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  1. RegGuheert, on 07 Aug 2017 - 5:25 PM, said: IMO, not as abusive than the daughter is being to her dad by cutting him off... ...with her school loans. If she wants to be a completely independent adult she is free to be one. Per the op, dd has not "cut off" her Dad. She interacts with him in other settings but does not want him in her home. If he pays school bills is there no "spaces" to which she may deny him access?
  2. The self-checkout at the local grocery store has a awful female voice. If you scan an item and then do not put it into the bag quickly enough she says in a real b!tchy voice, "Place the item in the bagging area!" I mutter STFU back every. single. time. I hate that voice. *fellow INTJ
  3. If I wanted a snappy comeback I might say, "One year more/older than last year." What I would probably do is just answer the direct question without elaboration, but with a "wth is wrong with you?" look on my face. RBF is my normal expression.
  4. Well, OF COURSE that's what 'they' say!!!
  5. Kusherie http://www.food.com/recipe/kusherie-egyptian-rice-and-lentils-134402
  6. If I recall correctly from when we lived in Central New York, the bags of salt potatoes in the supermarket were 5 lb., 4 lb. of potatoes and 1 lb. salt.
  7. Didn't they have to sign their return (unless maybe if they were very young)? In which case, how would they not know about it?
  8. But wouldn't the minor have to file taxes to qualify, even if no money was due?
  9. Getting back to the original question- the consensus seems to be somewhere in the range of 3M-9M USD. *Goes to check the sofa cushions for loose change*
  10. It does seem that way. I wonder if it would stand up to legal challenge.
  11. If you arrive not "properly" dressed, will you be excluded from jury duty? Win - Win
  12. Batman has died. http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/adam-west-dead-dies-batman-1202461532/
  13. Does not seem related to bipolar. It seems like it may have accelerated in response to stress, financial and otherwise. What makes we wonder - as the number of purchases went up, the quality of the things purchased went down. Lots of cheap junk.
  14. I am on the periphery of a situation. At first it appears to be a combination of petty theft and financial mismanagement, but the more I learn and reflect on the situation, the more it seems there is another dynamic at play. I learned a little from Dr. Google but was wondering if any other popularly written sources of information are available.
  15. Does the spouse think the patient should cancel the appointment?
  16. I love my iced tea spoons - and also my grapefruit spoons!
  17. This is what I call a butter knife. It is used to transfer butter from the common pat or stick to an individual's plate. It is not used for spreading. https://www.crateandbarrel.com/couture-butter-knife/s253618?a=1552&campaignid=622767084&adgroupid=28469965136&targetid=pla-283841699238&pla_sku=253618&scid=scplp253618&sc_intid=253618&adpos=1o3&device=t&network=g&gclid=CjwKEAjw3KDIBRCz0KvZlJ7k4TgSJABDqOK72dGwGTW874v59t-zGP5hlmjq7rKuIOdFpFTh-kNXShoCi6jw_wcB
  18. Heck, they're probably all on Waiheke.
  19. I love Chile rellenos but find them fussy and time consuming to make. Stuffed bell peppers are easy.
  20. http://www.goerie.com/news/20170418/police-cleveland-facebook-killer-kills-self-in-erie
  21. It rains a lot in NZ. That is why everything is so green. They don't show that in the tourist literature.
  22. You know what they say about rugby: No pads, just balls. [emoji6]
  23. I learned of my first grandchild's birth by text picture. I was thrilled. It had been a long, difficult labor and I was so glad it was over. Had been in text contact all along. Should I have been offended?
  24. I think similarly and I expect I am about Mom's age. I don't think it gains anything to get upset about how other adults choose to share their own news. My adult children get to make their own decisions, even if they are not the way I would do things. Ultimately, their decisions are not about me and I am aware that they are under no obligation to keep me in the loop. The job resignation is different but that is not even really about your parents. Maybe they should text back that SIL needs to tell his supervisor himself?
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