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  1. I love soups. I recently bookmarked a ton of lentil soup recipes from Budget Bytes. Potato Soup - this is similar to what I do. I use shredded hash browns and dried minced onions instead of fresh. Chicken Stew - I make it in the slow cooker and use chicken breasts. This feels very southern to me. Lasagna soup - I think this is the recipe I used.
  2. For a meal type dish: I cook pork loin with sweet potatoes and apples. The main seasonings are balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, garlic powder. Found it: https://www.5dollardinners.com/slow-cooker-pork-chops-with-apples-sweet-potatoes/
  3. DH works with college students at a university that has gotten news coverage re: it's high numbers of positive cases. He continues to have contact (mostly Zoom) with those students who remain in town (apartments or houses). Anyway, some of "our kids" are sharing a house this year, and we know 2 of those 5 tested positive this past weekend. DH was with them on Thursday, so we're watching and waiting...
  4. FWIW, see if your library has access to Ancestry.com. Mine does and it allows some degree of free access at home, for the time being, now that the library is closed to in-person use.
  5. We financed our elliptical (from Horizon fitness) with Green Sky. That was the company the website used. We had no problems, paid it off 6 mos ago.
  6. On a quiet lake, with kayak launch and hiking trails accessible from my property. Plenty of tree shade but good views. Bigger than what we currently have. Basically all my "ideals" are things we currently lack: a garage, lots of storage space, a spare bedroom, a teen hangout space (okay if basement), a screened or covered outside space, a good-sized foyer/entry so we don't bottle-neck at the front door. Lots of windows and light. A pool would be lovely. Short drive to shopping and other urban benefits.
  7. I've been thinking this anyway. How many people usually eat Thanksgiving away from home, but will now be preparing their own? I'm sure there'll be shortages of traditional holiday foods.
  8. Sharing (menus) is caring...but linking (recipes) is loving. 😉
  9. The fridge and dishwasher are original to the house, so 25 years.
  10. Salmon, couscous, strawberries Bbq chicken sandwiches (crockpot), tater tots These "Key West chicken bites" and sweet potato fries. These mini cheeseburger pies, mashed potatoes, peas. This crock pot white chicken chili + tortilla chips
  11. There's a lot more white space, which is a little uncomfortable for me, visually. I'm sure I'll learn to deal with it. Eventually. 😉 But it looks fine. Maybe this is a result of/in response to the constant logging out issues the forum previously having?
  12. Am I the only one seeing a whole new forum layout this morning (mobile device)?
  13. It is... except as the only cook in this house for the last 20 years, to suddenly be told the "right way" to cook such-and-such by the new cook...it's a little...off-putting. (Or rage-inducing.)
  14. Before his flattop grill, DH never-ever cooked. Ever. Now he spends his free time watching YouTube cooking channels and making plans for what to cook next...
  15. Idk if I like it -- never tried it! 😄 But I've got crock pot BBQ chicken on the menu this week and I have a feeling it won't be the same...
  16. Also, a friend made us a folding base that DH can rest his grill cover on when he's cooking. It then functions as a prep table. (It's a wooden X-frame that folds.) The hard cover is flat like this: And this just sits on the wooden frame to make a table. Super handy.
  17. Yes, we do. I'm pretty sure I started a rant here about DH using my washcloths to clean it. 😤 That said, we use ours weekly, at least. We do hibachi, fajitas, burgers, sausage, any stinky food that I don't want DH cooking inside the house... DH will cook cabbage on it (egg roll in a bowl). We've even tried salmon (not bad but, honestly, less cleanup to cook it indoors). I thought it was going to be the biggest waste of money but he's used it a lot.
  18. Not especially. Some I'm related to, so I see them more frequently, holidays and such. Others are just FB friends -- though one called me last week for my 40th birthday and sang to me! 😊
  19. Fun grocery sub of the day: I ordered 4 individual chicken breasts at $1.39/lb. I received 4 packs of chicken (2 breasts ea) averaging $7/pack. So $5.56 vs $28ish. Um...sorry. I can't ignore that one. Fortunately, a quick phone call = refunded (but keep the) chicken. Whew. Another sub that I'll have to go in to fix: they swapped my Memphis-style BBQ sauce for a South Carolina style (aka mustard based)!!! 😵😵😵 That just won't do.
  20. My parents and both sets of grandparents have whole-house Generacs. They live in an area where hurricane/storm power outages can be lengthy. My dad said that the install company in their area is super backed up right now (long waiting list). We have a small, portable gas-powered. We've never used it. Our power outages have never been more than a few hours.
  21. No but I would love that more! (I love all the Christmas stuff at the big Yankee Candle near there.) This last visit was actually my first time in 20 years! I used to go nearly every year growing up -- to Water Country, too.) 😄
  22. That's where we go as well. We're looking forward to possibly next year... (then my kids will be old enough I can send them into the haunted houses without me, haha).
  23. We went to BG last year during their Halloween event. I enjoyed the theming and decorations, but we left at 5pm (as evening began and the scarier stuff was starting), lol. My kids want to go back, this time in the evening hours -- they may have to go without me!
  24. I enjoyed the first two seasons of Stranger Things but couldn't bring myself to watch the third. I realized I was feeling physically anxious when I thought about the show. That continuous tension...it lingers.
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