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  1. I think the show you watched at your son’s house is My Brilliant Friend, based on the books by Elena Ferrante.
  2. I’m okay with the changes to the grocery side of the store, but the layout of everything else is kind of confusing and not very intuitive. I’ve started using their drive up option, though, so that eliminates the need to ever go inside to that part of the store.
  3. I love Kenji (no surprise since he was one of CI’s lead recipe developers) and his book is beautiful. But it is such a brick! I borrowed it from the library and determined that if I ever bought it I would have to remove it from the binding because for me it’s too heavy and unwieldy for regular kitchen use.
  4. I love Cook’s Illustrated/America’s Test Kitchen books for recipes that are researched well and typically work as written the first time you try them. I’ve had the ATK Family Cookbook for 10+ years and used it so much the binding is falling to bits. I also love their magazines. The former editor of Cook’s Illustrated, Christopher Kimball, has a fairly new cookbook from his new Milk Street Kitchen brand. I’m picking it up from a hold at the library today so will report back on how it looks compared to CI/ATK. I have Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, and it does have reliable recipes for a huge variety of foods. But I don’t use it that often because the lack of pictures is kind of uninspiring for me.
  5. Just FYI for those interested, Intrigue is no longer a standalone game. It's now an expansion so you need the original Dominion base game to play. We have just the original, and it's a lot of fun.
  6. The base game of Saboteur needed to play the Saboteur 2 expansion is on sale at Walmart for $9.99 with free store pickup.
  7. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with the hurricane along with the loss of your grandma. I don’t think American has canceled any flights yet. You can check your flight status and sign up for alerts for changes to the status here:
  8. Great Food Fast by Bob Warden
  9. We had one dog. He tolerated other dogs but didn't love them. Then we had a relative live with us who had a very social dog, and our dog seemed to move from toleration to enjoyment of another dog around. After that relative moved out we adopted a shelter dog. Our original dog is very patient with our second dog, but she is terrible to him. She is very jealous and has anxiety that manifests at odd times and in odd ways, which she tends to take out on our other dog. She would do much better in a one dog house. I guess my takeaway is that all dogs are different. If you have an opportunity to do a trial run to see how two particular dogs get along, I'd highly advise it. I'd also advise that trial be at least a week. Our second dog was very timid the first couple days and avoided our other dog, which isn't at all her true behavior pattern once she got used to our home.
  10. And if you want totally fluffy cozy mysteries, I'm currently reading through the Library Lover's Mystery series by Jenn McKinlay and the Ashton Corners Book Club mysteries by Erika Chase. They are easy reads, so good for a relaxing read before bedtime. Like a cup of warm tea for my brain :)
  11. The Dry by Jane Harper is a fairly new release, and I believe is being expanded into a series. It is set in modern-day rural Australia during a drought, with the setting described so well it almost functions as its own character. It was one of my top reads so far this year. I am probably the only person in the reading world who has not loved Louise Penny's Three Pines series. I love the inside view into a small town in Quebec, even more so since my family drove through the province, got stuck in the snow in the middle of the countryside at night, and was rescued by the friendliest group of French-speaking teens. Penny's characters are a little too eccentric to me--they seem more like caricatures than real people. Also, the mysteries of the books I've read so far (books 1 & 2) are less than compelling. I'm hoping it gets better as I read further into the series. I liked In the Woods by Tana French. It's probably one of my favorite mysteries ever. The main character is amazing. The next of the series, The Likeness, wasn't as good to me but still enjoyable. I started the third but felt a little burned out and didn't love the main character, but may pick it up later. The Spellman series from Lisa Lutz is a fun series with unusual characters.
  12. You can look at Trulia's crime "temperature" map to see where more crimes occur in a given area:|points:1_crime
  13. I would avoid staying in Pinellas Park. You might look in Seminole (to the west) or Feather Sound (to the north). To rent a 2-bedroom in a decent area is probably at minimum $1200/month, maybe more if you aren't signing a year lease.
  14. If you are going to the Y anyway to work out, you could ask if they are accepting applications for future positions. Sometimes they may have a vacancy that is upcoming that won’t show up online because it technically is still filled at the moment. Sometimes they also have unadvertised vacancies, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  15. Oh wow, that is scary! No experience or knowledge to share, but I do want to say I hope your pain subsides soon. :grouphug:
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