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  1. The Grammar of Poetry by Matt Whitling. Goes over 4 meters and 11 tropes. Also, being taught on-line this fall by yours truly! (woop, woop!).
  2. My bil took the test 4 times and finally went to a foreign country to immerse himself in a language so that he would have what it took to pass the language exam. In dh's grad program, you had to pass the GRE subject test with a certain score to go from the master's to the doctoral level. Our neighbor took it 5 times before she passed. Can you ask the people who eval'd the personal narratives for feedback? Can you gather info about what they are looking for/ why you were not accepted? Re-group, grieve this loss and then either re-commit or re-focus. I admire your dream! All the best to you!!
  3. We have read some of the History of the World series by SWB- my kids are well steeped in STOW and love HOTW as well- outloud, we read through U.S. History by Notgrass together and we are now focusing on Old Western Culture by Wes Callihan, published by Roman Roads Media- super love.
  4. I have been a long time IEW fan and recommend it.I used Lost Tools of Writing for the first time this past year and am a total fan. Fantastic writing program! And the Grammar of Poetry- learn meters and tropes- everything you need for Creative Writing.
  5. We read Notgrass' American History outloud. We've been watching Old Western Culture with Wes Callihan, published by Roman Roads Media. We also read The History of the Ancient World outloud.
  6. Seconding IEW's Elegant Essay, but also LOVE, love, love the Lost Tools of Writing- fantastico!
  7. Roman Roads Media flipped classrooms will be offering Logic, Rhetoric, the Grammar of Poetry, Old Western Culture, Good Books, Econ, American History AND Visual Latin (I'll be teaching the Grammar of Poetry- woot,woot!)
  8. We have simply read and discussed The History of Ancient World, et al, so haven't used the guides at all. We have pretty deep discussions and my kids stop, really look at the maps and look up stuff based on the reading. However, my kids don't really like study or activity guides and while they listened and read SOTW enough times to have parts memorized we never did the SG or the AG's with any of them. My ds 16 is reading the History of the Ren World for fun. Medieval and Ren World are both huge, deep books. We always have another history going so I wouldn't do them both in one year. Is there going to be a Modern Age? Can't wait! btw- if you are a serious history buff, check out Old Western Cultures by Roman Roads Media. We are LOVING them!
  9. Lost Tools of Writing. Fantastic, super easy to implement and learn and great supporting videos, TM- cannot recommend it highly enough!
  10. We've lived in our 90 yo house for 13 years. Nothing was updated when we moved in and things quickly went down hill after we did. We had a house fire 6 1/2 yrs ago so the house is completely re-done and beautiful. It had great bones before but was not equipped for a large modern family. The house fire really was a saving grace for us and we love the house now. We have worked and worked and worked on it (in addition to the upgrades from the fire). You can see pics here and read more about it under the "Tear Down to Build Up" posts. We live in the far north and have barn cats. We have very little trouble with rodents in the house and we do haul/ burn/ compost our own trash.
  11. We rocked this year- Challenge A and 1- ALL of both- Henle Latin became our fav subject. LOVE It. Super happy with Challenge-we are sticking with it for B and II- but switching out Bio for Phyics for my man-child. TeenPact Survival and State Class for both Karate violin lessons Old Western Culture Greeks and 2 of the Romans Some art.
  12. Found what we'll be using for Bible- Memoria Press has Church history out- we love all things MP. Also, we'll keep going through Old Western Culture as it is published. Fantastic history/ lit from Master Teacher Wes Callihan
  13. Perplexors and tons of directed memory work, including poetry. Also, Henle.
  14. I did buy the new version and it's my first go-around with LTW. (I did go to the Circe conference last summer and fell in love with all things Circe, btw) LTW has created great explanatory videos. We are using the book list from CC's Challenge A but it would be super easy to use it with any book that you wanted. My 15 and 12 yo are both using it with completely different books.
  15. We do and have loved it. I wrote a review about it here.
  16. I taught Lost Tools of Writing this year and totally love it. Two of the kids in my class are ADHD, with one having some processing disorders. They are cruising through LTW. It is very sequential, and builds steadily, but not too fast. You can definitely make the pace go as fast/ slow as you'd like. We are using it in Ch.A and we read a book and do an essay on a 3 week schedule. It's a good pace- the kids really get into the book and aren't rushed through the process. Also, there are new terms in the program and that pace allows them to really learn the terms. 10 persuasive essays/ yr for that age is a decent pace, imo. Also, we've loved Spelling You See. Great visual program that "codes" the "sound chunks." I wrote a review here.
  17. We have loved Classical Conversations Challenge A this year and are jumping right into Ch.B in the fall: Henle Latin - 2/3 of book 1 Intro and Intermediate Logic by Nance History of Science Saxon or MUS Alg 1/2 -not sure yet LTW and Lit Current Events/ Mock Trial Still looking for a good Bible Study We might do RS German this summer if we can get it re-loaded. She loves it. Also on-line art lessons for fun. She'll also do Shakespeare Camp, Festival of One Act Plays, Karate, Violin, Latin Camp, babysit and become an Auntie :001_wub:
  18. I would do Grammar of Poetry. It's a different kind of writing but great for forms and tropes - solid writing skills. And you would be amazed at the poetry a solid 8th grade writer can come up with!
  19. Hits- we are doing Challenge A this year- great stuff: Henle, LTW. Love the science and geography. We are adding in Roman Roads Media Old Western Culture for history fun; violin and karate. Busy and good.
  20. Some memory work- poetry memorization is very fun at that age!
  21. You lit/comp plan sounds good; English "credits" often assume a combo of Literature and Composition. Add in vocab, grammar and spelling if needed. 1 credit on a transcript will be looked at by college admissions as around 120 hours of work -you do have lots of flexibility within that as to what that will look like.
  22. Have you seen Old Western Culture by Roman Roads Media? Our whole family has loved it. It's DVD based, but lots of reading, maps, art, etc, taught by Wes Callihan. Very classical.
  23. I still have kids at home that I am homeschooling, so am now working while homeschooling. It's not that any of the "jobs" that I do is very difficult at this point, it's just that I am often doing more than one of them at a time. This week, we had the flu. So I am doubling up on dishes, laundry, doing staff meetings, running kids, tutoring and oh, yeah, my job (from home). Multi-tasking is often my biggest stressor. I did get really creative with my resume and listed volunteer (bringing TeenPact to our state) and bartering (blog reviews for curriculum) as "jobs." The adjustment? It's different. I like working. I don't like doing so many things at once. We run a very different homeschool than we did when we had more kids at home and I was homeschooling full time.
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