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  1. Ok, thanks soror, just realised that it wouldn't load on this device! No wonder I struggled to see it yesterday! Can I just ask where you guys buy the McHenry book from? It's minimum $55AU (bookdepository) so far that I can see...
  2. Aurelia, is the scheduling for the McHenry book in the quark notebooking book? So, you'd do those 2 books (quark chronicle and McHenry) in the notebooking book and that would be science? For a year/term/semester? I've been following this thread and very interested in this idea for science but thought I'd have to spring for the whole wayfarers guide...
  3. The only time I dealt with cheques was buying property... Day to day stuff never. Even working at a supermarket in the 90's, cheques came up maybe once or twice a year. In AU
  4. I second Diana waring. Great if you like unit studies! We're enjoying the Romans level with my 5th/6th grader.
  5. Thanks abba! I could've sworn I checked bd...
  6. Thanks for this! I've been eyeing it off for dd. Now to find a way to purchase it and ship it to aus...
  7. Just feeling emotionally battered. Visited my sister after her first chemo treatment. Ambushed by my mother while there, we haven't spoken in 3 years. Fighting with my husband. I don't know if we are going to make it. So much laundry to fold, I just want to cry.
  8. I'm continuing my piano studies. Hope to complete another exam next year and then get my teaching certificate. I just downloaded a great courses course, 'the art of reading' to listen to in the evenings while I clean up. Just generally working my way through some books, some homeschooling related, some for fun.
  9. See, I found MCT very systematic actually. I was always naturally good at LA thanks to being a big reader, but had basically zero grammar instruction. My DD, the only child I've used it with thus far, isn't gifted or 'other' at all, a very average but bright student. We so enjoyed MCT island and so far through Town. I guess, I just think it is beautiful and effective. I didn't find it difficult to teach at all. Aren't they fairly responsive on their forums? I have a vague recollection of questions being answered there...
  10. Husband isn't home yet and our toddler is going through an 'only wants daddy/mum is chopped liver' phase. Except at 3am, then she's handy for cuddles... After I spent an hour awake at 2am due to an awful creepy nightmare. What am I? 4 years old?
  11. I've read many of these hoa threads and I still can't get my head around it! No line drying... Cannot even imagine. Do they pay your electricity bill? Most people around here don't own a dryer!
  12. Such sad news, my deepest condolences to her family. She was one of those posters you watched for...
  13. We're taking some time this year, maybe half a term or so, to mess around with math. I'm going to go through some books I have like Life of Fred, Borac math book, Time Travel Math, family math and math art. Maybe some other puzzle type books. During this time I want to start a math journal with both my older kids and slowly start to introduce the next level of Singapore with the textbook and working in their journal. I'd like to go through some other living maths books like Anno's, Sir Cumference, Youth Math etc. and journal about them. Mostly, I'm doing this to fill in the time until Beast Academy 4B is released! Shipping is too expensive to Australia to buy one quarter of a level at a time!
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