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  1. My dd did a defensive driving course and they had them read their phone and drive through cones. The impact of knocking over lots of cones while trying to read the phone was very convincing about how dangerous it is. We have dashboard mounts and voice commands.
  2. I was very worried when my kids were young and so I just did all the driving. As they got older and I got to know people better it was easier to let them go because I trusted the people they were with. Last year my state made driving and texting(phone can not be touching any part of your body) illegal, and it has made a huge difference. People still do it, but it's not nearly as bad as it was.
  3. I had success with Norwex Descaler. We installed a water filter several months ago and the build up stopped! Love it!
  4. Right now I"m using a basket on the floor beside the table for my youngest. I did the same for my older two in elementary as well. When they got to middle school and we had more moving parts we did a shelf in the dining room closet with magazine files. Later on when they were in high school I had book shelves with doors (bottom of doors were solid) and they each had a cabinet to place their stuff in.
  5. When our kids were elementary/early middle school age we took October vacations to the FL gulf coast. I guess it is a risk with the storm season, but we always lucked out with beautiful weather. We would rent a condo on the beach for a week. We vacationed along 30A or 98. We used VRBO to find our lodgings.
  6. I went through a hungry..more like starving phase. I was trying to lose weight and I did up my protein. I had to give it up and yet I was still starving. I mentioned it to my endocrinoligist ( I have hypothyroid) and although my thyroid was in ideal range he restested and did even more test. My insulin/blood sugar was close to borderline bad. I take metformin now and have no had any other spells of being starving. edited: typos/wrong word
  7. We did the Foundations in Personal Finance (homeschool version). It is user friendly and my 2 oldest did this together. Well I love WTM resources! My dd did Story of the Ancient World in 10th I believe. It's a good schedule. I like to take preemptive breather weeks every 6 weeks. We don't stop working, but we slow down or catch up as needed. My oldest had a similar style of schedule and mix of classes as you have listed. She did a couple of online classes, home classes and one local outsourced class. She also ran 3X a week and raced with a xc team. (not as much time as the swimming you are doing but still a lot) It was all quite a lot to keep up with and it was challenging for her and for me. In 10th we did a similar schedule. By the time she was in 11th I then had another high schooler and we outsourced all of humanities to the local hybrid school one day per week and they also took science and/or math there another day of the week We lost some autonomy and it cost a bit more, but not so much more that it was too much. I was just tired and they needed more outside the house once xc season finished. Her Senrior year she did some DE classes for math/science. From my experience it looks to me with the classes you have listed that you'll have plenty of options for different scenarios if that becomes something y'all want to do. It's a solid 9th grade. Photography sounds really fun!
  8. Classes look good. Agree about skipping CLEP especially if you are heading to taking SAT/ACT and all that. As an option to the regular school year, I did a .5 personal finance in the summer one year and a .5 health class another summer. 9th grade was a big jump in demands, so this gave us a little wiggle room.
  9. I used wax instead of poly for finishing. I sand, prime and apply two coats of paint as above. Then I wax and wipe and dry and then do that one more time.
  10. I haven't run into anyone requesting to be called They myself, but dh works for a giant corporation and in his division there are people who go by that pronoun. We live in south and this company was started here many decades ago by locals if that makes any difference.
  11. It does look like a lot. You know your student though. I would probably drop the bio and the spanish and focus on doing the other classes well. My older two have done a similar schedule for 9th. I'm gonna go against the grain and say just go with 9th grade. I have been surprised personally by the maturity jump by 11th grade and seeing students ready to move on to college at that time and just be done. Having to wait an extra year has been hard for some of my friends kids and their parents too.
  12. I will add that I am dealing with another one who can't remember spelling and it's been 7 years since I used AAS and I do remember that it was a bit time intensive so this time with a 7 year old i'm giving Apples and Pears a try. It is much easier to use from a teacher perspective. We are only on Level 18 so we shall see how it goes this year. He is only 7, so really he could just be an average speller, but having had one bad speller and another one who could spell everything and never needed a single spelling lesson, I'm uncertain what normal spelling ability actually is.
  13. I used AAS for my oldest when she was in 7th. She was a fantastic reader, but she went to school for the first few years and they didn't do much phonics. Her spelling was terrible. We just did one level and that seemed to boost her to good enough spelling. We used a spelling workbook for a year or two after that.
  14. I usecitronella candles and burn the coils. We do have a lot of bats in our area so maybe that helps. I even light the citronella before dark because the wasps seem to hate it too. If I go walking to the garden though, then I have use spray or I will get a bite for sure, but not as many as you.
  15. I despise racoons. They are disgusting and they frequently have rabies around here. One climbed over a fence into my yard and went after my dog. My dog killed it, but because of so much rabies I called the animal control and they took it and tested it. I shudder when i see them.
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