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  1. Two of my children have done AofA with Mrs. Barnosky at My Fun Science in a one-semester class. Neither of them were crazy about it. She speeds though the first part of the book and then spends time on the fallacies. She knows the material and can teach fine it and is always prepared for class. There are group projects, lots of additional videos to watch and graded online discussions every week of class. The book is a little too much material for my kids to master in one semester. Did you see Schole Academy has a year-long AofA course? It seems like there's not enough material for a year-long course in that book, but it might be better than cramming it into one semester (for my kids). Also, have you done Potter's School English before? I would speculate that the grammar component will be sufficient on its own. But, of course, you know your kid! Best wishes!
  2. The saddest of all the sad quotes in the story: If he's caused them any harm, he's sorry. Gosh. What a loving, repentant and humble apology. I can tell he's super sorry. If he did anything wrong, that is. (Edited to say I'm being sarcastic.)
  3. In addition to some already mentioned, my kids like Sue Thomas, FB Eye and Battlebots competitions on Discovery Channel. On the BYU app, we like Studio C, Relative Race, and Random Acts.
  4. The weather can be extreme in April. Most likely it will be warm, sunny and dry. I think April is the driest month on average. However, blizzards in April are not unheard of. Check the NOAA website as you get close to your travel dates and you'll know what to expect. There is a huge variation in elevations and weather patterns among your potential destination cities, so check each city's forecast individually. Is there something special you wanted to do in Page? To echo what others have said, the reservations are autonomous and have their own tribal laws and customs and law enforcement agencies. Some observe daylight savings time and some do not. Arizona as a state does not observe daylight savings time. The Navajo Rez inside AZ does observe daylight savings. The Hopi Rez inside the Navajo Rez does not. Cell phone reception is spotty in many places you will be traveling to. What about SLC to Moab to Canyon De Chelly to Monument Valley to Cortez/Mesa Verde and then on to Durango if there is time? Mountain biking in Moab. Cliff dwellings in Canyon De Chelly/Cortez and hiking/stargazing/Native culture in Monument Valley. If you go to Monument Valley reserve your tour ASAP, but do a tour.
  5. Moab is the best place ever for mountain biking. Great choice. So is Flagstaff. Amazing trails. What time of year will you be doing this? Northern AZ, Bryce, Zion all experience monsoon rain storms almost daily July 4-September 1 that *might* cause flash floods and impassable roads. Are you going to Grand Canyon, as well? You'll be going right by it, if you go from Page to Flagstaff. I agree with the others that Sedona is amazing! If you take 89A South out of Flagstaff instead of I17, you''ll go right by Slide Rock State Park, which is a natural rock water slide. I love Kachina Downtown (it's not downtown) for yummy Mexican food in Flagstaff.
  6. These both look awesome! Thank you! I'm going to research them both.
  7. I like your list, umsami, but I tend towards compulsive and obsessive on the cleaning spectrum. My list for my kids' rooms consists of three things: Put away your clothes. Put away your toys. Throw away the trash. When they do these three things, the rooms stay somewhat tidy. Ideally they do this at some point every day, but it happens consistently right before a friend comes over to play. (ha!) We have a chore wheel. I have four kids, so the wheel has four sections. Someone takes out the trash and recycling (easiest). Someone vacuums the floors. Someone cleans the kitchen after dinner (hardest). Someone wipes down the bathrooms. We rotate once a week. We do these chores after dinner, but not more often. I worked with them until they could do the chores on their own. I still do chores with them (they are ages 10-17) to show them how to clean. If one of the kids is out of the house in the evening, I typically do his or her chore. I also had very, very low expectations when my kids were younger. Maybe something like that would simplify the process for your family, too? I have two kids who are messy and two who tend towards neatness. The neater kids end up carrying more than their fair share of the work since the messy kids don't do as good of a job. But, that's kind of a life lesson that comes with living with other people. The neater kids have other weaknesses that the messy kids don't have, so we work together and help each other out.
  8. Ideally, none of the computers in the house would be able to go to a nonschool website. For instance, we could go the Potter's School website to access an online class, but not to craigslist or ebay or Amazon.
  9. For 10th next year: -Finish Jacob's Geometry and begin Alg II with Lial's w/me -Earth Science w/The Potter's School -Ancient History w/History of the Ancient World and a few Great Courses w/me -English at our local PS, which will probably be lame. I'm planning to add the EIW World Literature books to be listened to on audio just for my own peace of mind. -Welding at the local PS -Dyslexia remediation at the local PS -Intro to Engineering w/The Potter's School -Spanish II w/me
  10. For 8th grade next year: -CLE Reading with Light Units + an awesome hero-heavy literature list -Writing online via The Potter's School -Spelling ? The kid still needs spelling instruction, but I'm not sure what I'll do, yet. -Jacob's Algebra...I think. Maybe one more year of PreA? -Apologia Physical Science with labs done at a co-op -Cultural Geography with BJU Distance Learning -Spanish -ASL
  11. It's a learned skill for me, too. When asked to do something, I say I'll think about it. Then I do think about it and make a decision. This is an improvement over me agreeing on the spot. I literally (not figuratively-literally, but LITERALLY) practiced that response out loud until it became natural for me to say.
  12. Do you think it might be a wart of some kind? Do they itch or hurt at all?
  13. I need to install something on two home PCs (bonus points if I can install it on two Android phones as well). I need this program/app/whatever it might be to not necessarily filter content, though that would be fine. What I really need is to shut down/block the internet except for school-related websites during school hours. I searched and found a lot of options for filtering and tracking and monitoring internet usage, but not so much for blocking only for certain times of the day. Does this program exist?
  14. My parents weren't involved in my education at all, except to expect excellent grades and to make it known that my sister and I WOULD get degrees and that we WOULD pay for it ourselves. My dad dropped out of school before high school and my mom dropped out before finishing her first year of college. My parents had a crazy-high focus on academics. I took the hardest classes available at my extremely small (~100 kids total) rural high school. Chemistry and Physics were offered during alternating years, and if the timing didn't work out, that was too bad for you. There was not a single AP class offered. There weren't many of the opportunities that I read about on this board. No scholarships were really earned by anyone in my graduating class of 34, except tiny local ones of $100 or $300 from the Rotary Club or something. I didn't realize that interviews and tours were even a thing until I started reading this board 10 years ago. I had a high school guidance counselor who encouraged me to apply to university, but I already knew I would because of my parents' influence. I took the SAT and ACT (I had to drive to another town to do that, but the guidance counselor told all the seniors about the testing days and times) and then I started getting lots of solicitations in the mail. When it was time for university, I applied to the state universities where I was accepted and one "reach" school that denied me. To apply, I just read the list of requirements and completed the steps. I called people and got reference letters. I filled out forms and mailed them in. I just did the things. I earned a varsity sports letter and academic awards and joined clubs my last year in high school, and the coaches and sponsors did the things I asked them to, so I could complete the application process. There wasn't a tour or interview or audition required, so that wasn't an issue. I don't know if my parents would've helped me with that or not. I had been working since age 12ish, and had saved every penny, so I was able to pay for my first year of school at least. I had bought myself a car and was going to live on campus. I got a good job soon after starting at university and saved money, paying for everything as I went. I worked 30-40 hrs/week during school and then probably 80 hrs/week working 2 jobs during summer and breaks. Full-time tuition was $700/semester and then I had everything else like books, parking, food, etc. My parents were just too busy to help me. I wasn't able to participate in a sports or school activity until I was 16, had a driver's license and had bought my own car. We lived out of town in a rural area, so I couldn't get to and from after school clubs or sports practices. My dad did go with me to buy my used $500 car. To answer your general question, I just didn't have the opportunities that I might have, if my parents had been more involved. Sometimes I really wish I'd had someone who believed in me to show me the way. However, I'm not sure I would change anything. Being forced to do it all alone and experiencing the failures I did because of it were beneficial to me, and have helped me develop self-confidence and resiliency. Missing out on stuff is painful...but it can also be highly motivating. Maybe times were just simpler 30 years ago?
  15. We were in a similar situation recently, and we ran in to an unexpected issue. We paid cash for what we could and then tried to get a loan to finish the house, but it was tricky because we were past the point of being able to get a construction loan but were not done enough to have a loan on the house itself. This may or may not be an issue for you, but just wanted to throw it out there so you can ask your lender. Best wishes on the house building! It's a great floorplan! I'd add a bigger pantry, if I were you...but I have a house full of teen eating machines.
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