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  1. Well, that wife shouldn't have been wearing yoga pants in public in the first place! ;)
  2. We use it over chicken in the crock pot. It cuts down on the sweetness. It's the only way I'll eat it and it is to die for delicious.(ETA I'm agreeing with you about the sweetness!)
  3. Good luck. My kids are on their fifth year with CLE and refuse to use anything else.
  4. Yeah, we had exercises at home twice a day and therapy two times a week. If you don't have home exercises already, I'd seriously question the effectiveness of your DO.
  5. 90s in CA. I think 2 years were required but a sport counted. I did marching band (counted) and also dance team. I never took a real PE class in high school, but I did both years of jr. High.
  6. Check out RAD kids classes (nothing to do with attachment). We found them super helpful. My girls learned clear safety tips without being scared. They know what to do if someone grabs them on a public place, how to get away, etc. as well as general safety. They even talked about not approaching dogs! http://www.radkids.org
  7. She only did it for three months before we moved. She went from skipping around all over the page to finally reading chapter books fluently. It didn't cure her problem, but it helped train her eyes.
  8. I don't make breakfast but I usually make lunch only so the girls can keep working. I also don't buy a lot of excess food, so I do like having some say in what they eat for lunch, to make sure nothing was intended for a future dinner. I make dinner about 80% of the time. My husband travels, so if he's home, I leave dinner to him a few nights so I get a break. The girls are starting to cook more, too.
  9. Well, our conversation was actually longer, so that's how I knew. It also included him asking me if we didn't have grocery stores where I came from. I think he was generally irritated that we were tourists, which I actually totally understand.
  10. Ok. I remember the kids in carts thread. Just wanted to make sure. It felt like snark.
  11. I'm confused. Was that intended as snark? Just like the OP, he had a kid who was not in school.
  12. We were in one of the Amish communities in Lancaster county a few years ago and an Amish man asked why my kids weren't in school, then proceeded to grill them, asking if they knew who their state senators were. They were nine. His six year old was sitting in his shopping cart. I found the whole encounter very bizarre.
  13. No, not at all! There are things we all don't understand! The fact that you are asking the questions is what's important. Just keep doing that!
  14. I realize there is a culture of never saying no, but seriously, just say no. It's ok. Finally saying no teaching CTR 5s when I was a *kindergarten* teacher all week saved my sanity. Or you could take my FIL's advice and swear just enough to never get a calling. ;)
  15. We loved Mather Campground last June! We had a great site that backed up to a wide open area. We booked in March. We stayed three nights. We did laundry and the dryers didn't all dry well, which was my only complaint. The shower situation was kind of a pain. We had to drive down to the shower house, BUT, they were really clean and it was all fine. It was overall a very easy, pleasant trip and we loved being in the park.
  16. This. Except my girls are addicted because my husband is a horrible influence! ;) They get 30 min a day. For my dd who struggles socially, it's been a game changer. She now can talk about THE thing that all of her friends are talking about. Not only that, but it's something she's good at and can fully participate in. I'm not sure I'd want them on for any more than that. It's a video game. A friend is trying to get them to do the Youth Digital coding class and we might do that.
  17. But say there is no plan to ever go to public school and my homeschooler takes Algebra 1 in 8th grade. What does it count for? A high school math? And who does it count for? It doesn't matter to the state since she's not getting a diploma. Do I put it on her transcript when applying to college as a math?
  18. Re the bipolar: my friend's daughter has bipolar and ADHD and stimulants are a big no no for kids with bipolar disorder. That's all I know. I don't know about the triggering though.
  19. Wow! Sorry, but I think your doctor sounds like an aggressive, arrogant, ass. Our pediatrician was extremely conservative with meds. We did end up medicating when I was at my wits end during her last year in school. Not anymore. In the future it will be her decision. Whatever you decide, I'd find a doctor that isn't so over zealous about medication. Somehow I think he must not have a kid who is medicated. I can't imagine any parent being *happy* they've had to medicate their kids. It should be a decision that is very carefully made and monitored. IMO pediatricians shouldn't be allowed to prescribe ADHD meds, period.
  20. And the DIL award goes to.... ;) Seriously. That's a long day.
  21. It makes me feel better to see that others go quite some time between visits with family. We live far away and have been struggling with the guilt lately. There's only so much vacation time and money...
  22. When my good friends lost their six month old baby, they said the hardest was when people said nothing. We were talking about the awkward gestures and offensive, yet well meaning sayings. They said as long as it was something, it felt good because they knew people cared. I'd reach out in whatever way you feel compelled, even if it's just a card telling them that you are thinking of them. And I'd keep remembering her on birthdays or holidays. My friends said their biggest fear was that people would forget her. I'm sure the mamas who have lost children will have great advice.
  23. Just before their 11th birthday, when they could fit in the seat properly. We tried about once a month for several months before. At first it would look like they were big enough, but once we started moving and they shifted around, I could tell they weren't quite there. That shoulder belt can't be on their neck.
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