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  1. Ah, apparently only available at Walgreens. I’ll check our local one tomorrow. (I looked in Walmart tonight before I saw the limited release.)
  2. Do what?! Is this a real thing? If so, my kids are about to hang at a park with some friends…I’m thinking I need to get a bag of these so they can be the guinea pigs…
  3. (Can you tell I was scrolling FB by posts from a local gym, haha)
  4. Meh. I’m in the wear-what-makes-you-happy camp. I mean, Chelsea boots have been popular here for the last 2-3 years, at least, so… who knows?! They may be on the way out.
  5. Not to be rude, but maybe (at times like the above) make yourself scarce. Sometimes a parental presence can make teens self-conscious when they’re interacting with new friends (at least until the friendship is comfortable). Better to step away and let them navigate it. Unless there are specific reasons, I say let him do this on his own.
  6. I recently read this article about an infant catching botulism from the environment. I didn’t know that was a thing. https://www.wral.com/infant-botulism-the-day-i-learned-to-trust-my-mom-gut/19909601/
  7. Maybe this should be a separate thread, but what’s the current recommendation for those that have prolonged/lingering side effects after a single vaccine dose? Should they proceed to the second dose or not? (Does it make a difference if they’d previously had Covid?)
  8. Doctor sounds like a good idea but I will say: if I eat too many Twizzlers, that’ll happen to me. (I know you said no food dyes but just throwing it out there.)
  9. They’re on regular rotation here! I modify the balsamic chicken (double the sauce and mushrooms, cut the chicken into bite sized pieces before cooking). Also, the meatball recipe doesn’t make much extra sauce (I’ve found it helps to put a bit of water in the jar and swirl to get it all out and add that to the crockpot).
  10. We eat the same things year round. I eat chili in humid NC summertime and zucchini in the winter. I have 10 weeks of recipes planned out, and I just cycle through them again and again… This week: balsamic chicken and mushrooms (budget bytes) with roasted asparagus and mashed potatoes; giant meatballs with spaghetti (also Budget Bytes); Buffalo chicken chili and cornbread; tacos.
  11. Haha. Same here. I’m another young marry-er (19), and looking at my 15 year old…eek! I cannot imagine her getting married in 4 years. Insane.
  12. We’re in a state that requires foreign language so that has influenced my choices. My kiddo with language LDs has really enjoyed Bill Vicars (above). We tried Spanish for a couple years (duolingo as one of our resources) and it didn’t stick. At all, lol. She says that she’s learning so much better with ASL university.
  13. How scary! Mountain driving is one of my anxiety-causers. I’m much happier on flat land, lol. Now that I’ve got a teen driving, I’m so much more aware of how crazy and impatient others seem to be!
  14. My 15 yr old does a lot of communicating via discord with friend groups. She likes Instagram to keep up with friends from camp. She likes Pinterest and follows friends on there.
  15. I don’t do my regular grocery shopping at TJ’s, but it’s the BEST for frozen convenience foods (especially appetizers), stocking stuffers that aren’t candy (dried fruit and nuts, particularly), and unusual snack foods. We also love the frozen macarons! (In other words, it’s where I buy junk food and tell myself it’s healthy.)
  16. I’ve read the 5-book set, but not seen any of the tv series yet. Is this season 2 that’s coming out in Jan? Is it well done? (As a lover of the books, I have my reservations…)
  17. Trader Joe’s has a great Indian “hot pocket” in the frozen section. They’re Aloo Chaat Kati Pockets and they’re pretty tasty! (Their chicken samosas aren’t bad either!)
  18. My oldest dd does this, lol. One day, I grabbed her water bottle, thinking it was mine and yuck! The mouthpiece smelled like a swamp! 🤢 After that, I bought her a washable water bottle. 😄
  19. Sometimes I just rinse my morning coffee cup, and then use it again the next day. Which is totally gross because I use half and half/cream, and I’m pretty particular (aka picky) when it comes to dairy/food safety, lol. Somehow the presence of the coffee makes it all okay.
  20. Well, I just scarfed down six of those small powdered donuts that come in a bag, so I’ll add that to my list…
  21. Oh golly, I love sweetened condensed milk. I’m all for eating it off a spoon. (It’s really good in coffee, too!)
  22. Different foods get me at different times! The soft & chewy dried mangoes from Trader Joe’s — I can eat that whole bag. And their sweetened coconut strips.
  23. Sleepy Hollow The Crucible (These are a couple on my list for my teenager studying American history this year…)
  24. Dentist chairs should have little hand grips/rails to hold on to when they lay you back. Then I won’t feel like I’m about to slither head first onto the floor. (Dentist appointment this morning…)
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