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  1. I agree with expensive is more related to value. MCT doesn't feel expensive to me, because it has been extremely effective and most of it is non-consumable. When I look at the cost covering 4 kids it seems worth it (ditto life of Fred) Eta, even with international shipping.
  2. ^^^ I agree I'm afraid. I'd be prepared for phonecalls, showing up at the door, total denial that they ever said anything nasty, then more nasty plus threats, then a nasty reply letter followed by shunning and guilt trips... That's my mum's script. Also be prepared for it to be very painful for your husband. I think sending the letter is fine, just be warned that crazy people tend to up their crazy when confronted. I'm sorry. I do hope it goes well for you guys.
  3. Yes, my kids spend many an hour legoing, bike riding, drawing, game inventing, clue hiding... And fighting. Lots and lots of fighting. Le sigh.
  4. I think altruistic surrogacy, when the surrogate is in a somewhat comparable position of power with the intended parents, is a whole lot different from international commercial surrogacy as it stands today! Come on.
  5. Yes, mine only has 5 drawers. Each school child has one drawer, I fill it each evening with the books/papers they'll need for the next day. We also have a basket on top with their spiral notebooks (daily list) and current assigned novels. It works well but they do get full and messy! Eta. I use the bottom drawer as my teacher drawer, where I keep teacher's editions, flashcards etc. We currently have an extra drawer which is generally used for either art or science stuff, depending on what I have planned. It can also be for extra puzzles/activities for my k'er.
  6. I like that too. I like to have a big picture overview like that. I used to use a big year wall calendar, its too big for 3 kids now. But the visual on the wall really helped me stay on track.
  7. The first year is mainly finding your feet. Getting to know yourself as teacher, your kids as students and your home as school. How all that works out with materials and schedules. None of those things are easily worked out until you try! My kids' behaviour is usually the first sign of illness! Sounds normal to me, and sounds like you're doing a great job!
  8. Sorry for the loss of your Dad. *hugs*
  9. Yes, I had my kids do the end of chapter reviews in the textbooks and the corresponding IP pages. Then we add some miquon and life of Fred.
  10. Subbing. We're starting voyage next year too. I'm probably not going to do a main writing program next year, we're having an alternative year sort of. I'll have more creative writing and poetry. Will just do some writing across the curriculum, WTM outlining style and voyage. I have cw Homer on the shelf too for after that, possibly...
  11. I missed this thread the first time around. I'm sort of at breaking point at the moment! I have some semi working things... We use the spiral notebook checklist thing which works well for my older 2. I have a whiteboard, I'm going to adapt it for next year in combination with a wall calendar. Will include activities, events, meal plans, work rosters, budget/bills, to do list, housework. I need it colourful and on the wall or I forget to look at it! I am going to streamline our homeschool room, organise my filing system and all my teacher papers. I'm going to try the year planning too, at least for some subjects. Then I'm going to take time to do what I should've done when my babies were little, get a good routine going! I was very random... Any more tips would be welcome! I'm super bad at this!
  12. My kids are doing the coding ones. My son likes to browse the history and science videos, they're way over his head but he enjoys them and gleans something.
  13. Yeah that washi tape is huge. I have a 10 year old, my house is more tape than anything else...
  14. So, after reading this thread and the other one about the forgetful husband, then having a fight with DH, I seriously think I have ADHD... I'm one of those annoying always late people. I'm sorry.
  15. My DD is in 6th next year. Most everything is up in the air... I am planning a journal project which will cover science and... Probably poetry and creative writing. I'm thinking some philosophy (homeschool adventure co) and logic (fallacy detective?) Probably MCT voyage stuff, though we'll be finishing C1E part 2. I really like the look of RFWP's Latin and I think DD will too. Finishing waring's RRR for history, middle ages, and possibly plague pbl from RFWP. Spelling will likely be spelling by sound and structure. Maths, plan to finish LoF pre-a series, have a run through Beast Academy 5 when it's out and probably Jousting Armadillos. But I dunno really. Dd and I need to talk it over and I'll have a planning week early Jan...
  16. That picture is awful. That poor woman. I wouldn't want anyone open carrying. It doesn't happen here. Only police officers carry.
  17. Homeschool Adventure Co. Has 40% their digital stuff. Use code thankful-40
  18. The one I'm thinking of, I think they really have rewritten it in their minds. They also are ruled by their emotions, so if it feels true in the then & now (like, if they believe that you deliberately slighted them) then it is true and any response is totally justified, because FEELINGS. Apparently. And I was so used to it that I'd forget facts and just go along with it. Dh has many times pointed out 'hang on, didn't you do x?' Oh yeah... She conveniently omits that part.
  19. Thanks abba! I could've sworn I checked bd...
  20. Thanks for this! I've been eyeing it off for dd. Now to find a way to purchase it and ship it to aus...
  21. Just feeling emotionally battered. Visited my sister after her first chemo treatment. Ambushed by my mother while there, we haven't spoken in 3 years. Fighting with my husband. I don't know if we are going to make it. So much laundry to fold, I just want to cry.
  22. I'm continuing my piano studies. Hope to complete another exam next year and then get my teaching certificate. I just downloaded a great courses course, 'the art of reading' to listen to in the evenings while I clean up. Just generally working my way through some books, some homeschooling related, some for fun.
  23. See, I found MCT very systematic actually. I was always naturally good at LA thanks to being a big reader, but had basically zero grammar instruction. My DD, the only child I've used it with thus far, isn't gifted or 'other' at all, a very average but bright student. We so enjoyed MCT island and so far through Town. I guess, I just think it is beautiful and effective. I didn't find it difficult to teach at all. Aren't they fairly responsive on their forums? I have a vague recollection of questions being answered there...
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