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  1. I haven't heard of this in real life. I have heard of people keeping their babies at home and having limited guests. I have also heard of asking guests to wash their hands which seems sensible to me. If I visit a baby I just go ahead and wash my hands right away, because I don't want to make anyone nervous. I did not take my newborns out to public places.
  2. My older 2 students took a couple of AP classes each for the experience and also our local colleges just seem to love having students who have taken AP, therefore we did take a few to make them happy on applications. I and my kids found AP to be excessive busy work and it seems like a lot more time than it's worth. Our experience is that the honors classes at the hybrid school were much more interesting and layered and that the teachers had more leeway to really make the classes interesting and without a bunch of extra assignments. With a good teacher I would take non AP every time, if I didn't care about college applications. I can't speak for math AP. My ds is doing one this year and I have no experience with Calculus. I will say ds is finding he can't do his problems in 20 min and turn them in and get an A, but that's likely the same in a non AP Calc. So wether it's the AP or just that it's calculus he's having to slow down and plan ahead a bit more, which I hope is preparing him for college math. To compare my ds took AP Eng Lit last year and this year he is doing DE Eng 1102 at a regional college. DE has overall been a better fit (despite an instructor change and some issues receiving graded work back in a timely manner) and his writing was challenged and it was only 1 semester with 4 papers as the grade. His writing was challenged and he had to up his game in quick order. AP seemed to drag on forever and he was writing a paper every single week. It was very tedious, monotonous and laborious. I think about Another Brick in the Wall by Pink Floyd when we take AP classes.
  3. When I first began homeschooling I really enjoyed reading Family Matters by David Gutterson. I do not homeschool as described in this book, but I still really enjoyed and liked many of the other aspects about it, which I can't clearly recall. We are more relaxed in the early years and just try to do math, reading and writing. Of course TWTM is always by my bed!
  4. Dh family is not from Sydney, so we were tourist there and we stayed in the CBD at an AirBnB and walked right to the Woolworths. This is all easy. Sydney is very easy. It's the easiest place in Australia to get around imo. Cell coverage/wifi though is very spotty and so it's hard to use your phone for directions and even using your laptop during the day is gonna be spotty. It's best to write down directions.
  5. I saw this thread, but I didn't have time to read through it till today. There are some interesting things to think about in here. I do have little yell moments every now and then. There is a certain side of my family that has flash temper so the gene info is interesting. The thing with the people who yell in my family is that they are all what I would consider the nice people, the considerate people but also the boundry keepers. The ones who don't yell seem to be more manipulatores and boundry crashers. I don't know which way is better but I prefer the occasinoal yeller to manipulators and button pushers. I find it so much work to deal with. Obviously others may deal better with the opposite. I do not like yelling at all and am so discouraged with myself when I do it. I do apologize when I do it. Although my dd has promised me that if I didn't yell every now and then nothing would get done and they wouldn't be where they are today without a little "encourgement"! LOL Hormonal weeks are a defintie trigger for me. If i could hide for 3 days it would be great for us all.
  6. I play music very LOUD while I clean the kitchen. I don't really like Alexa, which is what we have, because several times while I have been doing homeschool with my ds2 and asked him a question Alexa has responded. I find this creepy, so I unplug it unless I want to hear music.
  7. I guess this is a valid philosphy, but I don't like or really buy it. I find it lazy coaching. My personal view is that young people need good guidance and leadership from adults. Most young people need real guidance on conflict managment and the offenders don't learn anything valuable by being able to continue this nonsense and they need redirected in their desires to control, manipulate or whatever it is. A good coach is so valuable in the development of youth. My own children had some really great coaches that were invaluable in their formative years and development. One of my children was on a negative team with bad coach (even though they were top) and I pulled them off the team.
  8. Yes! We love travel and this child will probably travel more, but he is the least travel easy child of our three. LOL
  9. I'm looking forward to being surprised!
  10. I have done a lot of volunteering and I think this is something I really want to step away from and especially at church. For church I just want to attend worship and do what is necessary to help my youngest develop his faith as his own. I do not mind donating to the food pantry and things like that but I will not be doing any actual volunteer work for a time. I love weightlifing! I do like walking and hope to get in more hikes and beautiful scenery. I am hoping to get the book club started. I know my dh and I would love a dinner club and friends. We are often the inviters and would love to have more people to share that with. I'm hopeful I will find a good rythm and like mentioned above I just need to plan the next phase of my life intentionally.
  11. I think my health is ok and I see an integrated endocrinologist, but I think by energy level I mean my fortitude level! LOL My mental energy is low and after homeschooling/hybrid schooling through high school I have no illusions about what all it takes. It has been worth it, but I have need to refill my batteries. Doing things outside my immediate family has come to my attention. I do need to arrange some things. I talked to a friend about starting a book club. I also enjoy hiking and there are plenty of places around for me to get that in. I have a friend who does a lot of walking so she may enjoy doing it as well.
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