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  1. The beatings will continue until morale improves.
  2. When we were in New Zealand at this time of year in 2011 people asked what Black Friday was all about. This year I see ads for BF sales in NZ on social media.
  3. Should the US Senate also be substantially changed? It also favors smaller population states.
  4. Have you looked at Pfister faucets? They have many models in the style you like. I have had two that have been good quality at reasonable prices.
  5. I'm confused. I thought that is what we already have
  6. My rule of thumb is: if something would drive me nuts, it will probably drive teens nuts also. Best to avoid. Golden Rule is a good guideline in many situations.
  7. I suppose it is preferable to what I would be tempted to say in those situations: "Oh well, sucks to be you."
  8. Ultimately that will be effective only as long as younger siblings are willing to play along. ETA the "only" I forgot
  9. Soap and body butter from this vendor. She is local to me and I love her products. I use some of her other products but these are my staples. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreyasEarthlyDelight Shiny Silver Ultra shampoo and conditioner Hand cream. My hands are very dry!
  10. Can I admit that until this thread I never much thought about the propriety of finger-licking, one way or the other?
  11. You got 100% cashmere for $4??? Will you be my personal shopper?
  12. Legally Blonde 2. Not that Legally Blonde was a great piece of cinematic art but it was light hearted and fun. Not enough there to go beyond one movie.
  13. Not sure it would be considered silly but I love my electric kettle.
  14. You are fine. Bringing food to church is the bane of my existence.
  15. To find it creepy for a male teacher to enforce a "modesty" dress code on female students acknowledges that such a code inherently sexualizes the situation. The same goal could be reached by emphasizing that school is to be a somewhat more formal, business-like environment. Plenty of workplaces maintain standards of dress without heavy sexual overtones.
  16. The question about who enforces standards gives that away. If it is simply an objective, unisex standard to maintain a quasi-professional environment, the sex of the enforcing teacher is irrelevant.
  17. Plus, all this obsessing over kids pants is just creepy.
  18. Do men care about things like VPL? Not in my experience. This is one women put on other women.
  19. Report it to the park service. There may be security video that will allow them to id him.
  20. The ageism is also a nice touch.
  21. MFG

    Homemade soap

    This is a favorite of mine. http://www.freyasgardenofearthlydelights.com/
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