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  1. Also, as general advice, I always say to have a good look at it, go with your gut, and then get on with it. If you're excited to teach it, that goes a long way towards success! You'll drive yourself crazy looking for 'best' and 'perfect', best is what gets done. MCT is good (IMO), I have heard good things about iew. Wwe is good. Pick what you like, and what you think your kid will like, trust your instincts and just do it! It will be OK!
  2. I'm using MCT island and wwe3 with my 3rd grader. He had only a little grammar before. I have all the island books (used them with oldest) and really like them together as a whole package. Have you had a look at the website and the implementation chart? I did like the sentence island book but I would still use a separate writing curriculum too. I haven't used iew but I'm sure its fine. I'd do both. I used classical writing alongside MCT with my oldest.
  3. True, I take your point and agree. I just don't think boundaries equals fuss or stuff over relationship. Good fences make good neighbours and all that...
  4. If you saw my kitchen just now, you'd know that I most certainly do not always do the best that I can!
  5. Yes my dd has only brothers! She has girl time with friends, cousins, grandmother, aunts... Me! I think you have some good ideas so far. The only time not having a sister bothers her is after someone has been feeling sorry for her with 'all those brothers' >:( We are careful to encourage thankfulness for what we do have. She has a great time with her brothers and they adore her. I doubt she'd be happy to share being the boss with a sister ;)
  6. I'd ask for it back for sure. I'm super petty, it wouldn't even be about the pencil to me, but (kindly) laying a boundary line with that person. On that note, I bought my kids a couple of their favourite pencils for Christmas ($5 each! Plus shipping!), those are nice pencils...
  7. I agree with the pps. However, I found that there was plenty of practice to get quite fast for my intuitive-math girl. She did know her tables nominally before we started ba but she got good at them just by doing the practice book. She memorised the perfect squares easily! I'm doing ba3 again now with my oldest son and he does need a bit more simple, drill, math facts work. Just the way he learns, needs more explicit repetition. He still loves ba and does well. Funnily enough, he often excels at the star questions that stumped his older sister!
  8. *hugs* Sadie and others. I'm so sorry for what you had to live through. Sadie, here's what I do, my small contribution to normie homeschooling: I mix with a range of homeschoolers, I don't only play in a white, Christian bubble. I call out garbage when I encounter it- especially amongst the Christians. I had many fierce discussions when the duggar stories first came up. I come alongside newbies and encourage them to follow their own instincts and do their own research. I encourage aiming for a high level of achievement, I told someone that yes, they definitely do need to teach algebra and followed it with helpful ideas and encouragement. I have freely given books from my own library to people struggling. I also try to do a good job of homeschooling, my kids are educated, happy, normal-ish. I try not to be a bad ambassador, even though I may fit some of the stereotype. But this is all just in the context of daily life, I don't go protesting or starting groups. I will though, if the NSW laws are introduced in vic. I'm sure you have a grass roots effect, unintentionally perhaps, in your community. Heck, you impact me from across the interwebs!
  9. My dh works at a chocolate factory! M&M's everywhere... But I just get fatter and school chugs along.
  10. Manuals are still very common around here. I can drive one and prefer it. We have one of each, and we've had the exact scenario of taking the auto for a service and needing to drive the manual. I expect that our kids will learn a manual, I do think it's a useful skill that keeps opportunities open rather than closed.
  11. I'm so sorry. No advice here, it sounds very difficult. My mum is my NPD person and she has successfully barred me from even visiting my sick sister...
  12. Oh, I remember another one! With my first, I was sure that I wasn't pregnant and was waiting for my period to start so I could start the second round of fertility treatment. During this wait, I went to the gym with my sister and really remarkably struggled through a class that I attended regularly. My brain said "because you're pregnant." About a week later I was getting ready to take the period inducing pills but decided to test again because it said to in the information sheet. Sure enough, dd was on board!
  13. I get dreams too. Especially if I'm pregnant with a boy, I get very vivid, um, adult dreams... I have 3 sons lol. Dh has always been able to tell within days due to my body temperature going up. He's been right, and beaten the test, every time.
  14. I have similar ages, plus a 2 year old... My 10 year old is fairly independent. Have you tried checklists (I use the sprial notebook idea) plus timer? I tend to do my day in blocks. So, for example, I have a school block of 9-11am, during that time from 9-9.30 I'm directly teaching oldest while 8yr old plays with toddler and 5 year old does some activity (I actually like to get him to make a snack for everyone), then oldest continues on her own and at 9.30-10 I'm directly teaching 8yo while 5&2yo have snack and activity (playdough or something). Then 10& 8 yo keep going until they're finished while I work with the 5yo at 10am, and toddler gets a toy rotation box. When we all finish I'll go over what the older ones have done with them then we take a break. I also try to do the same subject in the same block for everyone, easier to keep track of items and easier for my poor brain! That looks complicated written like that... 3 blocks like that get us through everything. With checklists and timers. And patience and luck.
  15. Well... Dh is the nagger here. I honestly don't know if we will make it.
  16. Exactly, my mum hid it from my husband for 10 years. Only then did he see what she did to me (and I accurately predicted her every move) and realise that I wasn't exaggerating. My sister has never been subjected either. Once she came close, and my sister rang me in tears thinking that mum had lost her mind, that episode was tip of the iceberg to what I'd experienced...
  17. I remember my mum once sobbing to me after yet another argument shed had with a friend, she said 'I'm almost starting to wonder if I'm the problem!' I nearly bit my tongue off trying to keep quiet- I would have just made myself a target...She's not a happy person, but in a sick way she's only happy when she's not.
  18. I thought exactly the same thing! I love my sil but we are polar opposites in many ways - this was deliberate on dh's part..
  19. I feel busy if I have to leave the house too often! More than 3 times a week feels crazy busy to me. It's a good thing that my kids aren't in school lol!
  20. Thank you so much murphy101 and dmmetler and others for your posts. Truly. You have spoken to me over here (again! Murphy, I wish I could grow up again in your home!), planning 6th grade for my 10 year old, I needed to hear it and I appreciate it. And no, at 6 years in to this Homeschooling thing, I don't have much advice at all. I have lots of books!
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