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  1. FLL was a good experience for my kids and First is a great organization. The teamwork activities and speaking were important parts and were really helpful aspects of it. I had just had a baby when my olders were on the team so I was not involved at all. I will say the worst aspect were some of the parents. A very similar experience to some sports parents. I did not realize this until the end of the season and was completly floored by a couple of parents behaviours. They did adversly affect the kids and the team as a whole towards the end of the season.
  2. I had my last child one month after turning 42. It was an easy pregnancy and the birth was much easier too. I felt great within 2 days. My older kids were 10 and 12 when he was born and they adore him and they also made it so much easier on me and I really did not ask them to do much. The downside is that by August both olders will be at college. I'm not sure what we are going to do! I'm so used ot being totally busy with high school students that I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit for a few years,
  3. Which book did you read?
  4. I'm doing SOTW for the 3rd time. My first two kids reread the books on their own in late elementary and early middle school. Third kid begs to do history and he just likes the activity book coloring pages and maps. He did also have a narration journal and he actually loved it. He had a couple of sentences and then drew a picture. He had me reread the journal all the time.
  5. I call swear words back pocket words. It is good to have them in your back pocket to pull out on occasion when it's warranted. It should be the rare occassion. At home with family we are free to speak how we like. I don't cuss in public as it seems like it's disrespectful not only to others but to my family and myself. I do not really consider it a sin, just sort of vulgar. Kids go through phases and they hear a lot of it at college.
  6. Some students will do well with the distance if everything falls into place at the college, while others will want some down time at home with family more often. I know at dd's college many go home at least 2x a month. They get sick of each other even if they are friends. They get tired of constantly being around people in the dorms and eating the cafeteria food. It's just way too much togetherness for all but the very extroverted. They want to come home and chill out and recharge. DD college is a gorgeous tourist town, but they get tired of tourist and festivals and that kind of thing on the weekends. Occasionaly there is a big festival if they don't leave they just about can't get out, although it can be fun too.
  7. Welcome to forums! All about Spelling teaches the rules and Saxon phonics as well. Now that your ds is home and getting daily work with you his letter flipping may straighten out. My ds is 7 and he still flips numbers and letters some especially on Mondays.
  8. We do the "greet your neighbor" thing at my church and I do not know the people i'm greeting although often people tend to sit in similar areas and I see them week after week. It might be helpful to know names. One of the ushers in the area we sit in wears a name tag and the other one doesn't and I have no idea what his name is after 4 years of attending. He's very nice and shakes our hands every week and says good morning. I guess we should ask him his name.
  9. I went to a church that did this and we had permanent name tags to pick up when we walked in the door. I am highly indepedent so this practice is not in my wheelhouse. LOL I will say everyone knew each other much better, but I'm not sure if it is because it was a smaller church or the name tags. I go to a 10K+ church now and know 3 famiilies and am good friends with 1 of the families.
  10. I'm pretty positive DR and I don't agree on politics and I do agree he says some crazy stuff. However, Financial Peace is a good program and his advice is solid. As mentioned by previous poster Crown is a very similar program. We have been living very close to the Financial Peace prinicipals for 10 years. It is working for our family. We both were raised in very different families in terms of money management and needed to get on the same page. DR program did that for us He gives a nuts and bolts plan for moving forward with success in family financial success. I would say that DR does not say drive a beater car, he says pay cash for your vehicles. That is what we do and we do not drive beater cars, but often they are 7 years old or so when we buy them. We bought a truck from a church that used it for Habitat for Humanity and drove it for 10 years with no problems until the A/C quit working. We sold it for only a few thousand less than we paid for it. It was a Dodge Dakota. I would say go to the convention or take FP classes and have some serious conversations about how to move forward. It took us a few months to really get in ironed out. Sometimes we have a sort of off plan month but we get right back into it. Just like eating healthy. Maybe just go through the steps until you reach investment and use other advice for that. FP has been such a blessing for us.
  11. I read about the green LED lights helping with migrains about a month ago and wondered whether green glasses would help. Let us know how it goes!
  12. I have seen this too on local groups. I recently saw someone ask for recomendation for a Kindergartener for online completly independent learning. The places you listed were recommended and then someone posted a response with their little K student sitting at a desk in front of a computer alone My head spins and I'm blown away. It is not hard nor does it take very long to just sit and teach a 5/6 year old Kindergarten level work.
  13. The older they get the more it cost. My high school students did cost over $500 a year.
  14. Several of my kids most awesome teachers at hybrid school are uncertified, however the high school level teachers generally have a degree or masters in content areas. This is pretty typical at a lot of private schools around too. I do think a certification can help, but it doesn't have to be a litmus test and their are many excellent teachers who do not have certifications. At dd uni the high school ed majors do get a degree in content area and the teacher certification is added on. It is extra hours than most majors. She recently switched to middle grades. There are 40 hours spent in local schools starting in the 2nd year. with observations which includes tutoring students. Then in 3rd year they are actually taking some of their classes in the local school and doing observations in classrooms between classes. The student teaching is done in the 4th year.
  15. My DD had this happen freshman year. She ended up doing about 80% of the work at least. One guy slept through class most days and the other one rarely showed up to planned meetings to do work together. I have no idea who thinks group projects are a good idea. It's either the lazy jerks or the control freaks.
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