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  1. That's a good one! Took me a minute. :)
  2. Boys are in pioneer camp this week... Just binge watched the entire season- sat- today...now what will I do the rest of the week???!! :) Jodie
  3. I heard via a FB group that peace hill press now owns the rights and is planning to offer it soon. Jodie
  4. Which holt world geography book is it that you guys are recommending? I see several on amazon and am interested in checking it out. Thanks Jodie
  5. I'm going to change my board name to "everyone else" so when someone likes it and I also like it, it will say "you and everyone else likes this"! :) Or maybe "all the sensible people". :) Jodie
  6. I just saw a book in the history section at Barnes and noble yesterday titled something like "history of steam engines". If I get back there today I will get the exact info. Jodie
  7. Well, Jessica Simpson did think it was actually chicken in the "chicken of the sea" brand!! Jodie
  8. Well, share the dunce cap with me! I read that three times as babies and wondered the same thing as you. I was getting ready to google it!! Jodie
  9. I was bad.. I watched whole seasons of TV shows while the boys were at school!! It's ok to lay around and not waste your strength while the chemo is doing its job! Jodie
  10. Oh, man. I'm very sorry for your loss. I'll keep you and your daughter in my prayers. (((((Rosie))))) Jodie
  11. Same as Shelly. I have a small mouth and so does one of my sons. When I had braces as a teen, they had to pull 4 permanent teeth. I fully expected that to be the case for my son. I was pleasantly surprised when we when to the orthodontist last month to find out that they don't need to do that anymore. The "new" braces these days are able to expand the mouth to allow for all of the teeth! I'm so glad he didn't have to have the teeth pulled. Jodie
  12. I'll bet if you have some rubber band looms available, those who aren't playing games will make bracelets. At that age, I don't think you'll need to have other stuff planned. They'll probably just play and talk. Music maybe? Jodie
  13. I did the same thing exactly at your same point. Easier than watching it come out so much. I had a silk scarf that I wore around the house. Comfy and kept my head warm. Big hugs and continued best wishes that you handle the treatment well. Jodie
  14. I thought it might be helpful to organize the threads for the topics in the awesome thread about WWS by week to make it easier to search for examples. I will try to update as more samples are added to the thread. Week Threads 12 volcano 26, 142 13 volcano 42, 80, 152 14 Mars 20, 28, 46, 91, 100, 135 15 hydrothermal vents 29, 30, 31, 47, 91, 92, 104 16 desc of a person 50, 56 17 desc of a person 51, 57 18 Henry VIII 73 19 Daniel Boone 74 20 Shakespeare 75 21 Death of a star 77 22 octopus 48, 49, 78 23 Rikki tikki tavi 53, 105, 124, 126 24 Necklace 125, 144 26 Anne of Green Gables 127 29 Julius Caesar 82, 136 30 Digestive sx 85 31 Marie Antoinette 87 32 Bells 154 33 Ozymandias 155 36 research paper 141 Hope that helps save someone time when they want to see some examples. I must've searched through the whole thread 5 times when I was looking for a specific week before I finally wrote it all down. Please let me know if you see that I wrote the wrong week somewhere. :) Jodie
  15. How could I forget the beginning of Up??? I kept thinking, "isn't this suppogdd to be a kid's movie??" Jodie
  16. 1) The scene at the end of the English Patient when Ralph Fiennes character gets back to the cave and she has died. 2) Many scenes in Schindler's List. 3) The end of Bridges of Madison County. I end up crying even when I'm reading the books English Patient and Bridges of Madison County. Go figure. Jodie
  17. I am not an expert, but I've read that only books can go media mail. People have posted about troubles when they've included flash cards in packages they were tryig to send media mail. Hopefully someone else knows for sure for you! Jodie
  18. At my last dentist appt, the hygienist gave me a piece of paper about this and mentioned that the kids should chew some gum with xylitol. Hmmm maybe I'll buy some. Jodie
  19. My boys watch (and love) Gravity Falls. The girl is named Mabel. I've heard it so much that I didn't think old lady but cute,funny,clever character on a great show! (It is a cartoon but I like the name!) Jodie
  20. When the rays play the Red Sox, boston fans will fly to Tampa to watch the game because it's cheaper than watching them play at home (and they can't get tickets at home). Crazy Jodie
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