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  1. I purchased Core G directly from Sonlight in 2011 or 2012 to use with my daughter. I just pulled the core out to put together for my son for next year and the IG is missing the week 7 schedule. I emailed SL and was told they couldn't help aside from a repurchase discount of 50% for the new IG (Which I don't want as the core has changed since then and I would have to purchase new books). Does anyone happen to have an IG they would sell or is anyone willing to scan in the week 7 schedule for me and send it to me? I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, JoAnne
  2. Anyone know if there are any online - preferably LIVE- writing classes being offered for homeschoolers this summer? Looking for a grammar/writing or essay writing class. Thanks, JoAnne
  3. A couple of others I've noticed since Landry closed: Big River Academy Excelsior Classes ( Any others? Specifically - anyone know of online English classes over the summer for high school writing????
  4. I was hoping we could start a list of Live online courses for high schoolers. I know of a few - please share if you have more resources. Next year I'm looking for online LIVE physics for my dd. I know some of the resources below offer it but does anyone know of anyone I might have missed? The Lukeion Project for Latin/Greek/Classical studies Kolbe Online Academy Landry Academy (which I can personally attest has been great for my two) Homeschool Connections (I have used their live courses and found them to be very good) HSLDA Academy PA Homeschoolers for AP classes Virtual Homeschool Group Home2Teach writing courses Derek Owens math and science Memoria Press Online Academy Veritas Press Online Academy The Well Trained Mind Academy IEW Online classes Surely there are more I'm missing. Please add and if you are familiar with the courses please offer your thoughts as well. I think I'll be outsourcing quite a bit next year. Thanks, JoAnne

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    Core C Complete with LA/RA/readers/history and Bible $200 ppd media mail - or best offer. I accept non-credit Paypal (if you must use credit I request that you pay the fees associated with credit on Paypal) Items Included: Core C IG - may have a few light pencil check marks but very few - Note the IG is for 4 or 5 day but I only have the books for the 4 day program LA IG and student activity pages all clean unused Core C Tips and Tricks CD- new never used Bible - The Awesome Book of Bible Facts, Sing the Word: God our Provider CD - new never used History The Usborne Book of World History - Good used condition, no markings or missing pages but has been well read Widow on the World - new never used Audio Memory Geography Songs new Time Traveler - good used condition - well used by two children Michelangelo - like new Good Queen Bess - new Peter the Great - like new Gladys Aylward - new Read Alouds: The Aesop for Children - like new Cornstalks: A Bushel of Poems - like new Red Sails to Capri - like new Sticks Across the Chimney - new Tales of Robin Hood - like new The Minstrel in the Tower - new The Door in the Wall - new The School Story - new The Cricket in Times Square - new Captain Nobody - like new The Apprentice - like new Strawberry Girl - new The Twenty-One Balloons -like new White Stallion of Lipizza - new Philomena - new And the Word Came with power - new The Little Riders - like new LA IG new, all activity pages included All Books in new or like new condition unless otherwise specified More Stories from Grandma's Attic The Whipping Boy The Children of Noisy Village Ralph S. Mouse Betsy and Tacy go Over the Big Hill Henry and Ribsy Encyclopedia Brown Marco Polo The King's Equal McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm Socks "B" is for Betsy Lumber Camp Library A Llama in the Family Emily's Runaway Imagination Ginger Pye Misty of Chincoteague Frindle Along Came a Dog Mustang: Wild Spirit of the West The Toothpaste Millionaire If you would like pictures of any items please message me. Thanks, JoAnne



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    5Day Science 5 complete. $70 ppd media mail or best offer. I accept non-credit Paypal (or if you must use credit I will accept if you pay fees associated with using credit)See below for item and condition Science 5 IG with all student activity sheets - water spilled on about 1/4 of the pages (it's only noticeable on the very top edge - if you would like a photograph I'm happy to send one,but it really is a very slight amount that got on the pages), they are not smeared and are still VERY useable. All other books are in like new or VERY good condition, no missing pages or writing in books Includes: The Usborne Internet-Linked Complete Book of the Human Body The Human Body Activity Book Blood and Guts Understanding Your Brain Food and Nutrition for Every Kid The Usborne Internet-Linked Introduction to Genes and DNA Almost 12 The Boy's Body Book Unlocking the Mystery of Life (DVD) Improve Your Survival Skills Exploring the History of Medicine Dry Bones and Other Fossils Please feel free to email me with any questions.


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