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  1. Heartlikealion, I can relate to a lot of your post. I have a toddler and a husband working rotating shifts (he also used to be a baker!), live out of town and not a morning person lol. My 8 year old son works at the speed of a turtle and is doing my head in with emerging attitude some days, other days he is sweet and responsible. Things have been hard since my 5 year old was little - he was hard, hard work as a baby/toddler/preschooler and took a lot from me, I haven't fully recovered (so I did the smart thing and had another baby *smacks forehead*). We didn't go to the library for years because it was too hard, dh now does all the shopping! At 5 he is the sweetest child and I'm glad we hung in with homeschooling, though I am really struggling with the joyless grind lately... My plan, to slowly implement some Charlotte mason habit training for all of us (OK, mostly me...), get the toddler toilet trained and the 5 year old reading fluently and get some of the joy back in our days. Sorry, no useful advice, just commiserations. It is just hard work sometimes.
  2. Oooh, my 8 year old son loves to do this. It actually annoys me more lately as he does it to other adults and comes off as really disrespectful and arrogant. I think that it is just him playing at being a clown and trying to figure out grown up joking around. We're a fairly jokey/sarcastic family, but he's not yet able to pick his moments well. When your stressed out mother asks you to do something, do NOT pretend to do the opposite and laugh! Anyway,my sympathies, thanks for this thread. I'm reading the replies too.
  3. Yep. I'm busting my butt at the moment to lose. 5 years of not being careful and stress eating added waaaaaay too much weight. I'm about a third of the way to my goal and just had a break day for mother's day - a reward for hitting 10kg lost. I have also come to the realisation that I cannot just relax with food everyday. I am just not strong enough to stop when it's sensible. So it's off the menu completely unless I make a special occasion exception. I actually didn't even really enjoy the sweets I ate on mother's day, the sugar cravings are gone. The salad I made was much more appetising. Maybe I can eat like that... But dh and I do get sick of watching everything and it begins to feel like you're not living. Especially for him, he works at a chocolate factory!
  4. It reminds me of an incident with my mil. My husband, her son, was discussing with her her tendency to intervene and stick up for the children and how it undermines us. We don't go overboard with corrections in public but sometimes you have to take advantage of situations, you know? Anyway, it was a pleasant enough conversation although mil denied ever doing it! Not 10 mins later, as we sat down for lunch, she did exactly what we had just been discussing! It was a very minor reminder to our child, we pointed it out to her and she was very sheepish for a little while after that! She still does it though... My sympathies. I think storming out was a huge overreaction and is something my own mother likes to do when I chose to parent differently than she insists.
  5. They apparently have some school ones to borrow, but most parents just suck it up. It's not even an affluent area, at all. We were already homeschooling when I found out about it but I was so glad that we were. I had parents from this school asking me all about homeschooling and at least one pulled out their kids to homeschool.
  6. The school we were zoned for has compulsory bring your own iPad from first year of school. I kid you not. Each family has to buy their 5 year old an iPad. And then a netbook for 3rd grade. Public school. The school uses 'apps across the curriculum.' The parents I met were not impressed.
  7. I'd be all over that support group! And yes, I keep thinking that I'll finally hit on the perfect system and this whole project will run like clockwork...
  8. I have 3 plans. The first is our family business that we are just beginning with. The second is music teaching. I can start my own studio. I have been studying independently for about 5 years now and have a couple of lovely and very part time students. The third, which will probably encompass part of the first, is to go back and get an accounting/finance degree. I also totally plan to sell my homeschooling experience and skills in a resume, and work my homeschool contacts. - ETA this actually helps me stay focused on doing a good job with homeschooling...
  9. Also, after reading the replies, most of our marital arguments are about his (INTJ) frustration with my lack of organisation/time management and my (INFJ) emotional reactions! Lololol...
  10. Ha! I just said the same thing - less eloquently- on the other thread!
  11. I need one of these for my dh. He's the intj, homeschooling was his idea! I'm the infj.
  12. My husband is intj too! Weird...
  13. Yes, that is a pretty accurate description of my life. I think it's the idealistic part of infjs plays a big part in homeschooling. Eta- Rosie, yes, the little kid chaos is a killer. But they're so cute and full of possibility! If only they'd listen, and toilet train easier... 2 more years, then I'll feel normal ish again.
  14. Good to hear! We're only a few chapters in, but enjoying it so far. It was my oldest son's choice. He once mused about what it would be like to go back in time with modern technology and knowledge... I said there's a book like that!
  15. Awww congratulations!!!
  16. DD just finished tuck everlasting today. I think she has pippi longstocking picked next - I'm letting her pick some easier books this year. She's read call of the wild and phantom tollbooth this year. I'm currently reading aloud A Connecticut Yankee in king Arthur's court. They are also listening to At the back of the north wind audio book.
  17. I'm living a life different to my mother's expectations. I'm sure that she would be supportive if I were gay. She couldn't handle this and refuses to have me - and by extension my children - in her life. Her version of the story is probably very different to mine. A lot of people are hurt. Saying that, I tend to think that these difficulties are less about the 'thing', but the swirling mess of hopes, expectations, fear and baggage surrounding.
  18. Haha! Dh played this during highschool! He conned me into reading one of the books and darn it if I wasn't hooked! Op, you could go old school with Asimov's Foundation trilogy. I'm nearly finished reading Little Big which is fantasy.
  19. I've been listening to swb's writing lectures recently too (over and over again!), then I went back through The Complete Writer again. It has really helped me get a grasp on what I'm teaching, I love that it is so explicit. This stuff was never explained when I was at school, I got lucky and intuited enough to get good marks - but I felt like I was flying blind.
  20. Scheduling and organisation in parenting. I used to be very relaxed and go with the flow, baby led. Now I can see the value in forming good habits, having respect for time and really regret not instilling some order in my home from the very beginning.
  21. I'm right there with you and feeling like a total failure this week...
  22. What do they mean by 'things have changed'? I'd probably either completely ignore it - any response feeds the drama. Or, I'd call their bluff - I'd ask what exactly they are expecting from a relationship with me, that you're not convinced that a healthy relationship is possible. I'd need us to do at least 6 months of therapy with a psychologist of my choice, that there will be no face to face contact during this time - or whatever you would honestly need to consider this.
  23. Our wedding was more expensive than I had planned, because whenever my mother or mother in law came shopping with me, they insisted on paying for more expensive options! First kid's wedding on both sides, they were very excited. We didn't ask or expect any money and would have been very happy with a simpler, smaller wedding. My in-laws paid for all the flowers, my mother paid for the cake and my dress. Each paid for their own guests at the reception - which was the bulk of the cost. We had a buffet. Very very difficult to cater for less than $50 per head - we had a little under 100 people. I did other things inexpensively, we married in our church, an aunt did all the stationary as a gift, friend of a friend student photographer, our own music playlist, bonbonierre was simple chocolate hearts.
  24. Thanks for sharing Corraleno. I'm sorry that you went through that. I have some identical stories, ambushed by the golden sister and all!
  25. I'm dying to know how she reacted to the letter! (Please don't feel obligated to answer) I just ignored the nasty, gaslighting letter. No point responding, may as well bang my head against a brick wall. Now I'm wondering if it would have been somewhat cathartic!
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