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  1. Awww that is so sweet and exciting! Hope it happens smoothly and quickly for you!
  2. I do the weekly list for my oldest, and a daily list for my next oldest. It has really made a difference here. I also make up a term's worth of daily packets, so we just grab the next one and it has all the worksheets that we need. Helps keep me on track too. Only for my 3rd & k kids though, the oldest has more actual books than worksheets.
  3. Sorry Tsuga, my response was a bit over emotional. I get what you're saying. I just tend to err on the side of trusting the parents, who have the context, when they feel the line between uncouth/damaging has been crossed.
  4. And what if one of those smokers called you to yell at you? Things like how dare you tell them when or where they can smoke, they'll smoke when they want and you can't stop them. Things like 'well, you wouldn't know if I smoked around your kids when you're not there!', or 'now I want to smoke around you all even more!' No, they haven't actually physically hurt the kids. But they are making the relationship difficult and emotionally unsafe. Yes, I really had this exact conversation with my parent. It was indicative of deeper dysfunction, I couldn't allow my children to learn that people are allowed to treat you so badly if they share blood. We no longer see them.
  5. Pick one. Lol. Actually, after reading the other responses, I have to say stability. I married dh young because he is an absolutely rock solid personality. To a fault sometimes. Over emotional responses is another one, I cannot stop crying and panicking if dh and I argue. It is so ingrained, I automatically believe that one day he will snap and either beat me or walk out (13 years so far so good!) He is of course hurt that I would still think that. I can't help it. I think I am still bitter about some things...
  6. One thing I did was have my kids (the 8 & 10 y/o) write a list of the things they loved most and really wanted time for, to the things they liked less. They could put 10 things down each. They loved that activity. It then allowed us to compare our lists with where we spent our time, useful for evaluating if a good thing was good enough value for the time. Sounds like science and art would be top of the list and she can choose them with the co-op. What high list item does the charter meet?
  7. I wouldn't. It will be harder to pull out a settled and happy 10/11/12 year old. Of course she doesn't want to leave, change is hard and scary. There simply isn't enough time for every good thing. We had to make the difficult decision to leave a great music teacher because her methods required at least 2 days out of the house a week, not even full days. We did it for a year and it was tough to pull the kids. But it was exhausting. We had no time to do field trips or catch up with actual friends. We fell behind in school. There was no leeway for illnesses. In the end we all drew up a priority list and we found a better fit. We said a difficult goodbye to the truly lovely teacher, and did what was best for the family. It did involve some bribery ;) The kids are now very happy with the change, but they didn't have the maturity to make a good decision. It's our job to make the decisions and help them deal with it.
  8. I had some similar experiences at school. I remember an English teacher handing back assignments in order from lowest grade to highest... I was highest. Then in maths, all the boys (I was one of 3 girls in the class) had to see what the girls' test scores were, and felt very emasculated when I beat them. Same year. The English/humanities teachers were all over me trying to mentor me, the maths teacher barely knew my name. No one suggested that I might like to take more stem subjects, or go into a maths related field. I actually think I would have liked accounting and finance but they were soooo not cool.
  9. Wow! That's awful! And I agree, there's certainly a tone taken with us sometimes, like I'm trying to create snobs or something...
  10. Honestly, this is part of one big reason that I homeschool. To keep my daughter out of the gender stereotype machine until she is secure enough in herself to not succumb to the pressure. She's nearly 11 and so far, so good. She literally glares at people who may suggest that girls are not as good as boys at something. She is very intuitive at maths (like I was - but never encouraged!) and she has absolute confidence that she is good at math! I do see that the home schoolers around me tend to either like math and take teaching it seriously, or they outsource it - MUS is very popular. I'm not saying that's a bad thing! They are not in any way trying to ignore maths. But they both fall under same side of the bigger divide that I see, people who actively work to give their kids a great education, and people who... don't. I had someone ask me if they really hard to teach up through algebra (she only had a boy). Ummm... yes. Yes you do, or you outsource that.
  11. My DD is doing really well with the virtual instructor.
  12. 2-4. Toilet training. "NO!" Tantrums. Aggressively clingy. Yes, I have a 2 year old...
  13. Everyone I know well enough has their own stuff in their marriage. I am still madly in love with dh, we celebrate 13 years next month. But there are times I most certainly hated him with equal passion. I'm sure he's felt the same about me. I liken the newlywed bliss to that first pregnancy bliss, everything is all hope and innocence and it's purely beautiful. Then the baby is born and screams non stop, or you miscarry and the innocence is gone, or the birth was harrowing. Reality is less polished than the hope but it is real and imperfectly beautiful.
  14. DD started 5/6th ish in January this year. Here's what we're doing: Math: Beast academy 4D and whatever 5s are released. Life of Fred preA series. Mathematics a human endeavour La: poetry with classical writing (sort of) Slow reading, narrating and copyworking A Midsummer night's dream MCT voyage R&s spelling Lots of reading History: Diana Waring's RRR, the last half (we started last year) Plague! From rfwp. Writing and outlining her readings. Science: units from bfsu2 and astronomy Nature journal. Languages: Rosetta stone Russian Latin, finished gswl, doing fabulae ceciliae (rfwp) then Henle. Art: virtual instructor and misc. Logic: fallacy detective. Violin lessons. PE with family (frisbee, cricket, bike riding, swimming, tennis, ftf...)
  15. My kid probably won't graduate still wearing nappies, right? But he has the best smile ever, so it's impossible to stay too mad... Doing a halfway decent job is a step in the right direction I'm sure, one day they'll be able to do something properly.
  16. Can I just derail for a minute and ask what you use for Russian? Mine are doing Russian but it's cobbled together from Rosetta stone and my homemade workbook based on a beginner adult book (I forget the title and I'm way behind making the lessons...)
  17. I just put a sticker on the C. And reinforce every time how to find it. Kids tend to love the music alphabet and go from the lowest key on the instrument (A) and cycle through A-G over and over up the keyboard. As for practice, short, fun and frequent is better than longer once or twice. 5-10mins, 5 or 6 days a week is better than 30+ mins once.
  18. I have an 8 year old who does that... Just yesterday he was doing a job - mowing the lawn (that he asked to do because he's trying to save up money). Dh gave him very explicit instructions, twice, because after the first time he immediately went off to do it incorrectly. So he does about half the job very well, then starts to daydream, and completely ruins the last half of the job. Instead of paying him, dh fined him for wasting the petrol. No advice, just venting and commiserating... Though I do use a timer for math now. A year or two ago the timer freaked him out, now it really helps.
  19. Honestly, it's the teacher (you!) who will make or break a program. You can make almost any program fun by the way you teach it. Short lessons and no pressure. The program doesn't have the power to make your son do anything, it's a tool to help you teach. Trust your instincts, pick something and jump in. FYI, I taught my oldest to read with a phonics book from the supermarket (before I knew about homeschooling curriculum). She's an average/bright kid, but phonics are phonics, whatever you dress it up with!
  20. The readers are pretty integral, even in red. I really liked red, have fun!
  21. This is my life right now. My 3rd child was so difficult for a long time, and dh frequently works on Sunday, so it's all on me. Many times both child and I end up in tears, the discipline required would be more distracting and is difficult to administer when I have other kids to watch too. My fourth isn't much easier and stopping him from being too noisy/boisterous is impossible on my own. It is abundantly clear that I suck at this parenting gig and can't control my toddler...
  22. I thought that the no food thing was in case of needing surgery... I vomited in all my labours, a sign that it was kicking into gear. I was always told (by my midwives) to eat and drink as necessary. I have friends with bullying ob stories and they don't see it, 'he saved my baby!' - maybe if he hadn't induced you over a week early because he was going on Christmas leave, he wouldn't have had to save you...
  23. This this this! And add his dad's instincts in too. My DD, nt, wasn't really into friends until about 7-8. She was just shy and I refused to push her. Now she has some good friends, makes more wherever we go and is well liked by everyone. I really wouldn't worry at 6. Family, Sunday school and play dates are truly enough.
  24. You know, if this is someone that you want to build a relationship with then I'd be very honest. Like, "you're very sweet to think that, but I silent scream in the bathroom as much as anyone. Life is just hard sometimes. We're both moms doing our best and I like you too much to get stuck in the mommy wars with you, you are more than a working mom and I'm more than a homeschooling mom." Then *change the subject to something other than work or kids!*
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