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  1. I like the 1-1 interaction with a native speaker. How are their curriculum and teachers? Will we be able to see the teacher qualifications before signing up? Any experience? I would like to make sure their class give good foundation for the Spanish III and upper classes in public high school. Thank you!
  2. Hi there, Please advise me on an integrated math II online class that is also an a-g UC approved. My DC is an 8th grader at a public school and already finished Algebra 1 last school year with Chalkdust. This school year, DC is back at school in person and takes IM1 as it is the most advanced option the middle school offers. The school district doesn't let a student takes more advanced class online during the school time. DC doesn't mind to get some review during the school time and wants to continue IM2 online after school time. DC hopes to start 9th grade with IM3 or PreCal. A counselor at the high school DC is going to next year advises DC selecting an online IM2 class from the a-g UC approved courses list. I would like DC to get good foundation not just get it done. Reviews here mention Apex and Silicon Valley classes the check off the box type ones? How's about iLead and BYU? Any recommendation on any other places to look at? Thank you so much!
  3. Hi there, I am looking for an Integrated Math II class that is also a-g UC approved. Any experience with a good one? Thank you,
  4. Thank you. I hope to find a math class from a WASC accredited program and meet A-G requirements. Any recommendations for a good one?
  5. I am interested in both classes for DC who just finished half of Basic Math from Chalkdust. I would like to have DC in the accredited program that provides grading. Should I start DC in 6th grade in 6th grade Honor Math or Pre-Algebra at CTY?
  6. If your kids took writing classes with Lantern English before, any teachers there you would recommend. We hope to have a teacher who provides useful and detailed feedback. My kids completed several CTY Writing courses and it was hit and miss experience varied by teachers they got.
  7. DC has been using Chalkdust since Basic Math, Algebra 1 and now Geometry. He likes thorough explanations on the video lessons. We hope to transition DC to 9th grade in public school and certificate/grade upon completion the math course would be helpful for the placement. I am debating whether we should switch to a different math program with certificate/grade or an A-G course for Algebra 2. Any good ones would you recommend for Algebra 2 with thorough explanation? TIA!
  8. Thank you all for the wonderful advice. We are still waiting to hear back from the local high school on their protocol.
  9. Hi there, I am just wondering whether advanced homeschool kids were able to continue classes at their levels when they transitioned to public school. Any experience to share? Thank you!
  10. Hi there, Two of my middle school ages kids are very into speech and debate and we have done some classes with Outschool. I am just wondering whether there are any good programs/team to look into for more serious training and opportunity to be in the tournament. Thank you in advance!
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