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  1. Again, I think everyone is different and people build their homes to suit their interests and needs. Many skills and hobbies take place outside, not inside. I thought this was a cool situation. It's perfect for what they need. http://tinyhouseblog.com/log-construction/alaskan-log-cabin/
  2. Yep. I think it's great. We've downsized twice now and, while I hate sharing walls, our two bedroom is plenty big enough for us. I went to a friend's gorgeous huge house the other night and all I could think was how much time I used to spend cleaning our house! If I had a tiny house, it would have to be in the mountains. I wouldn't want neighbors. We have friends that have a very tiny house in the mountains with one child. It totally works because they have lots of outdoor space. Their house is one of my favorite places on earth! Everyone has different priorities.
  3. I hate when large groups are in the breakfast area, period. I hate that the hotel doesn't adequately prepare for them.
  4. Are you on the boards at ProTeacher? I'd post this over there as well. I taught 1st in a K-8 school and the middle school always terrified me. Then I spent some time during my administrative internship up there and realized what a neat age it is. They aren't all that different from the little kids. :) they still want to be loved, they want to please you, and they want to be very, very social. Many teachers who have gone from lower grades to upper grades comment on how surprised they are that the big kids still want to play and sing and create. I think the biggest mistake we make in middle school is treating them like they are older than they are. Independence and responsibility are important, yes, and they want to feel respected, but we've somehow started to treat 12 year olds like they are 17 and I don't believe that's what they want or need.
  5. This is my favorite recipe. It's idiot proof, meaning even I can make it. It makes two loaves and you don't need a loaf pan. http://deliciouslyorganic.net/everyday-whole-wheat-bread/
  6. This is us too, a mixed bag of diagnoses. She likes kids who like her. A lot of times those are other quirky kids.
  7. If neighbor is a friend? Honestly, I think so. Which is why we are inviting neighbor kid to our party in a few weeks. She doesn't care that she isn't homeschooled, she just knows she is a friend and the girls' birthday is coming up. I *know* her feelings would be hurt if she wasn't invited. She'll be the only non-homeschooler there. I guess we just don't tend to segregate our friends, especially when it comes to birthday parties, which to me are about the birthday child and her loved ones, not the larger social group. But that's just how we operate. I know sometimes my kids don't get invited to things because they'd be the only homeschooled kid and that's disappointing. I just don't feel the need to encourage that divide.
  8. Absolutely. I was only there for 2 years and then we moved out of state. I had no idea how lucky I was!!!!! Substitutes here make $13/hour, and only bell to bell hours count. I literally laughed out loud. If I had been in a safer school, we might have stayed. I would love to be back in an inner city school once my kids are grown though. I can't take the suburban schools again.
  9. This sounds so beautiful. It makes me want to cry. I'm definitely doing this soon.
  10. Yep, I made more as a first year teacher ten years ago in Los Angeles than I would here now.
  11. Interesting. We live in Palm Beach County and I was just looking at what I would make if I went back to teaching. I have a masters degree. It would be less than the living wage for 2 adults and 2 kids. Pathetic.
  12. This made me giggle. I can remember my mom threatening to pull over and make us walk home, to leave us places, etc. One time I was being such a snot that she actually pretended she did leave me at the mall. I was maybe 10. She hid behind some clothes. I totally deserved it.
  13. In L.A.? Yeah. I'd have a problem. Good for your daughter for saying something.
  14. Thanks for recognizing it. The OP is having a bad day, too, and just needs to vent.
  15. The OP said their income has gone down. Building a life around a certain income, then all of a sudden not having that income sucks no matter how you slice it. When I quit my job to homeschool, our income was cut in half. We still brought in what the OP did, but our mortgage and bills didn't magically get lower. We knew it was a permanent change, so we decided to move in order to have more discretionary spending money. Just because you aren't technically destitute doesn't make *losing* income any easier. It's always scary and it takes time to make significant enough changes to get back on track.
  16. I wouldn't care and that is TOTALLY something my husband would do. ;)
  17. I would help my child do the right thing, even if he gets shunned by the cool kids. At least, that's where my priorities would be. 13 is definitely not too old to need guidance with these things. He's just beginning to navigate these types of social situations.
  18. Well, you just described one of my twins. This is exactly why we homeschool and why I'm grateful for the friends we have. I don't expect my dd to always be included and I realize there will be many times when she is left out because of her social quirkiness. But I will always be grateful to parents who look for opportunities to include her and to teach their children how to be inclusive. It's a tricky situation and I understand there are some kids who make group dynamics very difficult.
  19. I'm a little confused about him "thinking" you have endo and wanting to put you on Lupron for something that might not be there??? Do you have an accurate diagnosis or not? That would be a first step. I have heard horror stories about Lupron. I would recommend finding an excision surgeon, like Dr. Sinervo in Atlanta. http://www.centerforendo.com We have a few support groups on FB. Come join us! You'll have more stories about Lupron than you'll know what to do with. :)
  20. I'll only be 39! My husband will be 44. Maybe I'll go back to teaching, maybe I'll open my own school, maybe we'll foster teens, maybe we'll travel the country in an RV, but maybe I'll have one child who needs to live at home with is permanently- only time will tell. We talk about all of those things. Six more years!
  21. I learn SO much on this board.
  22. I don't think that is normal at all and it would really worry me. Open sores not healing after a cleaning could indicate some other condition. I'd insist on seeing the dentist again to double check, then I'd go so far as to see my PCP and get some blood work done. The fact that you've never reacted this way is cause for concern.
  23. As a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, I'd caution you to not stress too much about her "schedule." Art and music are woven into almost everything we do. An outside class is a luxury and a nice break for the classroom teacher. IMO, a five year old should be spending the day playing and singing and having as much outdoor time as possible. Her enjoyment of learning and her enjoyment of school are paramount- a negative teacher could ruin that. It sounds like a wonderful kindergarten program. Read a lot with her at home and learn together. Formal academics will come soon enough. For some perspective, you might want to read "Einstein Never Used Flashcards," and reflect on "advanced" young children. Good luck!
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