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  1. It seems unreasonable from an employee perspective, but reasonable from risk management perspective. A few specific thoughts: If you're using your personal vehicle on company time, I can see where inspections and insurance proofs would be requested. They likely have a policy regarding at what point you're on the clock and off that is specified, with regard to workman's comp insurance (or whatever it's called for you). For instance, you're driving to work in the morning and have an accident or driving between clients or driving home from a client and have an accident. Do you use the co
  2. 8th grade plans for 2021-22: Jacob's algebra Self-paced Dive Science Integrated Chemistry/Physics. I'm trying very hard to drum up a group of kids who want to meet at my house for labs. TOG Yr 2 for history (with brother) Creative Writing with Blue Tent. She really wanted to do this. I hope it's worth the money. Any reviews? Literature class with another hs mom - moves way too fast and my kid ends up having to use audio books and not doing a lot of the assignments. This year, it has become more like a book club/social time, but dd is extremely extroverted and wan
  3. I have some anecdotes to share: These people live in a tourist area with millions of domestic and international tourists in a normal year and close-ish to a tech-city with a lot of international travel for work. In December 2019, there were many sick people as is typical in Decembers. A few interesting data points: A doc for a friend thought she had in in Feb 2020. He did a phone consult with the friend almost daily while she convalesced at home 4 weeks. She didn't have a +test. Covid wasn't officially in her area and she really didn't have any known contact with anyone who
  4. Have you tried Blue Tent? They have a semester long creative writing course.
  5. A family member of mine always had horrible foot odor. My dad was sure it was because of their diet. He would say, "What you eat comes out your feet!" My friend and I still say this when someone's feet smell bad and we both find it hilarious.
  6. I think this is absolutely what my sister is doing. I think deep down she knows it's not helpful and it's not kind. But at the same time, she's clearly not ready to face the pain. She & I have talked about the fact that she is hiding from her pain and that she's doing things to distract herself from what is truly going on. I think that's all she can manage at present. She knows I'll be available when she's ready to be together with us again. But she also knows we are going to live the days we still have.
  7. There is so much great advice and wisdom here. I'm so thankful. I'm really sorry that so many of you know what this is like for us, but hearing everyone's perspective is incredibly helpful and will move me towards healing and will allow me to understand better what's going on with my sister. My sister is in grief counseling. I sincerely think she's doing her best to figure out her new life. She & I have had conversations about how hard it is for her to be around my dd, and I'm willing to give my sister space and 'cover' for her temporarily while everything still feels so raw
  8. This is such a great example of the detective work that goes into figuring these things out. Once, after much time and consternation we stumbled upon the knowledge that it was ds's shampoo that was causing reactions. There is a lot of great advice here already. Because you mentioned she's always been a reluctant eater and the diary isn't giving you any leads, it's probably time for a GI visit. I'm sorry she's suffering. I hope you can figure it out quickly and that you all get some relief.
  9. +1 for Analytical Grammar. Also, I like Jensen's Grammar and/or Jensen's Writing. You can look at samples on Rainbow Resource. I've also used Rod & Staff year 5 or 6 as a foundation before entering our public high school English class. Rod & Staff has a remedial grammar course, as well. Milestone Books has samples online.
  10. I just wanted to quote this...this is exactly what I'm afraid of. It's so unfair for me to still have my sweet daughter but my sister doesn't have hers, and I can see how this will be a thousand stabs in all our hearts for ever. Especially as my dd gets closer to and then passes age 19. They are (were) the only two girls for that generation in our family. The rest are boys. I am so thankful to still have my dd. I can see how survivor's guilt is a thing. I 'm so thankful to have my girl still with me. But it's hard to allow that thankfulness when I know my sister is suffering so much.
  11. Thank you so much, everyone, for the kind words and condolences. Those kinds of acts of compassion have been healing. Instead of quoting all the things, I'll try to sum up. My sister is in counseling, and is doing her best to process her grief. I've had open and honest conversations with her and our mom about how her stance on this makes me feel. I haven't told dd that auntie feels this way, but we have talked about how grief has made auntie need to make different social choices to keep herself from being overwhelmed by her pain. DD seems to be ok with that, and does understand
  12. Update: Again, a very sincere thank you to everyone who chimed in and shared their experience, wisdom, and encouragement. This is such a painful thing to talk about, and I appreciate the support here. While I was still deciding what to do, my sister called and told me my dd was invited, and we went to my sister's for the weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday. There was a sadness that hung on all of us, except my dd. She was oblivious, and had a great time mostly because my sister spoiled her. We ate food from restaurants, ate my mom's favorite desserts, tried to do some crafting, tried to
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