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  1. We saw Black Panther Friday night! We all loved it! (Big marvel movie fans here- parents and two teen boys). Loved the scenery, the characters, the actors, the costumes., and the story. I plan to use my MoviePass to see it a few more times :) Jodie Edited to add that there are two post credit scenes :)
  2. Another great one in st. Pete is weedon island county park!
  3. Happened to my Fil at the Capitol one year. It was a good pocketknife (his words) so he buries it under a bush and dug it up afterwards!!
  4. It looks like N.E.R.D.S. Stands for National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society. The reviews say that is the perfect book for a fifth grader who is being bullied. It’s a series. I haven’t personally read the book, but it had good reviews from kids so there may be more to it than it might look like. I let my boys read that kind of stuff. They LOVED the Diary of a a wimpy kid series! Good luck with figuring things out!! It’s hard to know the best thing to do sometimes :-) Jodie
  5. Following along as usual! Thanks for the threads- I'm just not much of a commenter! Going to do my weekly blessing hour now! Jodie
  6. I haven't had the chance to post yet- Floridian here who has been prepping, experiencing, and now cleaning up after Irma- ugh. I do read and appreciate your posts daily!! You actually got me back to Flylady a few weeks ago. Believe it or not- my storm prep and evacuation plan went so much more smoothly since I had been Flying again. Thank you for getting me back to it and I plan to participate in your threads more soon! Jodie
  7. We always went to Chuck E Cheese and the kids played games. We were always the only ones there. We met one of the game repair people and he would show the kids how to get higher scores on the games. They loved winning tons of tickets. Both are in high school this year at a nearby school. Sniff sniff. No more Chuck E. Cheese ;) Jodie
  8. I just bought a dip pen and some inks from amazon. FUN! I've been painting rocks, but it would be great for drawings or calligraphy. Not expensive either. Jodie
  9. We are in 80% but will drive 8 hours to see 100% (hoping the weather cooperates). Taking the boys out of school for that day to do it. I read that if you are in 99% totality, there is still 10,000 times more light coming through than 100% totality! We are definitely excited about it. I bought glasses on amazon for viewing. Jodie
  10. Well, I have family in charleston SC and could make a Long weekend trip to see totality, but I live in saint pete and settle for 80-90%. Just hope it's not cloudy. Wishful thinking in the afternoon in the summer in Florida, huh?
  11. I just read that even at 99% obscured, the sun is still 10,000 times brighter than it is during totality!! Wow! Jodie
  12. Lol! Just saw a notice on our neighborhood site that someone's lawn mower had slid off of their truck and their husband didn't notice it was gone until he got home! How timely! I didn't see the lawn mower but thought of this thread!! Jodie
  13. EVERY SINGLE TIME I carry a watermelon, I say this... and wait for someone to get it. Lol! Jodie
  14. Last week my son had a well visit/ physical. He's almost 14. Height, weight, vision, hearing, finger prick, check for protein in urine, physical exam (listened to heart, lungs; looked in eyes, ears, nose), hernia check. Updated vaccines if needed. Jodie
  15. I keep reading the title as "GROOT" question for experts and thinking I have a few kids who may qualify lol!! Jodie (Guardians of the Galaxy reference) ;)
  16. Now I know why you chose your username ;) Jodie
  17. My inlaws (one Cuban, one spanish) always said something in spanish at that point in the mass also. I don't know what it was and was just thinking about them today at that point in mass :) Jodie
  18. The CFA ones say to do within 3 days but I've done them long after that and it still worked-- free food! Jodie
  19. We have a large mancala board in the middle of it (always ready to play). But there are also crossword puzzle books, a geometry book and some carmex;)
  20. Slack line. Fun for all and one person can practice their skills without others. Jodie
  21. Our dog LOVES when the guinea pig poop pellets fall out of the cage. We call them his tictacs! Ugh!!! Jodie
  22. I got one for Christmas. We named him Francisco Jarvis/Javier (middle name depends on which son you ask). I love Francisco J. :) Jodie
  23. We bought a large lego set at target a few years ago for my sons birthday. When he opened it, it was full of baseball cards!! The guy at target said he wasn't surprised. He'd seen all kinds of stuff put into a lego box and returned! Jodie
  24. My son wants to make "hurricane balls" for his cousins this year. Google it if you've never heard of them. Very cool!! Jodie
  25. My husband grew up there and said coconut grove and ransom. For sure.
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