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  1. DD17 has heard back from two schools so far! Update: four! Utah State University (my alma mater)- Dean's Scholarship, honors program University of South Carolina- Capstone Scholars, merit award Clemson University- merit scholarship Mount Holyoke College- amazing financial aid package Waitlisted: Macalaster, Grinnell, Reed, Wellesley
  2. Is there one yet? Because it's finally my turn!!! Lol. I've waited a decade for this. I guess I can wait a little longer...
  3. Hey, I just saw this. My dd is in AP this year, too. She has only ever had Amy, so she's grown with her. ? Amy is a phenomenal teacher and, while she is tough, she's also very fair. She's just not as "soft" as Dr. Fisher. My daughter would be happy to connect with your daughter and chat, encourage, study together- whatever. Just message me. ❤️
  4. My daughter took Greek 1 while taking Latin 2. She's in Latin 3 this year. She's had A's in every class and she works very hard. Here are her answers: 1. Greek is harder. 2. She says she spent about the same time on Greek as Latin. Not 10 hours a week usually, though she says there is a lot of homework, so it would depend on the child. 3. Mr. Barr is pretty strict. She says she would still take the class even though she'd get a B, but understand that Lukeion comes with the black and white, high standards. No hand holding. 4. "Absolutely not." She took Latin, Greek, and Spanish (FLVS) in one year and only chose to continue with Latin. It was too much for her and she LOVES languages and does well (A's in all three). She just has other interests. Latin will be such a good foundation that she can pound out Spanish quickly later if she chooses. Other kids have done great doing multiple languages though! Hope that helps.
  5. I have twins in Funda Funda. It's a lighter workload than expected, BUT it seems to be just enough. Although, we are used to Lukeion, so I'm not sure anything could measure up to their organization and rigor. One twin is advanced and doing the honors option and the other twin is happily getting a 94% in the regular option. They both report liking the class and my advanced daughter says, "Well, I'm learning, I'm enjoying it, and it's getting done." Getting done in the sense that she isn't waiting for me to dictate it. :) She loves science.
  6. My daughter is in Latin 3. I'd love to hear any feedback about AP!
  7. Lol. This is SUCH a Utah/Mormon thing to do. It's pretty standard in Utah. I live in the south now and recently saw one of these proposals make the news, like it was a novel idea. I'm pretty sure my Utah nieces and nephews haven't been to a dance without being asked like this.
  8. FWIW, we just did an 8 day cruise from Ft. Lauderdale (we live near the port) to Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Marten, Haiti, and I feel like I'm missing one. In any case, I would much rather spend a week in Puerto Rico than on a boat to any of those islands. I know that's not what you asked, but it's what I can offer. :) Puerto Rico was fantastic and there is so much to do! We loved the rainforest and wished we had more time to spend there. We talked to some other tourists and they said they just rented a car and spent a week driving around the island, beach hopping and seeing the sights. Some people love cruises. I do not. It's so many people in a small space. The rooms are less comfortable than a hotel. You are expected to spend more and more money every time you turn around. I was not a fan of the food. It was heavily salty and got old after a while. I'm not a party person, so the group activities and scheduled environment just didn't do it for me. During the days in port, you really only had time to go to one thing. The ports have several cruise ships coming in every day, so you can imagine how touristy and obnoxious the surrounding areas are, with people trying to sell you stuff. The boarding and disembarking was ten times worse than an airport. We were on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas. For me, the only really nice thing about cruising is that you don't have cell phone access and can be shut off from real life, just about. There is fun kid stuff to do, but I was really disappointed in the teen activities, as some of the teens showed up with cigarettes and were inviting my 14 year old daughter back to the room to drink alcohol they stole. My kids liked the independence though and spent most of their time in the ice rink, the pool, or eating. They had a great time. It's just not the way we usually spend vacation. It was like binging for a week on junk TV or something. Fun, sure, but... I know a lot of people love cruising and will heartily disagree with me. ;) But that's my opinion and perspective. If you are looking for a more adult cruise, after speaking with a number of regular cruisers (who, in all fairness, were also disappointed with our particular cruise ship), they recommended either Princess or doing an Alaska cruise. We didn't hear a single negative thing about the Alaska cruises, no matter the cruise line. People also had really positive things to say about Disney cruises, but I'd rather poke my eyes out.
  9. If I still lived in CA, I wouldn't treat my clothes either. The ticks and risk of Lyme are nothing compared to what we are up against in the east.
  10. It lasts for 70 washes instead of 5-6, in addition, I suppose, to it being evenly applied, etc.
  11. Hi there! We are leaving in 21 days for a thru hike of the Appalachian Trail, so right now, this is right up my alley! ;) We sent our clothes in to Insect Shield to be treated professionally with permethrin. 2 weeks is cutting it close though, so I'd just buy the spray and treat the clothes yourself since it's a short trip. You can treat her gear and shoes and everything with it (I am not doing underwear). You can also order pretreated clothes from Insect Shield as well (REI and LL Bean also sell some Insect Shield clothing). All of our capilene base layers and fleeces are from Patagonia. My rain coat is a Houdini from Patagonia. My girls are starting out with cheap Frogg Toggs. They are inexpensive and not SUPER durable, but for some hikers, they last the whole trail. I would imagine they'd do the trick for 5 days. I like our Patagonia stuff, but guess what? I like my super cheap Cuddl Duds more! Capilene can be a little sheer/see through and easy to rip. My Cuddl Duds are sooo warm, comfortable, and durable. You can get them lots of places like WalMart, department stores, Amazon. Daily tick checks will be key. Show her how to check her hair line, the folds of her skin, her waistline, and her crotch. You can also get her DEET spray, but a lot of people swear by picaridin and say it works better and doesn't stink. I hope something in there helps!
  12. It's been a few years, but I remember her having a ton of memorization, but other than that, it was doable. It was her first Lukeion class. Barbarian Diagrammarian was more difficult and took longer.
  13. I'm so thankful for this thread! I'm going to check out some of the sites you all mentioned. My twins are in 9th grade and we are kind of going in all directions when it comes to nature study and incorporating it into "high school science." One of my daughters attended an oceanography sleep away camp the last two years (the other did archaeology). She got certified to scuba dive in 8th grade and we spend a fair amount of time snorkeling (we currently live at the beach). They have always done quite a bit with the local nature centers and turtle rescues. I always forget all the things they do until I sit down to write it out, but we essentially have just tried to take advantage of wherever we are currently living or traveling. We travel a lot and my kids have been to...I think 45 states. We usually camp and we always seek out the visitors or nature centers and participate in whatever they have going on. It's pretty amazing how much of what they've actually retained over the years was learned on the road. Our big adventure is that we leave in 4 weeks to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail! It will most likely take us around six months to complete. They've already been studying the history, flora, and fauna of the trail and they'll probably participate in a few citizen science type projects along the way. My daughter who is blogging thinks she's a comedian and is going to create a "poop page" to document all the scat she finds. She also wants to test the water quality along the way, while I'm not sure I want to know those results! ;) I'm trying not to schedule us too much ahead of time because it's such a huge physical undertaking and I don't want to add more stress. We will just see what kinds of opportunities present themselves. Our leg up is that they are already fairly interested in nature studies, so I'm sure they will get a lot out of this hike in that regard, no matter what we officially do.
  14. I think a homeschooler's perspective might be a little different than a school parent's perspective and maybe that's what is coming through in a lot of these responses (or not)... I just remember being the school mom (and also a teacher at the school) and even if you had never met the other parent, you usually knew enough about the kid or the family, saw them around the school, etc. Different schools have different cultures, so maybe this isn't the case at yours. I feel like I'm super protective, but I didn't have a problem letting my twins go play at someone's house after school even if I didn't know the family well, UNLESS there was a reason for me to be concerned. I think the fact that she sent her name, but not her number, home with your daughter is totally weird and says a lot more about her than it does about you. Maybe she has concerns about you, sure, but those are her issues to work out and it's too bad she can't make more of an effort, like giving you her phone number or calling to chat, to make herself feel better so that the girls can play. Maybe you are the wrong religion or said something when you were chatting that makes her uneasy (again, totally her issues, not yours). Or perhaps she has a lot going on at home and maybe doesn't feel like she can return the play date, so she doesn't want to start something. Or she could just be a flake. That's always a possibility. ;) I just agree with you that she is making it more difficult that it needs to be and if she has concerns, it would be nice if she'd reach out to get to know you. It's also possible it was lost in 8 year old translation and maybe she'll call soon. :) ETA: sorry, I just noticed Barb is done here. Oh well!
  15. Jet Blue. Full stop. :) Yes, you pay for a bag, but you also get free drinks and snacks and TV and they treat you like a human being. I agree with carrying on your valuables. I'd probably try to get a seat in the back so you can board first and get overhead space.
  16. I haven't read the whole thread yet, but didn't want to lose this without responding. No. I really, really, truly don't care what everyone else believes. I care how you treat people. I care how you choose to use your religion in public. I care how my former religion has a devastating effect on women and LGBT kids. I will call those things out until I'm blue in the face. But whether you believe in God or Jesus or Santa or the boogie man? I seriously could not care. If my former religion hadn't done such damage, I'd still be religious. We tried to stick with God and couldn't. After so many lies and deception and dysfunction in our former religion, it was just impossible for us to get back to blind belief in anything. And to answer your previous question, if my kids found religion, or just a belief in something, that in itself wouldn't be a problem at all. If they chose to join a religion that thought less of other people, pushed their beliefs on others, etc, then yes, I'd have a problem. Just like if they had those attitudes without religion. Yes, I can't escape the proselytizing because the religion we left (and the religion of our families and many of our friends) is the king of missionary work. It's constantly in your face. There were lifestyle changes we made when leaving our former religion that are at odds with it as well, so it's about more than what we believe. However, our family has slowly given up on us and we moved across the country, so it's gotten better.
  17. We love CLE Algebra, but we've used CLE since 3rd grade. One of my twins took Algebra online last year and it wasn't a good fit. I'm having her do CLE with us this year and she's expressed several times that she wishes she would have just stuck with CLE.
  18. My daughter did Spanish 1 through FLVS and flew through it in a semester. I thought it was full of busy work and she thought it was a waste of time. My friend's child took Algebra 1 and it was a LOT of work. He's an excellent math student, too. So, I think it really depends on the class. My only other advice would be to evaluate why you need FLVS (I assume you are doing the full time option). I just think there are so many other options that provide better instruction for the time put in. But I understand wanting something like FLVS for ease.
  19. It didn't work for us (I have endo). It made me feel like my skin was going to pop off of my body and I wanted to poke the eyes out of anyone who came within three feet of me. It was awful. I hated it. And then I had to pay more for health insurance because I had been on Clomid in the last two years (this was before the AHA).
  20. It sounds like in your situation you should just cross your t's and go, but if it makes you feel any better, I wasn't even ON the charts. I was always super tiny. I didn't weigh 100 lbs until I was fully grown and I was always a head shorter than anyone in my grade. I'm so grateful my pediatrician didn't jump all over me every time I went in. Teachers were another story. I was accused of having an eating disorder my whole life and it was awful! I always felt bad about how skinny and short I was. It was just genetic. (Not that it always is!) P.S. Ketchup counts as a vegetable for school lunches, too.
  21. Yes. We've used my Verizon Hotspot (my iphone) numerous times to attend Lukeion and Wilson Hill classes while traveling in the car. In fact, I try to make sure Tuesdays are driving days when we travel so that she can attend her classes. The hotspot is never a problem unless I try to talk on the phone at the same time. It tends to kick her off. The biggest problem she has is that her laptop dies! So she'll use the laptop for Lukeion, then switch to the ipad for Wilson Hill when she has them back to back. It works since WHA works on the ipad (Lukeion doesn't).
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