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  1. Yay! I hope it works out. I'm so curious to hear some more feedback once they start.
  2. Let it go. You said it's just stuff. They are obviously overwhelmed and presumably embarrassed. It's over. Don't have them over again if you are worried about stuff.
  3. Wow. I'm with Mergath and Farrar. I'm really surprised to hear these comments from parents. I think we've created a culture where bullying is the expectation and the focus has become how to combat the bullies rather than on helping kids to be kind problem solvers. Where I used to teach, we talked about being a "bully blocker" and helping kids who are being bullied. What it turned into was a gang up mentality and labeling kids as "bullies" from a very young age. I've really enjoyed watching the difference in my kids being homeschooled. How they would deal with bullies is actually one argument against homeschooling I got from a colleague when we first started. Unreal. My kids don't view bullying, or being treated poorly, as something they have to put up with. It's simply not acceptable. So, they either choose not to play with a mean kid, or they choose to try to help everyone get along. We left a soccer team in the spring because of aggressive behavior and mean comments from the coach (to other kids). I don't teach my kids that being a victim is something they have to put up with, or that it is somehow their responsibility to do so.
  4. Well, I'll be the one to say it. I'd really appreciate it if we could start showing the same respect to our gay members as we do to our members of different ethnicities, nationalities, etc. The comments about being "not natural" and such seem to be ok when justified by religion, where those of us who call out those posters get deleted and warned. There have been several members who have left these boards because of the attitude and comments that continue to be allowed. It's no better than allowing the discussion of someone's worthiness as a person based on skin color. It would be great if we could officially take a stand that we are going to start treating those comments as other derogatory comments are treated. I realize this has nothing to do with education, but over the years it has been a source of deep hurt on the chat board. I'd love to see this board continue to grow in inclusivity, respect, and intelligence. There are some amazing people here.
  5. Yeah, are social groups being moderated now? Have they always been moderated and I just didn't realize it? That changes things.
  6. Don't have any, grew up being taught they were wrong (LDS), don't care in the least now. I'd never get one because 1. I hate needles. OMG. Ouch. 2. I can't even commit to living in the same town for very long. I *know* I'd get sick of whatever permanent image I put on my body.
  7. This thread is effing hilarious.
  8. Halcyon, I PM'd you about a field trip. Make sure to check it!
  9. No, I wouldn't. And I would expect the movie theater to call the police if an 11 and 9 year old were there alone. *Not because I think that's the *right* thing to do, but because I think that's what would happen.
  10. This was beautiful! So much nicer than what I've been reciting in my head. ;)
  11. Agreeing with others. Everyone in the family needs to get tested. My dd who never got strep got her tonsils out and her strep prone twin stopped getting it!
  12. I can't see the likes either
  13. And I can't access the discussion in one of my groups. I keep getting an error. ?
  14. Where are we talking about politics? This is about the core of someone's being. I don't invite bigotry into our lives for the same reasons you wouldn't invite racism into yours.
  15. (I hope you realized I was quoting you because I was wholeheartedly agreeing with and supporting you!!)
  16. The constant assertion that being gay is a choice and a "lifestyle" is hurtful, at best. These discussions always end the same way. There are members here who have left because of these threads. These are people. These are families. These are children.
  17. 100% agree. I would definitely not want you as a friend if you thought *who I was* was shameful or sinful. Why would anyone want a friend like that?
  18. They are down the street from me. ;) I stalk their website. If my kids had to go back, I'd try to afford it.
  19. FYI, check Whole Foods, especially when they have their bath and body sale. The Everyday Shae (sp?) was actually cheaper there than at Target.
  20. I've been using Avalon Organics and it has completely dried out my hair. :( I won't buy it again. My curly haired daughter uses Everyday Shea and she loves it.
  21. We tried it. Our pediatrician said it works about 50% of the time. The other half will just need to wait to outgrow it. The fact that it doesn't wake her up when she's on underwear makes me think the alarm won't work for her, but it might be worth a shot. After three nights, dd brought me the alarm and said, "Here! This keeps waking me up!" :) it never woke her up until she was fully soaked though. We've tried it for several stints over the years with no luck. So we wait.
  22. Halcyon, I know at one point you considered driving to West Palm for Oxbridge. I recently met a mom whose son loves GPS, a very small project based "school" in Cityplace. They offer different options for homeschoolers. Just an idea! http://www.globalprospectiveschool.com/
  23. Sooooo, does that mean I can now justify credit card spending as college savings?!!! Off to the mall! :laugh: :lol:
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