on about our older two but I also know how lonely our little will get- but that's probably another post. What to do??
  13. I believe that Memoria Press purchased the rights to the old Greenleaf guides and updated them. The illustrations are beautiful. The content is terrific. They also have a new title about Men of the Modern Age, or something like that :001_smile:
  14. We've used a combo of these to create a history rich environment. We have listened to Dianna Waring's tapes for year, mainly on long car trips -before the guides came out = ). They are worth listening to. Very enjoyable, informative and good discussion starters becasue not everyone will agree (as has already been stated) with her concusions. We have used the VP cards to memorize a timeline (160 cards). We've spent time reading the cards, discussion the art, etc. We used the timeline cards as a jumping off point to read many biographies and historical fiction. We have used SOTW as read-alouds and to create our own timeline from using the Homeschool in the Woods timeline figures. I did get one of the activity guides to do in conjunction with the books but one of my kids hated doing the activities so we ended up skipping that. We've also purchased the SOTW CD's and my 8 & 4 year olds have listened to them for hours as they've played. TOG looks wonderful but I can't afford it so I haven't looked very closely :)
  15. I posted on the old boards and after a busy spring I've gotten to register on the new. I wasn't too sure about the new format, but it is so cool! We will be beginning our 18th year of homeschooling this fall. One graduate, one soon to be, and one just beginning phonics! I love the wit, humor, news and crazy discussions that take place here regularly -like today! :)
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