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  1. My kids are doing the coding ones. My son likes to browse the history and science videos, they're way over his head but he enjoys them and gleans something.
  2. Yeah that washi tape is huge. I have a 10 year old, my house is more tape than anything else...
  3. So, after reading this thread and the other one about the forgetful husband, then having a fight with DH, I seriously think I have ADHD... I'm one of those annoying always late people. I'm sorry.
  4. My DD is in 6th next year. Most everything is up in the air... I am planning a journal project which will cover science and... Probably poetry and creative writing. I'm thinking some philosophy (homeschool adventure co) and logic (fallacy detective?) Probably MCT voyage stuff, though we'll be finishing C1E part 2. I really like the look of RFWP's Latin and I think DD will too. Finishing waring's RRR for history, middle ages, and possibly plague pbl from RFWP. Spelling will likely be spelling by sound and structure. Maths, plan to finish LoF pre-a series, have a run through Beast Academy 5 when it's out and probably Jousting Armadillos. But I dunno really. Dd and I need to talk it over and I'll have a planning week early Jan...
  5. Yes. I lived there as a baby. My dad worked there.
  6. Yes it was very well done. The main character was also in Elysium.
  7. That picture is awful. That poor woman. I wouldn't want anyone open carrying. It doesn't happen here. Only police officers carry.
  8. I said theologically sound plus uncomfortable with the grief. To the second paragraph, I disagree. That's not what happened in practice.
  9. WHAT?!?! Far out. I'm so sorry. That is, just, the last thing you guys need! Cps would live here if someone called for every bruise!
  10. Yes, Christians say this stuff too often and it shoots our wounded. Not being theologically sound and feeling uncomfortable = stupid and hurtful. What happened to mourn with those who mourn? Don't say to a rape victim that God will use this for your good. No. Don't. Just shut up. Say, God hates that someone hurt you and grieves with you, as I will.
  11. Dh and I are both dark colouring. Dark brown hair. Green/Hazel eyes (me), puppy dog brown eyes (him). Our first 3 are the same, brown hair and 2/3 brown eyes with the other having my hazel. Then we had a 4th. He is blonde and blue eyed! I was not expecting that. It is in our families but not dominant. People comment all the time, he definitely stands out in our family! He looks just like his siblings otherwise. Genetics. So weird.
  12. Vaqutita, sounds exactly like a regular day here! I'm more relaxed during the day but we're often finishing up after 4pm.
  13. My kids are more independent than I'd ideally like, but they like it. Simplify and multitask. For example I do a math block - everyone works on their math and I'm there to help, staggering the teaching times. Let some things go. I can't fit in science. So every 6th week or so, we do a science week! Eta, I use the spiral notebook idea and it really works well for my kids!
  14. I'm sorry. I've had a natural miscarriage at a similar gestation at home. I didn't look too closely, but I wasn't traumatised. I had already had confirmation of the miscarriage so I knew what to expect. I agree that you would be best seeing your doctor asap. Many hugs.
  15. I seem to remember someone posting something about hearing the author at a conference and being impressed... Will have a search.
  16. Homeschool Adventure Co. Has 40% their digital stuff. Use code thankful-40
  17. Yes, what geyser said. There's no reason that you couldn't use the teacher wwe text and use sotw or history lit (or just lit) for your wwe selections. I also didn't love the bits and pieces of novels, so we just work through one, generally, unless I'm pressed for time and just use the workbook!
  18. Thanks for this! Very timely, its in my cart to do with DD next year, she'll be in 6th and middle ages.
  19. Until this moment I thought csmp and mep were the same thing!!! Wow. Mind=blown.
  20. I can't get the PDF to come up? No worries, I really like that first link. Thanks Mrs A! I did find one book that looks good, if a little young.
  21. Thanks guys! Tian, I did look at that one but it is not in English and I can't figure out if it's supposed to have translation with it! I could ask my in-laws to translate! Thanks Mrs A! Having a look now.
  22. Just had a look on Amazon. I'd search with the name of the game they play (black/white, x/y, alpha/omega- though I don't see that many of these). Or search by their favorite Pokemon. But honestly, you're probably pretty safe with a random pack!
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