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  1. We are not affluent. At all. Ds has received merit scholarships, leaving him with over 20K in tuition a year afterwards. It's not enough, unless he wants a B.S. with over 60K debt. Not a good option, from where any of us sit. The job I have goes to assist kids, but is not enough to cover 20K in debt a year. We've lived off of dh's job for years and have lived well below any line of affluence as a result. The real problem IS that college costs too much. Exactly. While we've had some stability, we've had times of real financial crisis- dh is self-employed and that has come with costs. We pay for all of our benefits, retirement (gone due to health crisis), sick and vacation days mean no income, all dental, vision, etc is out of pocket. So, here's what triggered this- I call my alma mater- nice Christian college in the midwest- almost 40K a year. Merit $ is 11K. Rest is based on need. We won't get any. Friend from college, pastors family, probably never made over 30K, has retirement, benefits, braces for kids, vacation in Bahamas (yes, I'm serious), kid goes for free. Just seems more than a bit skewed imho.
  2. ds 15 makes eggs for himself and dh every morning (and whoever else wants them). Dh also makes himself a huge bowl of oatmeal with flax and berries. I eat a power bar almost every day with copious amounts of coffee. Sometimes I'll make the eggs with kale, brown rice, or avocado- depending on how busy it is. dd12 eats as much bread as I'll let her get away with and a veggie/ fruit- often a carrot or cuke. ds 20 eats whatever anyone will make him or a power bar. Coffee.
  3. This is what I'm talking about. When dh was in private grad school (our choice, we've definitely paid)- he paid full price. Our Peruvian neighbor paid nothing. They now live in a house 3 x's more than what our house is worth and still continue to call asking for "support" when they can't afford whatever. The State system is fine from an ed pov (our State Senators all went through the system and they live in D.C. and all of that) but he just feels so --disconnected- kwim?
  4. Ds has good ACT scores, 1 year + college under belt- Dean's list. He's also white and we make great money. We also have had several disasters occur in life and don't have college funds for kids - of which we have 5. So, kids aren't eligible for need based assistance, and we don't have thousands to give them. We know people making 1/3 of what we make and their kids go almost free. Ds can get opportunity scholarships but they are often 1/4- 1/3 tuition, leaving over $20K/ year. For now he works and pays state school tuition while living at home. He works and studies and works and studies. It's not terrible but it's a bit uninspiring. Just so frustrated for him- he is such a hard worker and feeling bad as he watches friend after friend leave for their cushy private school.
  5. Speaking of price- I saw an old barn wood table for $3500 on the show -one of the "features" of the re-model. We have a shed falling down as we speak. I'm hoping dh helps me make a table out of it this summer. I know it won't cost $3500.
  6. Actually the welfare recipient we are related to doesn't work her butt off, is on year 8 of earning a 1 yr master's degrees, frequently spends her school "need" money on new computers and lives with her parents.
  7. Dh, bil and ds all struggle with insomnia. Dh is a stickler for "sleep hygiene" because of how negatively it impacts our lives. Eat clean-as few chemicals as possible. Work out to the point of exhuastion. Bed and wake up times regular, every day if possible, multi- vitamins, Omega 3. No screens for 3 hrs before bedtime. Chiropractic-care has helped with anxiety issues, as they are often related to stress responses from work, etc. Dynamic greens and Organo Gold Green Tea. Clonazapin as necessary (dh is a psychologist and we are more crunchy than med-model, but if you need the script, get it, use it and SLEEP!).
  8. I watch HGTV when I work out- I've gotten some great ideas from them, but anything we do on our house (total gut job from a fire 5 yrs ago- still working on non-main living areas) is within our budget and fits the house we have; which is in the country, far off the beaten path. We have hickory cabinets, not cherry, laminate counter tops, not granite. But we have a beautiful home and everyone comments on how lovely it is. It fits what it is, and us- not some 1/2 mill dollar, 1100 sq.ft shack in a rough neighbor hood in L.A. (btdt, too).
  9. My12 yo sculpts with sculpey for hours on end- pinterest is full of great ideas. Drawing/ painting. She planted her own garden this spring and has big plans to get a water garden this fall. Violin practice.
  10. ds 20 has made $12- $15/hr for the past couple of years doing landscaping and construction/ roofing. He had basic construction skills and is a hard worker. He negotiated a huge pay raise with his first employer and hasn't looked back. He is willing to get very dirty, work hard, long hours, is not married to his phone and is teachable.
  11. education- trends, history, academia high school - requirements, credits, creating courses, getting into college/ grad school, etc.; LD's and gifted Curriculum- I've homeshcooled for 25 yrs and reviewed products and curriculum for several yrs. Social Media/ blogging/ event planning-local, on-line and long distance Therapy/ dx personality disorders/ Human Dev Teaching/ Public Speaking/ Coaching/ Theater Art- esp pottery/ stained glass Gardening Lit/ writing Some home repair
  12. Well, how much can they realistically earn in the summer? It most likely won't be to pay for college, but more like sundry items, given costs these days. Ds did both- he works construction AND took the ACT 3 times to get the score he wanted, while taking classes, and doing a few cleps - the state school he is currently enrolled in takes up to 10 cleps, so it's money well spent. Ds makes considerably more than minimum, given his experience and work history - teaching your kids how to dry-wall is a very good thing!
  13. Transcripts can be anywhere between 21-28 credits - check your state laws and requirements for where she wants to go to colleg. A credit is easily 120 hours, you can also record 1/4 and 1/2 credits- 30-60 hours. Walch Power Basics is a great curriculum for struggling students- also ACE. For photography, are there any local classes she can take? Community ed, co-op? Free on-line course like MOOC: https://www.mooc-list.com/tags/photography Then, check out the Time/Life series: http://www.amazon.com/Photography-Documentary-Photojournalism-Photographing-Photographers/dp/B000NKFZAC and have her pick a pic from each era and replicate it. You can make most extra-curriculars, "extra" credit. My kids do Shakespeare Camp every year, along with a lot of drama. They earn a credit in theater every year and Shakespeare Lit, or Medieval History- whatever needs ramped up.
  14. Contact the grad school he wants the Ph.D. from, make personal connections in the Ph.D program and find out directly from them, especially if it's a small dept. Can he take the GRE in both subject areas?
  15. I've always been thought younger than I am. When I was graduating from college, people thought I was graduating from high school. People still act like they don't believe me when I tell them my age, but I am feeling it. I'm tall, too and way overweight. I think I'd look a lot younger if I could lose some weight but I keep having these hip/knee injuries and end up sitting for months- no fun!
  16. DS 15 put this on his list of "courses for fall. I know he'll jump in as soon as it gets here, despite it being summer.
  17. My marriage is a work in progress and had some serious rough spots but without much of the craziness I grew up with.
  18. I didn't plan on getting married but in June we'll have been married 30 years. It's crucible, for sure. But I still think my dh is one of the kindest, funniest, smartest men I've ever met. He makes me laugh, is considerate, has loved being a father and he values what I value most. We are both opinionated and hard headed and have gone through some ugly, painful fires (literal and figurative), but we are best friends and trust each other implicitly. One of our friends died this week at age 46 with young kids. Made me consider marriage a bit more than I normally do. I appreciate waking up by someone who I know will sing me 70's songs in the morning (just cause he's dorky like that) and run downstairs to get something for me at night (because of my knee) even if he went to bed first. And I do truly value the institution of marriage.
  19. But it's horribly sad to miss her. I think she should be read anyway.
  20. Free webinar on BW's on-line classes: Want to know more about Bridgeway Academy's live, on-line, interactive classes? My kids have taken several: Architecture with Brick Building, Marine Bio, Chem Lab, Computer, Myths and Legends and they have all been excellent! Join us on Thursday, May 14th for a free Online Learning Lab Demonstration. Bring your LEGOs and explore the principles of architecture in this fun and interactive webinar. By attending this webinar you will have VIP access and back stage pass to all of our summer classes including: Exploring Fantasy Literature and Composition, Magic Tree House: Ancient China, Exploring Art and many more! Stay until the end and enter to win an iPad Mini! Bring the whole family to check out our FREE online demo class for Architecture with Brick Building! Date: Thursday, May 14th Time: 7:00pm ET Register for FREE here:https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/regist…/6993444074303035905
  21. I know, irl, 3 peeps who are making tens of thousands a month from MLM's- one earned a Mecedes and over 6 figures within a couple of months of signing up with Yoli, another with OG and another with YL. They were all in the health field before they signed up for the MLM, but it's changed all of their financial lives. I have a friend who is promoting YL for all of her dd's ODD issues- her grades are improved, her attitude, she is drug free. I'll be interested in seeing how this plays out long term.
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