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  1. It's a very good movie IMO. But those fast running and physically strong zombies are scary!
  2. It scared me, I was about 10 when I watched it. The image of his teeth stays with me. I've seen heaps of horror and none really freak me out too much. I tend to struggle through fast-zombie movies. 28 days later for example!
  3. The coach showed his hand, he needs your kids. What would make it worth it for you and your boys to stay, realistically? I'd put those conditions to him and open a negotiation. And I'd have no qualms about it. How long is the season?
  4. Yikes! Sorry that you went through that, I'd be furious.
  5. Our 4th is the only blondie! The rest of us, DH and I included, are dark brown to darker brown lol. He sticks out and everyone comments! He's also my only blue-grey eyed kid. The colouring is in the family but I never expected to have a blonde and blue eyed kid! One child, my oldest ds, got my eyes (hazel) which I'm admittedly thrilled about! The other 2 got their dad's gorgeous brown eyes. They all got their dad's dimples though!
  6. I think it would be doable. There's something very appealing about the idea of letting the kids unschool for hours a day in a library - like Matilda!
  7. I tend to organise activities. Idle hands and all that. I may set the older ones up downstairs with a Wii tournament, snacks etc. and rotate check ins around the parents (every half hour at least). I'd keep the little ones closer by, maybe with a babysitter, and plenty of activity 'stations'. Generally we have meet ups at parks/outdoors! Much easier ;)
  8. I will pay you good money if you write a beginning Russian book for elementary/middle school! Writing curriculum - not necessarily homeschool. Do you enjoy working with kids? What about taking up conducting in your choir? Composing? Starting a children's choir (one of my life long dreams)? Learn an instrument? Learn to make an instrument? Could you just do your own research, for your own interest, and share with like-minded people? I don't have any idea how feasible that would be! I'm out of ideas. You can help me write up my business plan if you like, it's big and daunting and I'm procrastinating! hahaha I currently have a toddler climbing me, your life sounds lovely and stimulating, but I suspect I couldn't come close to your aptitude or energy (says the introverted homebody!)
  9. We teach that sex is an adult activity with adult consequences. It is fun but serious. So, we talk about mature and healthy relationships. About enjoying and making the most of each stage of life for its unique benefits (IE don't grow up too fast!), about not obsessing about finding a partner but being a fantastic person who is happy in themselves, the right partner for them will be drawn to that. I also subscribe to the theory that some kids like a "mun said no" out. I'm happy to be the bad guy while they gain their own confidence.
  10. Hahaha... Yes, in the form of what NOT to do! My mum does love to give relationship advice for some bewildering reason. 4 divorces and a string of damaged and broken relationships in her wake don't dampen her enthusiasm!
  11. I would totally drop my partner in it. Gee, thanks mil, I'm sure that *your child* will enjoy doing this with the kids when she gets time - be sure to ask her about it! Then make it clear to your wife that although you appreciate the sentiment, you just can't manage these and she either can do it herself or tell her mom to stop! I mean, do what you can with genuine gratefulness (despite the Mil's intentions) but I wouldn't borrow that guilt.
  12. I have one. She's awesome. We see each other weekly, now that she started homeschooling! We met in highschool. We've had drifted apart times, but we've both made an effort over the years to stay friends. We're both introverts and 1 is enough. I do have other friends but not quite that level.
  13. Baby love by robin barker - Beautiful book. I've given away my copy and bought copies for new mothers. I especially like that it is so encouraging, giving parents confidence in themselves.
  14. So, I came across this website while looking up things for school. It looks quite interesting, free, mind maps for whatever topic you search. I haven't had time to look into it deeper yet, maybe later this evening, but the teacher dashboard part (paid subscription) looks promising too. Thinking that my 10 year old would probably like it. Wondering if any hive peeps can give an insight! I did try searching but nothing came up.
  15. Yayayay!!!!! I'm going to order two copies I think, one to keep and one to share... Congratulations swb and team!
  16. I know parents who, while struggling, were able to set a baseline minimum of independent school stuff for their (reading well) 8 year old. Just a list in their room to work through. Then unschooled or worked in other things as able. I mention this with the caveat that the 8 year old is neurotypical and generally compliant, the mom is very serious about taking care of her mental health (regular psych appointments) and there are many more good periods than bad, there are fewer children - and some go to preschool, they have a cleaner. I agree that your later posts about 'bad days' are normal, and I'd find it hard to believe that bad days like that would lead to the difficult behaviour. I don't know if putting your kids in school is the best idea or not. But from here, worrying about scheduling and books is akin to doing the dishes while your house is on fire! You really do need to try and deal with the fire first - your and your child's mental health. I applaud you for making appointments for your DD, please look after yourself too and don't minimise your needs. Your family needs you to be healthy and you deserve to be.
  17. It says that it's meant to be an introduction to Latin, so I think that you could use it with no background, it would just be slower.
  18. Well I did end up buying it and we just started it! Disclaimer, I am a Latin novice learning alongside (or behind!) my daughter, with little expertise in reviewing curriculum! Feel free to ask any questions you have and I'll try to answer it. I bought it to use with my 10 year old as a fun bridge between gswl and Henle. I like the looks of it so far but you need the teacher book, the student book on its own doesn't look like much, but fleshed out with the teacher book lessons is quite good. The idea, as far as I can grasp, is that the book is in 6 chapters. You read the chapter (10 ish pages) by using the picture clues and connections between the Latin words and English words in a discussion. Then you look at the translation (in the teacher book - there is info for working on vocab and making a notebook, as well as grammar and historical info). The teacher book then has a translation and notes for each student page. After you've read the chapter there is a section in the teacher book for teaching the grammar and forms. Then at the end of the teacher book there are charts for each chapter with vocabulary (eng&Latin) and derivatives. The student book is literally just the narrative and a vocab list in the back. So far we have only done a read through of the first chapter, using the method described in the teacher book. DD was able to figure out a good portion of the text due to picture cues, gswl and general latin roots, but there were some words that she wasn't able to directly translate which I am happy with, it meant that she had to think it through as per the method. The story is about meeting Cecilia, and her showing us around ancient Rome. The pictures use a lot of actual ancient Roman paintings, sculptures, photos of ruins and tries to impart some history about ancient Roman life. I don't think it's a rigourous course and I don't expect it will take any where near a full year, but it suits our objectives. DD enjoyed it enough. Latin isn't her favourite subject and we've been pretty light with implementation thus far. So I'm happy with it at the moment. :)
  19. I don't have much advice, but I read your post and I'm here. Your oldests behaviour would concern me, I'm glad that you're getting help. I do know people who home school with some fairly severe mental health issues, they know their limits and make sure that they have support. Are you taking care of yourself? Have you thought about other ways to get some help? Cleaner? Mother's helper? Preschool for the younger ones? Homeschooling those ages is difficult at the best of times (btdt!) So I'd be keeping things very simple, times 10 while you're in the beginning stages of helping your DD. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  20. I love the B nicknames, Bess, Betsy, Beth. Elsa, Elsie?
  21. Thank you! I think I just decided what we're doing for the botany unit I had scheduled for later this year!
  22. Ok, thanks soror, just realised that it wouldn't load on this device! No wonder I struggled to see it yesterday! Can I just ask where you guys buy the McHenry book from? It's minimum $55AU (bookdepository) so far that I can see...
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