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  1. a constant source of confusion in our house We don't discuss raisins! LOL
  2. It makes me sad that the overwhelming message is work and boring work and that this is their life for the next 14 years. What are the preschools trying to prove by this? My older kids went to church parents morning out type preschool. No homework, but they learned so much and it brought them joy. Fastforward 10 years when caboose baby came along and I thought he might enjoy PMO. They started talking to me about curriculum and disciplien policies so I just walked away. One of my friends has always done public school (and she's in a top school), but is switching her last child at home to private because his learning consist of pre test, study guide and test and this if for every subject in middle school. There's almost no day that goes by without a test. Every afternoon is filled with study guides and homework battles.
  3. I believe sultanas are known as golden raisins in the US. Raisins are the dark tender raisins and people eat them straight out of the box or in trail mix or use in baking. the tiny hard raisins (only used in baking?) I think are currants but not sure. My kids would be mad and might say they aren't going to bake for competitiion anymore. Getting something you hate instead of money is a huge disappointment.
  4. We don't have common app in our state or at least at the 2 colleges he's applying to...however He applied to his safety school and he's totally happy to go there if he doesn't get in to the other school and he'll probably transfer later if this happens. He's got the grades and gpa from the 75% of last years admitted, but about 30K studenst apply for 5K spots so it's gamble. edited info
  5. I went to a public high school that started at 7:25 and my bus came at 6:45. I was up because I had to be, but I was not functioning until around 10AM. I just could not get to sleep until around 2 AM . I was chronically sleep deprived and it really was an unpleasant time in my life. DH is the opposit he simply can not sleep past 6am and it is bafflign to him how we can all sleep! LOL He also just simply does not need a lot of sleep. 5 hours is plenty for him. I think we are all different and sure we can expect them to get up because I certainly did, but it was not good for me long term. In college I scheduled all my classes no earlier than 9 but usally 10. My Senior year I did have a class that started at 7:50, but I was a little older and learned some tricks. I slept in my clothes and socks and had my shoes by my bed. The alarm clock was across the room. My ds is like me and if he absolutly has to be up early and he usually does on Saturdays fro XC he will wear his clothes to bed and keep shoes by his bed, but we do wake him up.
  6. I try to do the coloring page while we read and then the map work. Sometimes we do narration. Righ now I feel like I need to catch up so we may just read through several chapters.
  7. I love interior decorating and design. I would go to get ideas. It's sort of like looking at any artistic thing that might be enjoyable for someone.
  8. We started a reward system, which ds found a bit silly, but it actually ended up working. For every step of the process he did I put $1 in a "study jar" which was just a pint jar. If he didn't do it I took away gaming rights, and it never came to that. So he pre read, which is really easy to do with DO, then he did his class notes. Then he reviewed all his notes. After he received work back, he redid all his problems, including the ones he got correct. When he prepared for a test, he went over those all the problems again and he also did the final exam practice for the particular chapter he was on. Once he started this process he mostly got A's and ended up with a low A score overall both Semesters.
  9. Wow, I found it! I'll write what we ended up doing in the next post.
  10. OH, good idea! LOL..maybe I did start the thread! I'll go check.
  11. My son took DO Physics last year. He did start out a bit stumbly, but I got great advice on this forum about how to study for physics and it turned out to be amazing advice, but I have no idea how to find that thread.
  12. My ds did precalc and physics last year with DO. This year he is doing AP Calc. We are local to DO so we took a once a week class, but everything else is the same as if you don't attend class in person. Ds liked the classes alot and when he had difficulty he could email and receive more videos to even further explain.
  13. My Dad is mid 70's. This only happened last year and it was tough on him. My dad has had celiac all his life and this extra health issue was taxing and exhausting, but he seems to be back to being super busy, which is what he loves.
  14. Yes, my Dad. He has survived and is doing well.
  15. Our church follows the Alpha model and we have "Connect Groups" which are really just small groups. We co-hosted one for 2 years and met some nice people. It was time to move on and do something else. It was more of a comfortable place for church members to get together, but we did have a routine we followed which included supper. We met 2x a month and there was no pressure to attend, but mostly people did attend. We had open ages including children. We did have one incredibly annoying couple and I guess that is typical, but sure isn't fun! We will probably rejoin a group again in the future, but for now we are taking a break.
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