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  1. Sounds like a great solution for the m & m ‘s. Ignore stranger side eye. For your family, tell them to knock it the he!! off.
  2. The teacher is wrong. You are correct.
  3. I just bought this in store. Yes, it just comes in the shrink wrap.
  4. Snoopy and the Red Baron were part of the WW I Christmas Truce.
  5. Homer Laughlin China Company
  6. I have that harvest gold electric can opener. We got it as a wedding or shower gift in the late 1970s. I still have it, although it is in a cupboard rather than on the counter at this point. I rarely open cans anymore and when I do I use a manual opener.
  7. Yes, of course order Chinese. I like pork lo mein. Dh and I went to an Indian lunch buffet today and that was wonderful also.
  8. Figure a way to physically barricade the door from the inside. And make his life a Irving hell until he treats you with respect.
  10. Tell him to google it. It is a “thing”, whether he agrees or not. I’ve gotten too old and crabby to put up with that kind of argument.
  11. This is why I call the 1980s my lost decade. Pregnancy/nursing brain through the whole time.
  12. Maybe something like this? Or this? eta: A simple fascinator
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