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  1. I've seen that movie! Honestly, the whole anti dance thing is so bizarre to me. The churches I was a part of tended to view it as a joyful expression. I had no idea that people really banned it until footloose!
  2. This parenting gig isn't easy! We have all been there. I find that doing your due diligence with research takes you only so far. In the end, it's just you and your children at the table - trust your judgement! The teachers manuals are like enhanced versions of the student books - same text but with answers/prompts/exercises etc. Many people just get the teacher books.
  3. I use fll 2 days a week and MCT 2 days. If a topic overlaps then I skip it from one.
  4. Don't skip sentence island! We loved it! I agree with pp, grammar and practice island are about analysing other sentences, sentence island is more about how to craft your own sentence. We enjoyed music of the hemispheres in a similar way to what you describe. Low key is totally fine. We liked it but it often fell by the wayside with time pressures, don't think we finished it... I think choosing to enjoy poetry without a curriculum is more than fine. My DD is also a much more intuitive learner than my son, who requires more specific instruction and practice. He's very bright and loves to read, but his spelling and handwriting were atrocious! We are spending time remediating that! Both love the grammar island series. I don't recall any religious stuff in the books at all. You sound like a conscientious parent, trust your instincts!
  5. Sounds good to me too. Maybe give him a chart afterwards so he can think it over and jot down ideas? My DD and I have a note book where we write to each other.
  6. I'm drawing out our BA time with human endeavour that alte veste linked above, and life of Fred preA series. DD loves all of them.
  7. I think beast is a perfect fun, deep and problem solvingy math to supplement Saxon. But my 6th grader is doing (and loving) 3 different math books so maybe don't ask me!
  8. You know what I think is a better reason for homeschooling? Wanting to! Sleeping in and no school logistics are big bonuses! X100 when the little ones come along. If you want to do it, then own it! Homeschooling is a valid choice, you don't need an excuse.
  9. So jealous! When are you coming to Australia SWB? :D You're a real asset to the homeschooling community, thanks for everything you do! Also, just have to join the 10yrs/4kids club.
  10. We totally had parties when parents were away... Just about every weekend there was a house party or two. That was how we spent year 11 & 12, school, part time job, party! Not much sleep though. Amazingly, we didn't get up to anything too crazy and all graduated with decent marks, we were otherwise good kids and most of our parents didn't really care.
  11. Looks fine to me too, trust your instincts! Have a great year!
  12. My dh works a rotating roster (1 week morning shift, 1 week night shift, 1 week afternoon shift). We have more of a daily routine rather than schedule. We just shift the routine an hour or so earlier/later as needed. It is tough. He used to work all nights and if we had sent the kids to school he would never have seen them, he was asleep by 3 and not home from work until 9 or so...
  13. Enjoy! I found it thoroughly inspiring! You will find your feet and gain confidence in time, we were all confused and nervous beginners once!
  14. My dh to a tee. Super introvert. He has friendly colleagues and acquaintances, and his dad and brother. And his sons, especially as they're getting older. That's more than enough for him! He did have a group of friends when we met but they all drifted apart and weren't especially close anyway, he doesn't really feel a great loss about it (one was a groomsman at our wedding!)
  15. Yes! I read awakening close to reading Anna and it is interesting! I actually really liked Edna in a lot of ways, I loved the scene with mademoiselle reisz checking her shoulder blades... But the theme of leaving or seeming not to have much affection for your children deserves, I think, a contextual consideration.
  16. I agree with Rosie. I homeschooled my DD through k & 1st before finding out about homeschooling curriculum (yes, I live under a rock, it's cosy) We had a ball, and she's at least on grade level now in 6th. Here's what my current k-er's school day was like today: Family time fitness Worked on handwriting (and sneaky phonics review) Some math Lego Cut up fruit for fruit salad Trampoline Violin practice Fingerpainting with little brother More Lego LA - llatl blue Tag along with science - he'll peek through the microscope and draw a picture. Eta- this particular kid spends hours every day bike riding, spinning around, making up games, digging. We have 20 acres and he just relishes the space to play. This particular kid desperately needs this time, in stark contrast to my very studious first child who loved sit down 'school' in k, colouring, writing...
  17. I buy heaps from better world books. Probably a hundred books over the last couple of years. I had one problem with one book (missing pages), they refunded immediately.
  18. Confession: dh is way better at picking outfits for me. I usually take him with me when I go shopping. I like what I like, but I'm not good at putting it all together like he (and his sister) are! Missed that gene. I also hate makeup and cannot fathom wasting time on my hair... I do like crafts and baking. Hate cleaning. Terrible at organising. Love babies. Let my toddler run free and (mildly) hurt himself. I agree that there is no 'typical magazine' mum, not ime anyway. We all have our stuff...
  19. We're 7 weeks in to our year. DD is 11 in July and is doing a sort of 5/6th combination year. Math: finish BA4D, BA 5 as it is released. Life of Fred pre-a series. Mathematics a human endeavour - she loves this! Logic: fallacy detective - another hit. History: finish the second half of Diana Waring's RRR, including Plague from rfwp. I also have her practice outlining and essays in history. LA: pieced together. We are doing a journal, including poetry and nature. We are slow reading a midsummer night's dream and working through CW's poetry for beginners. We may do some creative writing later in the year. Spelling by sound and structure 6 and grammar voyage level. Languages: Latin- she finished gswl. We're doing fabulae ceciliae now and will probably begin with Henle later in the year. Russian - Rosetta stone. Art: virtual instructor videos. Science: units using bfsu2. We're just finishing astronomy. We'll do some chemistry, biology and botany (probably using quark). Observations in the nature journal. Violin lessons and sport for fun (mostly swimming, bikes, tennis) I think that's it. It's working well so far, only science is difficult to get to sometimes...
  20. Thanks guys! I've had a cheap one before and it was useless. I am most worried about not being able to see anything clearly and it being too complicated to work out. I wish that someone sold the Brock here!
  21. I'm in the market for a microscope. To study cells with my 6th & 3rd graders, and for the future. I like that these are sturdy - I have 3 boys to get through. I like the kit IV has 400x (I think that's enough for basic cell structure stuff? Not sure, total newbie with this) I haven't really liked any others I've seen as much. HSBC has a sale atm, I've done the sums. Just under $400Aud to get it delivered here (Australia). Worth it? I could get other microscopes locally for similar prices or less, but I don't like them as much and I'm wary about the quality. Tia!
  22. I have a 6th, 3rd, k and toddler. The 6th grader loves to be independent and I write her a weekly list of work to get through. We have meeting times during the day for direct teaching and working together. Ideally they are scheduled at a certain consistent time, realistically we do it when we can. My 3rd grader has a daily list. Some independent, some not. And I make up folders with the term's work ready so we stay on track. I made folders for the ker too, but they're more for me! We tend to work in blocks. I start off my oldest with some one on one then leave her to work, repeat with next oldest, spend time with ker. I try to keep everyone on the same subject, so for example we'll do a maths block and then Latin before a break then the next block, LA. My toddler generally causes trouble. I have his toy rotation drawers, he dumps them all out. I bribe him with snacks. He plays outside a lot. We also take every Friday for music lessons, sport/art/crafts, visiting friends. I wish I was better at routines and chores. Life would run more smoothly...
  23. I've been eyeing off the professor noggins sets. I haven't bought any yet though so I can't give any more help!
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