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  1. It's interesting to see the range. I'm sure it varies by the work required. My oldest's braces journey included tooth extraction (wisdom and bicuspid) for overcrowding, as well as a palette expander. Traditional braces Youngest is getting hers in two weeks. Invisalign. Nowhere near the level of complication.
  2. I've noticed gallon drinking water (generic) is hard to find. I don't like the plastic waste of small bottles, so I usually buy in gallons (small bottles are in stock). My grocery store hasn't had the gallon size for weeks, and Walmart has been out the last few times I've tried to find it there.
  3. You can check out Khan Academy. They have grade level content, but idk how complete it is. I often hear about Easy Peasy homeschooling. It doesn't appeal to me at all, so I can't speak from experience...but it's free. Math is the one subject I would suggest you invest in. I'm definitely a minimalist in the early years, and especially if you don't plan on doing this long term. Reading/writing/spelling = the library and cheap workbooks can meet this need. But math...you need structure and sequence. If you're comfy winging it, you could always go off the state standards (I think the below is a 1-2 yrs old, but it was easier to link to): https://www.dpi.nc.gov/media/4009/open
  4. Code Name Verity is a good book but definitely an...emotional book. I enjoyed A Night Divided.
  5. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, so I'm open to ideas. I'm thinking about making an elective for my high schoolers that focuses on...I'm not sure, lol. I was initially thinking a study of women in the modern age (American Rev onward). Things I'd like to include: "Radium girls" and mill worker rights Suffragists Women's health ("Call the Midwife" got me thinking a bunch about medical progress, regardless of gender) So....now I'm wondering if my focus is less women's studies and more of human rights? Medical advances? IDK...anything similar already exist? Want to suggest anything that will help me frame/organize this?
  6. I'm in NC. I also taught elementary public school before homeschooling. Like stated above, your first step is registering your homeschool ("notice of intent") online. End of year testing is super easy. I order tests from Brewer Testing; there are different test options. Don't worry about that until March or April, then place your order. The test arrives, the kid takes it, you send it back to be graded. Easy peasy. As far as curriculum, those workbooks are usually supplemental (extra practice). They may not actually teach or have enough practice. If you're comfy winging it, you could use it as a guide. If I were homeschooling for just one year, I'd do something like: https://www.christianbook.com/lifepac-math-grade-2-complete/9781580957168/pd/72258?event=CPOF or https://www.christianbook.com/horizons-math-grade-2-complete/9780867179682/pd/20060?event=ESRCG or Teaching Textbooks (which is computer based). Read lots of fun books from the library (especially about dinosaurs!). Practice handwriting. Write about dinos. If you're planning on returning to public school, don't get tied up with history cycles or all that. Read. Do math. Play. Hit up the library often. Get a spelling workbook.
  7. Repeating with others: 1. Ours does weigh a ton and 2. Because ours is against a wall, we have a hard-to-access cavity underneath. DH stores seldom-used equipment there...but it requires lifting the mattress and plywood bunkboard to get to it.
  8. I found one in a thrift store before going to college and used it in my apartment. When DD moved into a real bed, she inherited it. 🙂 We like it. The drawer space is nice in her small room.
  9. Yes! I grew up in NC but DH is from VA, and his driver's ed experience was much different than mine!
  10. I've recently switched up my whole skincare regimen. Previously (AM/PM): Cerave SA wash, Paula's Choice toner, Cerave moisturizer. Occasional use of Cerave retinol or The Ordinary Azelaic acid. Current: I've found some Mad Hippie products that I really like. They smell weird but I can get over it. The Hydrating Nutrient Mist is my new toner. I also sometimes use the honey/witch hazel spray from Eczema Honey. I'm in the process of trying out MH's night cream.
  11. UPDATE: Whew! I officially have a kid with a learner's permit. DMV test was today and she got all but one right! I will say, sooo many hoops to jump through. I don't see how those without certain resources are able to meet these demands (for their kids or themselves). Maybe they don't. The document requirements, the online appointment, the online request for certain school documentation (multiple steps)...I have a college degree and am fairly capable, and it was all stressing me out. But that's another thread... 😉
  12. I can watch The Truman Show over and over. All time fave. Fave animated movie: Megamind. That one cracks us up and is so quotable. :D
  13. This is every movie from the 80s that DH and I fondly remember. Apparently we watched them all edited for tv.
  14. Oh, it is awful, lol. And dated. 😄
  15. This is on Disney+. I loved this when I was young. 😄
  16. We're still planning an October trip. No planes involved, staying in RV/single-family cabin. If numbers get really bad, we'll likely still go, but remove the more people-y activities (theme park, restaurants).
  17. My girls follow a lot of artists on YouTube. It has really improved their techniques because they often practice what they watch.
  18. Yikes! That is concerning. Even on this board, there have been several recent mentions of being symptomatic yet testing negative, and therefore assuming they've got some bug, not COVID. (I've recently been told by health officials that if you've been vaccinated and test negative after an exposure, then no quarantine is necessary. Just imagine how many --not you-- are taking that at face value and going on about their lives, actually COVID-positive.)
  19. @Murphy101 - I've seen you mention that you are pro-Moderna only. Would you mind sharing why? (If you have already, I missed it...)
  20. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm very glad that it was a peaceful experience. Our chihuahua (profile pic) passed 4 years ago and we still miss him.
  21. I have researched and searched for the perfect, affordable, beginning Spanish course. It doesn't exist. I have the Avancemos textbook but found it pretty unusable *for us* (I have a small degree of Spanish knowledge, but I couldn't make that text useful). I agree with the recommendation for ULAT. It feels a bit overwhelming at first because it's immersive, but that eases over time. And the website/tech is a bit off-putting (old school) but the price is soooo reasonable (dare I say, CHEAP!) I haven't found anything I like as well. We supplemented with some vocab-based workbooks.
  22. A college student that we are close to is vaccinated and tested positive (from the same outbreak that infected our family). She was sick a few days with pretty mild flu-like symptoms. She lives in an apartment with 5 or 6 other vaccinated students, and none of them caught it. (She was able to isolate in her room, had her own bathroom.)
  23. Obviously, do whatever you feel you must... but if anecdotal accounts make you feel better, we were never really able to fully isolate from dd13 when the rest of us were positive. After a week, we gave up even really trying. She tested negative (PCR) throughout our/her quarantine.
  24. We've got an October vacation with extended family scheduled. We're doing it. Most planned activities will be outdoors (though, unless things get much worse, we'll be eating in restaurants).
  25. Yasss. My DH would need to remarry for this reason. Or at least have someone come over and show him how to do laundry.
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