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  1. A family member of mine always had horrible foot odor. My dad was sure it was because of their diet. He would say, "What you eat comes out your feet!" My friend and I still say this when someone's feet smell bad and we both find it hilarious.
  2. I think this is absolutely what my sister is doing. I think deep down she knows it's not helpful and it's not kind. But at the same time, she's clearly not ready to face the pain. She & I have talked about the fact that she is hiding from her pain and that she's doing things to distract herself from what is truly going on. I think that's all she can manage at present. She knows I'll be available when she's ready to be together with us again. But she also knows we are going to live the days we still have.
  3. There is so much great advice and wisdom here. I'm so thankful. I'm really sorry that so many of you know what this is like for us, but hearing everyone's perspective is incredibly helpful and will move me towards healing and will allow me to understand better what's going on with my sister. My sister is in grief counseling. I sincerely think she's doing her best to figure out her new life. She & I have had conversations about how hard it is for her to be around my dd, and I'm willing to give my sister space and 'cover' for her temporarily while everything still feels so raw
  4. This is such a great example of the detective work that goes into figuring these things out. Once, after much time and consternation we stumbled upon the knowledge that it was ds's shampoo that was causing reactions. There is a lot of great advice here already. Because you mentioned she's always been a reluctant eater and the diary isn't giving you any leads, it's probably time for a GI visit. I'm sorry she's suffering. I hope you can figure it out quickly and that you all get some relief.
  5. +1 for Analytical Grammar. Also, I like Jensen's Grammar and/or Jensen's Writing. You can look at samples on Rainbow Resource. I've also used Rod & Staff year 5 or 6 as a foundation before entering our public high school English class. Rod & Staff has a remedial grammar course, as well. Milestone Books has samples online.
  6. I just wanted to quote this...this is exactly what I'm afraid of. It's so unfair for me to still have my sweet daughter but my sister doesn't have hers, and I can see how this will be a thousand stabs in all our hearts for ever. Especially as my dd gets closer to and then passes age 19. They are (were) the only two girls for that generation in our family. The rest are boys. I am so thankful to still have my dd. I can see how survivor's guilt is a thing. I 'm so thankful to have my girl still with me. But it's hard to allow that thankfulness when I know my sister is suffering so much.
  7. Thank you so much, everyone, for the kind words and condolences. Those kinds of acts of compassion have been healing. Instead of quoting all the things, I'll try to sum up. My sister is in counseling, and is doing her best to process her grief. I've had open and honest conversations with her and our mom about how her stance on this makes me feel. I haven't told dd that auntie feels this way, but we have talked about how grief has made auntie need to make different social choices to keep herself from being overwhelmed by her pain. DD seems to be ok with that, and does understand
  8. First of all, my family is typically great. There's minimal drama. We cope well with each others' quirks and generally have good relationships. No one is perfect, but we really are 'there' for each other and have each others' backs. Having said that... My niece died tragically and unexpectedly at age 19 in May (not covid-related.) My sister still wants me to exclude my daughter (age 12) from family events because it's too painful for her to be around my dd (she reminds her of the daughter she lost-they look alike). We aren't doing much because of covid, but we do make the effor
  9. We've taken sciences, CADD, history, English with TPS. In general, the quality of the class depends on the instructor. Some teachers (especially writing in our experience) have been outstanding with high standards and great communication. Overall, I think it's not as difficult of a school as MPOA, Veritas Press, Wilson Hill. This is a good thing for my family. Workload was typically 2-3 hours per week outside of class for most classes. The science courses have been ok, but not difficult. One year I had two sons taking biology from two different course providers because of scheduling
  10. Oh, bummer. I hoped it was just us.
  11. We did govt and economics last year. Government is okay for the right kind of student. It's the kind of class I would've enjoyed as a high school student because there are projects, it's self-paced, and there is an emphasis on out-of-the-box output ideas. However, my son did not like it. You get your weekly list of assignments on Monday. They are all due Friday. Things I liked (YMMV, of course) Asynchronous, but still accountable I didn't have to plan the assignments Interesting and varied assignments (sometimes): watch a video, play a game, draw a poster (this happene
  12. Just...wow! This is the stuff my fantasies consist of. (HA!) I'm curious to know what line of work you're in, if you're willing to share. It sounds like the perfect career. A very small rural community typically limits higher income careers. I'm also in the midlife pivot and have started working again, but it's been a long, hard uphill slog with multiple stepping-stone jobs that will hopefully lead back into where I was 20-ish years ago. I'm in a very small rural community and for me that has meant low income potential, very few employment opportunities, bad schools (still compelled to
  13. Apples to Apples is a fun game. Dutch Blitz is our family favorite.
  14. Yes, of course. I'm not an ogre, I promise. (not saying you are saying I am!) I don't say, "I told you so," to my kids. I'm sorry for your losses. We are dealing with something quite different. I was trying to be funny because I use humor to cope with a house full of teenagers who are sure they are right and mom is wrong 100% of the time. Incidentally, I understand that the best outcome would actually be if the glasses worked for him, not if I was proved right.
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