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  1. Looking for recommendations for guided mindfulness/meditation for beginners. The stress is strong with us!
  2. When my kids were going my son always hated eating it. Come to find out later he thought we were feeding him TOAD FOOD!!!!
  3. have them run a FULL iron panel. My boy was diagnosed celiac from iron deficiency at age 13. His ferritin was extremely low.
  4. My migraine story.. stick with me here. i started having migraines approx 15 years ago. They progressed in both frequency and severity. I could never pinpoint exact triggers. Sometimes my migraine would comeback again and again for up to ten days. I seemed to always get one close to or during my cycle, but never on a predictable day, food didn't matter etc. Ive always gotten chiropractic care and have meds from drs. I've tried several prevenative meds with no luck either. Moved to a new state and had to find a new chiro. This guys tells me that they are positive they can help. I said , yeah yeah. Didn't believe him for a second. They do orthogonal atlas adjustment. I think I spelled that right. It is a machine that creates a vibration. Mind you, I had atlas adjustments before that didnt help. I went every week for a little over a month....and low and behold....no more migraine. AT ALL. http://www.atlasorthogonality.com/PatientSite/faq.html
  5. I loved everything about this except for all of the f bombs. It seemed...forced, and not period. Other than that. .perfection! Casting was on point.
  6. Just this past month our family has had two bad colds, THE flu, and wicked 3 day stomach bug. Fortunately I avoided everything until I came down with this terrible virus Xmas eve. I've been in bed since then. Also threw out a SI joint from coughing. Hand sanitizer people!!!! Use it everyone you think of it! !
  7. Ugh. I'm so frustrated that so many people have to struggle with this. We get 5k reimbursement for premiums from dh employer. I was hoping that we could find something with a lower deductible. ..but the 50% coinsurance for hospital is really scary! My daughter will get kicked off medicaid in February. Not sure how she will cope. Such a mess.
  8. Can we talk about this? Our 2017 plan increased 4x in monthly payment, all of the alternative plans for our states marketplace have deductibles of 1500 per person or more! Hospital coinsurance is 50%!!!!! What? Our 2017 deductible was 250 per person. I'm not sure how we will be able to afford anything on top of the monthly payments. This is lunacy. That is all. So what does 2018 health coverage look like for.you?
  9. You might ask your doctor for a few weeks of gabapentin. It was the knot thing that helped my hubby, and we tried everything you could possibly imagine.
  10. Look out for a yeast infection down there following the antibiotics. ..
  11. It may be prudent to wait until it's cold and then clean up the yard and a good perimeter. Butcher the bushes etc. Don't let them find cover when it warms back up. Also make a plan to help eliminate small animal (aka snake food). Eben if you two and relocate small mammals. .. It will knock down the population eventually.
  12. My child took clonodine for years for sleep. . Very very helpful. He had severe anxiety, some tics with it and terrible sleep issues. Meds and a great cbt therapist helped him. Ultimately prozac kicked up anxiety for him, whereas zoloft helped.
  13. My teen needed 100 mg of zoloft. We tapered up until he got relief. Prozac helped depression but increased anxiety. I highly recommend taking to then about increasing zoloft before switching.
  14. My teenage son also had very low ferritin. But did show high numbers with the celiac panel. His numbers rose quickly with Oak iron and vitamin c. The is a really good info graphic video or thete that shows how the non celiac gluten intolerance is just a stepping stone to celiac. Maybe Google the "gluten free warrior"
  15. We have used any one of these the things since my son was about 8: melatonin, clonodine (prescription) or benadryl. What helped him the most wad getting on zoloft at age 14. Game changer. He hardly ever needs anything to help him now. Some kids are just born anxious. Sleep was al ways an issue for him. .. Even as a baby.
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