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  1. Yeah, it has been an exceptional week. There are still stores that require masks, but those tend to be a few select big box stores like costco or walmart. Also my older kids college is still very strict with plans to continue it next semester. Ds1 did say he wants to take a gap year starting next semester as he's quite unhappy with the situation. Older dd is unhappy too, but she's so far along it doesn't make sense to drop out at this point. More discussions are coming up on that this weekend. We are in GA.
  2. For whatever reason this week has seen an even more than usual return to pre-covid era in this area. I typically do not wear masks, but will make exception for the dr office or something like that. Anyway, this week we went for a walk with ds2 in the evening and that takes us by a playground which is conveniently right beside the local watering hole. The neighbor kids came running over and so they played and we had beer with the neighbors. Then a man wandered over who knew the neighbors and introduced himself and shook hands. I haven't shaken hands with anyone since March! Then Dh had a business meeting and went with a mask but no one wore them and everyone shook hands. I guess maybe that's a snapshot of masking going forward around here. Maybe at a dr office, although my dentist does not require it and has no signs about masks or distancing.
  3. My DS1 is a freshman and he told us over the weekend he wants to take a year off after this semester until this all blows over. He is very unhappy with hybrid and online. Calculus is his only class that meets in person and it is a half semester course and meets daily. He loved it. We have discussed some options of what to do and maybe to restart next fall, so it would be less than a year.
  4. I used this in late middle school - 9th for my older two. We spent 2 or 3 years on it. We did it together and for diagramming I would write the sentences on the white board and they would take turns diagramming and checking each others work. It seems to have worked and they liked it well enough.
  5. I did the same thing over 2 weeks ago and it was just before bed. I thought to myself ohwell I will just go to sleep and ignore it. In the middle of the night I woke up in serious pain. LOL Anyway, I can still only wear 1 pair of shoes. I could barely walk for over a week. What happened is I got new front doors and had moved some furniture around. I noticed the blinds weren't closed as I was about to get into bed and went to close them without turning any lights on and forgot about the rearranged furniture. Stupid.
  6. Oh my, it is a buggy not a cart and a buggy bay not a cart corral. I'm offended!!! LOL
  7. We did do diagramming. DS1 kept up with latin after that and the grammar was helpful for translation, which was difficult. DD really didn't have any apparent need for it, but now in college is studying education and focusing on English LA. She's in an upper level grammar class and is earning top scores, so I think it paid off that we diagrammed for those years.
  8. These are super trendy. https://www.vans.com/shop/slip-on-wild-dove-true-white?cm_mmc=GPF-_-google-_-merchantcenter-_-3Z4LNQ&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk8b7BRCaARIsAARRTL4jiE7fV1j8GiEJOM2aljmhi48j4UVO8MfbpLuHGMWt7TSTB_6ztpQaAhsxEALw_wcB https://birdies.com/products/womens-flats-starling-chestnut-brown-suede?variant=32756731740240 https://www.shoes.com/fila-disruptor-ii-premium-sneaker/891181/2001800?cm_mmc=googleproductads_pla-_-none-_-none-_-none&gclid=Cj0KCQjwk8b7BRCaARIsAARRTL5vpN_0E07N_tm5F0__5OkTJD03r1dGEnjogUgfX_CSlEvK7p1U8YIaAic4EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. I am teaching ds2 German. We have just been using a workbook from Hueber, but I forgot I was also going to use Nico's Weg and started using it this week and he likes it. He really did not want to learn it, but my older 2 didn't either and so I didn't make them and now they wish I had, so this kid is learning German! At this level it's easy for me, but I hope to get better at articles/gender teaching him as this is always tricky. There are all the new electronic words that I need to learn along with him too. While I was looking for things to use this year I ran across some news sites at intermediate level and I can read those well. Then I decided I didn't need to read the news in any language. lol I'd like to find some short stories in this format for me to read. To practice I read some of my German friends FB posts and links they post. Other times I have used duolingo as a refresher for fun. I haven't watched any Netflix, so I'm going to look into that.
  10. We have used a book called Anglican Family Prayers by Anne Kitch. It takes Morning/Evening and few other prayers from the BCP. We used the evening prayer for years and are getting back to it with the younger one. We also use the birthday blessing from this book and a few others as applicable. We add in scripture reading or devotional from Our Daily Bread. When we don't use that we just do regular unstructured prayer closeing out with the Lords Prayer. At one point we used a book calle Celtic Daily Prayer. We did spend about 2 years with that one woven with the above two prayer styles.
  11. Sunday: traditional sunday at my parents. Roast, carrots, potatoes, peas, biscuits. Monday: coconut milk red curry with chicken Tuesday: grilled Salmon with bourban/honey/garlic, salads, cauli tots Wednesday: brats with peppers and onions and buns for whoever wants them Thursday: ? Friday: Chicken Enchilada casserole Saturday: ?
  12. Trick or Treat is just a grass roots thing here. No one sets it up, it just happens organically. Anyone who doesn't want to participate any year just turns off their lights and doesn't go out. Certain people think it's evil and never participate and others get older and just can't be bothered and it's no big deal we just skip their houses when we notice the lights out. We will participate this year as usual.
  13. With my older two students I sometimes used the Key to... series to reinforce concepts. Often in the summer or other breaks these helped make concepts clear and easy. These did not replace our main curriculum, only supplement as neeeded. https://www.mheducation.com/prek-12/program/key-workbooks/MKTSP-HGH01M0.html?page=1&sortby=title&order=asc&bu=seg
  14. We have done both IEW and MP CC. My dd did IEW with a class in 4th grade. It was a good start, because it tells you exactly what to do. Then in 6th grade she started MP CC and she did through the Common Topic in 8th grade. She also did an online MP Lit class in 7th-8th grade so she did write some other style of papers there. After that she attended a local hybrid school. It was classical oriented, but the Comp and Lit class did write regular style high school type essays. She did very well. She is in college now with a focus is Language Arts for her education degree. She is still getting very good scores. From that expereience I would say I would choose to do that again, but not go beyond 8th-9th grade with the CC style comp. My DS1 started at the same time as she did and he went beyond Common Topic and he really loved Refutation! LOL, but he also went to hybrid school in 9th and he's had no problems writing typical essays and research papers. Those are our experiences, but maybe it'll help you decide. Oh, and dd loves the CC style of instruction in writing.
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