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  1. My dh is an aussie pronounces this way and honest to goodness he said that exact word to our priest one day talking about watching the show Pawn Stars. LOL OMG... He figured it out quickly but there was a brief moment of shock!
  2. Recruiting/Talent Aquisition if he's good with talking to people.
  3. We have this problem too. Sometimes we make pizza with no cheese. The baked potato idea is a great one! The dairy free forzen pizzas were a big NO for us. Yuck!
  4. My dd is at a good regional university. She did her last 2 years of high school at a 2 day hybrid school so it was not coming from pure straight at home homeschool. As mentioned above by @lewelma she noticed the maturity, confidence and sense of self that were different. There are quite a few hybrid and homeschool kids attending this college and at least the ones she's met are doing well. The difference she's finding personally is how to figure out how she wants to fit into full time institutional life. The constant presence of people 24/7 is a lot to adjust to. Her sleep habits have changed dramatically. She has always been a morning person, but the dorms are loud and she hasn't been getting enough sleep, so now she sleeps later. Next year she got on the top floor of the dorm to help reduce the noise. She's figuring it out.
  5. My kids have been in a class like this for several years and there's always someone who gets very upset about an issue each year. The teacher will talk to them after class. No ad hominum is allowed without a grade consequence, so they learn pretty quickly to stick to the idea at hand and not make it personal. However, i'm not sure anyone has ever quit over anything. I think this family is an outlier and there's more going on and has not much to do with your class,
  6. I think with these concerns then yes I would pay for the Christian school, but I would really try and talk about going to the closer one. If not I would look for a job at the other school.
  7. My kids went to a private Christian school for about 3.5 years before we started homeschooling. I did work at the school the last year we were there. I got paid plus a small tuition break and although I never saw my kids we were there together. It made the drive worthwhile. If I couldn't work at the school and had to do 45 min both ways every day and that doesn't include sitting in carpool that might be hard unless using the school transport. I might choose the closer private school. I would worry about her being lonely too. We did get lonely about the middle of 10th and dd and ds1 went to a 2 day hybrid the very next year. It has been totally worth it, but it is nowhere near the price of a full time private school. Some public schools have great AP and Honors classes even in the midst of an otherwise rough school. Then could do DE the last 2 years the same as your ds and still have the options of the clubs and music/sports at the the public school. Wish you the best luck on this decision!
  8. I'm not up on all the politics and govt, but we do sometimes talk about cultural differences in our family. Some differences..John Howard, a heavy conservaitve, railroaded the gun laws into existence in Australia. In the US it is iiberals for the most part pushing for these laws. Gun rights people trend to being conservative, so maybe it would be helpful if a heavyweight conservative took on this issue. Liberals do also own guns but would prefer much more controls. I think it did not happen so smoothly in Australia as it appears to be happening in NZ, there were obstacles and objections to the laws and with Howard powering through it got done. The other difference is cultural and that is that it seems like Australians are more likely to follow the law once it is set even if they really are upset about it. I could be way off with all of this and this is just armchair talk in our home. I think in the US that the way to go is something similar to what happened with smoking. In the 1970's everyone smoked by 1990 it was embarrassing and a social no no by and large. Cigrarette's have never been banned. I'm wondering if some social engineering will work?
  9. Everyone has some great thoughts. One thing I like about the age of your oldest one is that they are at such a fun and sweet age and can be more independent in areas that are helpful to the family and to you. I just love this age of childhood!
  10. There are 3 area codes where we live and they used to be zones for 2 of them, but now it's mostly mixed up. I have the original area code from way back, but my kids have a new one they made about 15 years ago. I do get suspicious if I don't recognize a local number and I don't answer the phone.
  11. I noticed this too and wondered if students really have to sign up by fall. It was on some info ds came home with yesterday. I won't have another student in an AP class for at least 8 years! Who knows what it will be like by then.
  12. You know I have been thinking about this today. We really do spend billions to keep out foreign terrorists and I want to know, like I want it spelled out, what we are doing to stop domestic terrorists. I do think these (usually) young men are every bit as radicalized as foreign terrorist. They are preying on the innocent kids and teachers who are already battling with not enough funding and all sorts of social issues just to teach what they love. I'm so upset and devastated about this problem. I feel like no one cares about schools, educations, students and teachers and really long term our society. Recently a co-worker told my dh that her daughter is a teacher and the principal asked her why she was a teacher because she was too smart to be teaching. WHAT???? My daughter is upset because no one wants her to be teacher and almost everyone that finds out she's an educations major asks either "are you afraid you will be shot?" or "you won't make any money!"
  13. I believe you. i just think Night Elf can get $15/hr because I think we live relatively close, if I'm remember some of her other posts correctly. $25 is really high for this area. I did once pay $20/hr but there were 2 people working at the same time.
  14. I'm pretty sure we don't live in the same area of the country and that's the pay discrepancy and why we have a different perspecitve on what is good pay. I think $15/hour is excellent pay for unskilled labor. The Wal Mart 2 miles from here pays $9. I think Aldi is the best paying retailer around here and they pay $12.95.
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