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  1. We had balsamic steak bites with mushrooms. (I followed https://www.budgetbytes.com/balsamic-chicken-and-mushrooms/ but used bite-sized steak pieces and doubled the sauce and mushrooms.) Served with broccoli casserole and deviled eggs.
  2. This. I had terrible post-suture itching and I went with Aquaphor. (These days, we don't keep that on hand because it has lanolin and my eczema kid is allergic -- now we use the Cerave version -- same difference). Also, I was 40 before I found out I was allergic to neosporin, just in case you're using that. It's a fairly common allergy. I went through much itching before I realized it.
  3. My first thought was gaming. Or YouTube studio, lol. Quiet, "don't-bother-me" study space? Private make out nook? (Sorry, mom, couldn't help myself.)
  4. Nope. At this point (10th), almost everything is outsourced or self-taught (written to student). I'm available, if needed, but I rarely teach like I did when they were little.
  5. NC has a great state fair! Our family loves it -- we've gone every year except last year (cancelled). I think it makes for great childhood memories!
  6. I've heard it but not often (and not in my immediate family). Coastal/rural NC.
  7. Following. I got the email from Amazon saying my old kindle keyboard will no longer be supported for wireless downloads (as of December). I'm trying to decide what my upgrade will be...
  8. Whew! Great update. Sounds like they realized they'd *$&@*ed up and weren't going to be able to talk their way out of it. Regardless, it's getting fixed. Yay!
  9. I'd definitely contact the coach and see if she is aware. I'd not be cool with the super late hours (and lack of details re: their plans). I wouldn't love the coach's 10:30 idea...but I'd go with it. It sounds organized and relatively safe.
  10. In the bedrooms, the furniture mostly matches (espresso in my room, white in the kids' rooms). Wood trim (windows, etc) is white throughout. Living room: end tables are hand-me-downs (mid-tone) and the tv stand is dark. Kitchen: trim is white, cabinets are teal, floor is gray tone LVP and the table is light pine.
  11. The school I mentioned upthread, two of their main programs are computer training and early-marriage prevention (which works to also educate the families of the girls on options other than early marriage). I don't see the Taliban allowing either of the above.
  12. We have friends who've lived in that country for the past decade. They've been home for most of the pandemic, but were set to return a couple of weeks ago. They had the foresight to delay entrance to the country and have ended up in a nearby country for the time being. They're so very concerned for their students (they have a girls school) and their coworkers.
  13. Yeah, I hate selling stuff now because real, legit buyers are rare! And even those that are actually looking are so darn flaky that they'll bail on you at the last minute with nary a word. Unreal, the lack of common courtesy.
  14. DH got some from Santa last year. It is good but I keep forgetting to put it on stuff! I made cornbread today -- I bet it'll be yummy on leftovers.
  15. I'm thinking I'd get a hot tub if I had a nice, private deck like that!
  16. No major suggestions, but I've totally got deck envy! What a big space! If that were our deck, we'd add some big plants in pots and some string lights. (ETA: zoomed in and see your string lights). Possibly a second umbrella over the small group of chairs.
  17. 1 coffee in the morning, 10-12 oz (plus cream and sugar)... ...except on Sundays when I have a McDs iced coffee with breakfast, a hot coffee at church, and sometimes another coffee once back home. Sundays wear me out.
  18. It's interesting to see the range. I'm sure it varies by the work required. My oldest's braces journey included tooth extraction (wisdom and bicuspid) for overcrowding, as well as a palette expander. Traditional braces Youngest is getting hers in two weeks. Invisalign. Nowhere near the level of complication.
  19. I've noticed gallon drinking water (generic) is hard to find. I don't like the plastic waste of small bottles, so I usually buy in gallons (small bottles are in stock). My grocery store hasn't had the gallon size for weeks, and Walmart has been out the last few times I've tried to find it there.
  20. You can check out Khan Academy. They have grade level content, but idk how complete it is. I often hear about Easy Peasy homeschooling. It doesn't appeal to me at all, so I can't speak from experience...but it's free. Math is the one subject I would suggest you invest in. I'm definitely a minimalist in the early years, and especially if you don't plan on doing this long term. Reading/writing/spelling = the library and cheap workbooks can meet this need. But math...you need structure and sequence. If you're comfy winging it, you could always go off the state standards (I think the below is a 1-2 yrs old, but it was easier to link to): https://www.dpi.nc.gov/media/4009/open
  21. Code Name Verity is a good book but definitely an...emotional book. I enjoyed A Night Divided.
  22. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, so I'm open to ideas. I'm thinking about making an elective for my high schoolers that focuses on...I'm not sure, lol. I was initially thinking a study of women in the modern age (American Rev onward). Things I'd like to include: "Radium girls" and mill worker rights Suffragists Women's health ("Call the Midwife" got me thinking a bunch about medical progress, regardless of gender) So....now I'm wondering if my focus is less women's studies and more of human rights? Medical advances? IDK...anything similar already exist? Want to suggest anything that will help me frame/organize this?
  23. I'm in NC. I also taught elementary public school before homeschooling. Like stated above, your first step is registering your homeschool ("notice of intent") online. End of year testing is super easy. I order tests from Brewer Testing; there are different test options. Don't worry about that until March or April, then place your order. The test arrives, the kid takes it, you send it back to be graded. Easy peasy. As far as curriculum, those workbooks are usually supplemental (extra practice). They may not actually teach or have enough practice. If you're comfy winging it, you could use it as a guide. If I were homeschooling for just one year, I'd do something like: https://www.christianbook.com/lifepac-math-grade-2-complete/9781580957168/pd/72258?event=CPOF or https://www.christianbook.com/horizons-math-grade-2-complete/9780867179682/pd/20060?event=ESRCG or Teaching Textbooks (which is computer based). Read lots of fun books from the library (especially about dinosaurs!). Practice handwriting. Write about dinos. If you're planning on returning to public school, don't get tied up with history cycles or all that. Read. Do math. Play. Hit up the library often. Get a spelling workbook.
  24. Repeating with others: 1. Ours does weigh a ton and 2. Because ours is against a wall, we have a hard-to-access cavity underneath. DH stores seldom-used equipment there...but it requires lifting the mattress and plywood bunkboard to get to it.
  25. I found one in a thrift store before going to college and used it in my apartment. When DD moved into a real bed, she inherited it. 🙂 We like it. The drawer space is nice in her small room.
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