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  1. Same! On days I work, I keep my phone in my back pocket the whole time. During an average shift I walk 3+ miles. When I’m at home I rarely keep my phone in my pocket; it’s usually on the counter or table in a central room of the house while I do housework/schoolwork. So my phone thinks I sit around eating bonbons on my days off 😂
  2. We bought an Epson Ecotank printer about 6 months ago to replace my dying color laser printer. I love it! Our model can copy, scan, and my favorite of all—duplex printing! It also has a feeder tray, so it can handle bulk copies/scans. One of the huge selling points was that we only need to replace the inks that are running low, rather than expensive and wasteful cartridges. Ink refills are around $15 and last a long time. If I remember correctly, Canon also makes a similar tank printer. We went with the Epson after reading reviews online and getting a deal at Costco. The print quality for regu
  3. There's always something going on in Florida 😂 Miami Herald reported this morning that Daymond John from Shark Tank had attempted to secure and sell N95 masks to the state at an inflated price: "The price would have been one of the highest the state would agree to pay for the highly coveted N95 protective mask: $7 a piece for 1 million masks. The source of the offer had cachet and seemed legit. He was Daymond John, CEO of the Shark Group and one of the stars of the popular TV show “Shark Tank.” He said he could get them for Florida but the cost would be more than three times the mark
  4. Is this amount of testing by the dates they propose plausible? I know there is a lot of research and development being done regarding testing, but I haven't read much about what is currently being made and ultimately will be put to available use in the near future. I'm not saying this information doesn't exist, just that I am personally unaware and would love to know more.
  5. I have no valuable input; I just really like that you compared playing the ukulele to petting a cat. It's a surprisingly accurate comparison 😂
  6. I think my teenagers using my computer must be skewing the results I get. My first page of Yahoo results was mostly about Celeb news, which I don't follow or read about. I normally just read my local newspaper online and supplement with some of the larger national news outlets here and there. Now I think I need to check my history to see what they've been reading that Yahoo thinks that I've been reading 😂
  7. Interesting, that article doesn't show up on the first page of Yahoo or Yahoo News for me. I did see that poll data linked from another news site. But it doesn't show up on Yahoo/Yahoo News. Maybe if I clicked around more. That's part of the confusion of online news. What you see as top billing may not even show up for me until several clicks deep due to target-based placement. Editing to add: I was checking my local news before I went to bed and realized that the Quinnipiac poll for my state was the link that I had seen earlier. As some soothing before bed reading, I went to the Quinnipi
  8. I'm hoping that because of such cases, people will take these measures more seriously than they might have a month ago. Of course, unfortunately, some people won't follow rules or sense, so I'm hoping that enforcement will be thorough. Our county sheriff seems very cautious and sounds like he will take enforcement seriously once the beaches are open. Parks have done well with patrolling and enforcement so I think that there is a chance beaches could be the same.
  9. Panic inducement is maybe not the right term, but the best substitute I could come up with for the other term being used in this thread. Whatever you call it, I'm addressing the headline that says "As some areas of the U. S. begin relaxing social distancing restrictions, a new poll showed a majority of Americans fear easing those guidelines could result in more deaths." But no such poll is linked or explained. I think it might be the poll that I referenced in my earlier post but really can't tell. If it is indeed that poll, then is it really representative of the majority of Americans? If it i
  10. I'm so thankful that our local parks have stayed open for exercise and fresh air. In the next county over, they have been closed for a few weeks. Some areas of my state reopened public beaches for limited hours with law/park enforcement supervision. There were pictures circulated of people going there, and Twitter shamed them and gave them their own disparaging trending hashtag. Reports from the mayors of that beach area said the reality is that people were actually following guidelines well and no arrests or citations were needed. I'm hoping that it will go well so that our beaches may open b
  11. The example I gave was right from Yahoo News. Not what I would consider a source for hard-hitting journalism, but also not a blog post or social media. I would consider it relatively reputable. I wouldn't elevate what I posted about to the level of panic-inducing (sorry I won't use that other term), but I think there is a narrative there in the headlines suggesting fear but then not explaining or fully justifying it.
  12. I know that it is possible statistically. But it was really difficult for me, an average person with one college stats class under my belt, to figure out how random their sample was. I know from your other posts that you have much more knowledge about math and statistics than I do, so if I knew you IRL and I actually cared about the stats of the poll used in this piece, I would try to find out if it was indeed a good sample. There are so many statistics thrown out in the news and media, though, to back up big over-arching claims, that it's hard to know what is accurate and what is potentially
  13. That type of thinking didn't occur in my area*. When K-12 schools remained closed after spring break, there was initially no talk of not reopening this school year. As late as April 10, my state governor was discussing schools potentially reopening in late May even if only for a couple weeks, even after many states had announced not coming back. It wasn't until 4 days ago that he officially made the announcement to not reopen. The local community college went to online classes only after spring break, and announced about a little bit later that they would be online through the end of the sprin
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