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  1. I just want to say I think it's super cool that you 'have' an airplane mechanic. And that you actually pay for that service on a regular basis. That's awesome! 😎
  2. This. My dh travels a lot, but it's predictable. Some weeks it's harder than others. Some kids take it harder on some weeks. I think the things that make it workable for one family might not work for another family. It's up to you to advocate for yourself and even for your kids. It's hard to create relationship when you're not together. I used to really worry about being called a whiner or a nag or needy or something derogatory every time I wanted to be honest about my feelings. But then I realized that was probably baggage from my childhood. My dh doesn't call me names like that or think of me like that when all we are doing is being adults and talking about our needs in the relationship.
  3. The good news is, there are so many wonderful programs to choose from! If you want grammar-heavier such as SYRWTLS, then Spanish for Children A might work well for you. It does move quickly without a lot of repetition, but it is easy to use. If you have the discipline to review more often than the program tells you to, you could memorize the material quite well. Some of my other current favorites: Easy Peasy online (set up an account & make a donation) and The Great Courses Spanish 1 & 2. We also enjoy Salsa Spanish by Georgia Public Broadcasting for new learners as well as Destinos for intermediate learners. Best wishes!
  4. What card do you have that is 2.5% cash back on everything? We are getting ready to do a DIY remodeling project and I'd love to get 2.5% back on all the stuff we have to buy for that!
  5. I don't play the perk optimization game. I think it's great if you are able to spend the minimum amounts easily and then redeem the rewards and you're willing to be locked in to a particular provider or chain or whatever. I liked his comparison of spending the minimum $2000 on a Hyatt card and then getting a free night VS spending $2000 on a 2% cash-back card and getting $40. That is a great illustration. I would probably prefer the $40 at this stage of life b/c that $40 will buy groceries and the night at Hyatt won't. Lol. The main things that affect your credit are 1) on time payments, 2) age of credit, 3) number of recent inquiries, 4) the % of available credit you use. It's not necessarily the number of cards you have that will bring your score lower. It's whether you use everything available to you, and 5) types of credit you use. (Source: Experian) If you do this, you should update us! As in, be the guinea pig! I do it old school...use a card that gives a flat % back on purchases and then pay it off each month.
  6. The first week of public school had a stomach bug, a respiratory virus with low-grade fever, and lice going through the students and teachers here. Dang! We still say freshman for first year high school students. (2 points for a hyphen and an Oxford comma)
  7. Yes. There is someone in my family with classic anxiety symptoms, but doesn't seem to think he has anxiety (FWIW, we have lots of familial experience with mental health issues and are pretty good at recognizing classic symptoms of common disorders). Like others have said, it may not be anxiety, but having anxiety without noticing it is certainly possible. Sorry you're having a hard time. These psychosomatic responses can be so deeply ingrained they are 'normal' to us, but they are still causing us harm. I hope your natropath and/or MD can help.
  8. This is what I'm thinking, too. If I go to someone's house, I am not analyzing their housekeeping skills. I am going there to see the person. After reading these replies, I hope that people visiting me aren't critiquing my housekeeping skills, either. We are tidy and generally clean, but there are six of us here (and a dog) and we are all busy with work and school. I am a shy introverted person. The few times someone has come to the house unannounced, I wasn't able to put my best (appearances) foot forward. But the visits were nice. If I don't have any food to offer, I just say so. I always have tea to offer. If someone knocks and it's not a good time, I tell them so. If someone knocks and it is a good time, that's a win-win. No need to overthink it, right? I don't visit homes unannounced because the one time I did, I woke someone up from a nap. Even though the person I visited repeatedly told me, "Stop by anytime! No need to call!" Lol.
  9. BASIS in Arizona still requires 8th graders to take AP World History, FYI. I have kids on both ends of this pendulum- a super student and a Dyslexic/ADHD student. And we have interactions with kids on both ends. (And I want to edit to add that observing the bizarre difference in abilities of two of my own children has comforted me and humbled me and challenged me.) I love to celebrate with the kids who are killing it, no matter what they accomplish. We call it Tall Poppy Syndrome-the desire to cut others down to your size usually due to your own insecurities.
  10. How about Thinkwell? Easy Peasy's High School Comparative Government? If you can wait until next year, maybe FundaFunda Academy's Am Govt would probably work. It's not live, but you do have assignment due dates and seems to be exactly what you're looking for!
  11. We've used and loved Speedy Spanish as mentioned above. It has a great audio component and if the student follows the directions, he/she will be speaking a lot. My library has children's audio book kits in Spanish-it's a Spanish book along the lines of A Pocket for Corduroy, Harold and the Purple Crayon, etc. with Spanish audio. We listen to the book while reading along. Since they are books we have already read in English, it's a great way to increase vocabulary and hear the language spoken well. Some other things I like: News in Slow Spanish podcast, Easy Peasy's Spanish lessons, Salsa Spanish episodes by Georgia Public Broadcasting, and the Pre-k and K phonics workbooks in Spanish from Rod & Staff. Enjoy!
  12. I like TeamSnap (orange circle with a star in the center) and Band (green square with a b in the center). Both are free apps that help manage groups. TeamSnap allows for sharing pictures, sending group messages or private messages, sending notices for amount due, etc. You can set your notification preferences, so the users would have to make sure they allowed notifications. You can assign projects and track progress. I really like the app and I am lobbying for our homeschool group to use it instead of FB. It's so easy to miss stuff on FB! So much clutter there.
  13. I ❤️ my Forester. It's our first non-Toyota in 20 years. We drive a lot of dark, winding roads and can have heavy snow October-May. Most of our activities are in a town 45 miles away, and I have to say the Forester has been awesome. The ground clearance is an issue for us because we live in a rural area with lots of dirt roads. Sometimes the snowplows cannot keep up with the rate of snowfall and the Forester does fine. It's very stable on icy roads, comfortable to drive, has a nice big cargo area for hauling sports equipment and if I go 65 MPH, I get 31 MPG. I am usually driving more like 75-80 and average 28 MPG. Your son could carry lots of realtor signs and fliers in his Forester, but maybe not in an Outback or Accord. If my realtor drove me around in a Subaru, I'd be impressed at his choosing substance over style. Lol. (I'm joking...mostly)
  14. Last year, I read The Count of Monte Cristo for the first time with one of my children for school. I fell in love immediately! It had been so long since I loved a book like that.
  15. Right?! Sign me up for a honkytonk badonkadonk! I would've bet my child's transcripts that I'd never, ever own a pair of leave-the-house jeggings. But I'm totally buying a pair of these.
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