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  1. This year, we are enjoying Dive science. Apologia and/or Master Books wasn't a good fit for us, either.
  2. My oldest had a significant underbite corrected about the same time. I was told that for boys especially, it's important to do this before puberty. He wore head gear for years and now has a permanent retainer. It wasn't a huge deal; the more faithful he was wearing his appliance (head gear) the better his outcome. It helps to be homeschooled, since he would wear it during the day. If he'd gone to PS, he wouldn't have worn his head gear during school. Overall, I think it was much less of a deal than braces later. I also recommend a second opinion, which means getting more than one qu
  3. My oldest graduated in May, had an excellent scholarship opportunity, and didn't go. I'm still really upset-probably because it's so recent. He is working a lot, saving money, and building a house. I'm not sure how things will turn out for him. I'm sad because I think he's choosing a much harder road than was available to him, but he keeps telling me he hated school (guess I did a *great* job homeschooling!) and couldn't imagine doing more of it. He has ideas and things he wants to do. He is a very hard worker and has great carpentry skills, so he has more work than he can possibly c
  4. I can really sympathize with you. We don't watch a lot of movies. Isn't there a company that will "clean up" a movie and send you the DVD? I can't remember the name, but it's not Vid Angel or Clearplay. I didn't see Oddball recommended, yet. It's adorable. There is a scene where an unmarried couple has 'their first breakfast together' but my kids think the guy came over for brekkie-there's nothing romantic portrayed. Adults will probably assume the couple has moved in together. There is another scene where the same couple travels together, but it's for work. What did you thin
  5. My son was born with severe, life threatening food allergies and had more than one anaphylactic reaction. It was horrible and terrifying. I prayed many, many times for healing. Actually, I was begging and wishing. He was so sick for so, so long. This kind of thing runs in my family, and it had not turned out well for one of my close relatives. After years of successfully living with the severe restrictions and obsessively caring for him, he had two accidental exposures that made him horribly sick about age 10ish. I was devastated, but very soon after that he was prayed for by a visitin
  6. Congratulations on making it through! Good for you for choosing exercise. That's the only thing that helps me with bad PMS, too. And sleep. Sugar always makes mine worse. I'll cast another vote for the rolling start whenever possible and delaying the non-outsourced classes. The first weeks of any school year for us (this year it's grades 7, 9, 11) are for gauging workload, tweaking, evaluating, ramping down, ramping up, whatever. Multum non multa is actually our school name.
  7. She should be keeping track, technically. That way she has her own record to compare with what her employer reports at the end of the year on her W-2. If she's already getting minimum wage, it's not as big of a deal, really. I'm glad she's getting tips on top of minimum wage. The software I'm familiar with records credit card tips according to whoever made the sale and that money is dispersed on paychecks. There is also a way to record cash tips in most payroll systems for tracking and reporting on W-2s. I'd guess that if the boss is paying out the cash tips, he/she is also recor
  8. Thank you. A million times (and it still wouldn't be enough) ❤️
  9. DH is still employed; job security has been/will be tenuous. DH & I are rebuilding a relationship, since we've been around each other so much. The kids were all going to PS in August, now they'll be home. This is unexpected and disappointing, but it's something to be thankful for, too. We've not been without food or water one time during a global pandemic. I know this is not universal. Human body immune systems. amazing. Good cops. I'm so thankful we did family portraits a few times while the kids were little. For Jesus and the Bible. I could go
  10. I love the Good Girl Moonshine recipe from Trim Healthy Mama. There are many variations, but I use 2-3 Tb of raw apple cider vinegar, 1-2 drop of Stevia, a pinch of ginger, a pinch of cayenne and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice in a pint sized (16 oz) mason jar. I fill 1/2 way with ice and the rest with water. It's so refreshing. Sometimes if I'm really dragging, I'll add the GGMS ingredients to a glass of iced tea and it's even better. An Emergen-C packet is also a nice pick me up, though expensive. Incidentally, are you able to get more sleep? I understand it's not always poss
  11. In addition to what others have said, I love toasted Ezekiel Bread with nutbutter and if I am craving sweets, I'll add honey.
  12. Can you explain the bolded? How can that be known?
  13. I see nothing wrong with this. 🙂 (seriously, though...this is how I make decisions, too. I think a lot of us do. And, for the record OCD would be more like working and reworking your chart compulsively just because you think you might've missed something. And also for the record, free thinkers NEED analytical thinkers and vice-versa.)
  14. I want to +1 the ideas of routine vs. schedule and outsourcing a class for each of your older students, if possible. 1) Chaos is hard for me, too. I only have 4 kids, but they're all close in age and 3 of them are very competitive boys. It only truly got better as they got older, I'm sorry to say. I had years of reminding them not to interrupt me or each other. Are the kids bothered by chaos or only you? Are your kids motivated by rewards? punishments? Perhaps you could really think about ways you might be encouraging the chaos and work from there? For us, it helped to have separ
  15. I will pray for you, too.
  16. This year, all my kids were going to a charter school and I was going to be the one in school. Then covid and stuff. So, my 11th grade plan: Chemistry online w/Schole Academy Alg2 w/Schole Academy He's supposed to take English and Welding at the PS. Our area is exploding with covid cases at present. We are a hot spot, but public school is supposed to start in three and a half weeks. Who knows if schools will open or if they will stay open? If he's home for English, we'll do Windows to the World and something? for the other 1/2 credit. Audio book literature list fr
  17. Funny because it's true! Though this weekend at my sister's in Gilbert, it's going to be like 120. 😮 And, she currently has the Rona. Double Whammy!
  18. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but: The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr Outliers by Malcom Galdwell How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie Atomic Habits by James Clear Never Get Angry Again by David Lieberman These are books off my personal reading list from last year. I think they're all appropriate for teens and most definitely written at a teen reading level.
  19. We had a grad ceremony, too. No covid cases came from it. Just adding another anecdote-not to be contentious, but to say that the grad ceremony =/= certain spread.
  20. We have a different situation, so I'll add it to share a different perspective. We have 2 over 16 and 2 under. Our kids have to purchase their own vehicles, insurance, registration, maintenance, and fuel. They are added on to our insurance policy, but pay their portion of the premium. The two who have done it so far have earned money through various jobs. The next one soon-to-turn 16 knows he'll have to buy his own vehicle and then pay for its operation. They run errands for me from time to time, but it's rare. Our kids aren't on our credit cards, though sometimes they'll take
  21. God King by Joanne Williamson is great! Hittite Warrior is also fascinating. We loved Rosemary Sutcliff, too. Especially Black Ships Before Troy (do you consider that ancient?).
  22. I knew a guy who would do this to his wife. She insisted she didn't like wild game, but he was sure she would like it, if she just tried it. She was an extremely picky eater and it irritated him. He would try to trick her. Once, they were eating at our house and we were grilling elk steaks (I didn't know she didn't like game, but I knew she was extremely picky). He tried to get me to lie so she'd eat it. Is that the kind of thing you're talking about? I couldn't believe he was such a controlling jerk! I thought he treated her like a child in general. This was just one example.
  23. True. Sorry about that. However, the east rim is accessible from the south rim entrance. I think that's the way Grace is going, anyway? When it's open, you can enter the park at Desert View, the end (or beginning if you're entering there) of the East Rim drive of GC when coming from the north, but that's pretty remote. Just FYI. The Navajo Nation is really struggling, for sure. Things are improving lately. Who knows what August will bring? The Grand Canyon area is excessively busy right now with a huge influx of tourism because it's open. Crazy busy, according to my family in
  24. Fun! The drive from Scottsdale to Grand Canyon is about 4 hours. The South Rim is made up of East and West Rims. You enter through the south rim, and then can go east or west from there. The North Rim would be too far away for you to see. There is a free shuttle service inside the park, and I think you can also walk along the rims on a paved trail. West is shorter and the vistas are closer together. East is more spread out. Parking is always an issue so get there as early as you can, especially if you have multiple large vehicles. Make sure everyone has good shoes, whether you pl
  25. FundaFunda uses the crash course videos in their course. https://www.fundafundaacademy.com/
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