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  1. I have no idea regarding any of my high school or middle school history, except these two small tidbits: 1) The hs 'social studies' teacher was the football coach and he spent the entire class period talking about whatever pro sport was in season and giving his picks for who would win that day's game. Small school = 1 hs ss teacher. True story. He was a great football coach, so not much else mattered. 2) I must've studied the middle ages in middle school because I did a project where I built a medieval castle. I brought it in to class the day it was due and my teacher said, "We'l
  2. Hello and welcome! Like the previous posters mentioned, this is widely variable. In my local PS, yes, I am able to walk in and say, "Put my son in your AP Calc class." That's all I have to do. Our local administration is very friendly towards homeschoolers, employs hs parents as substitute teachers, and welcomes any and all hs students for classes, clubs, sports, whatever. 60 miles away, it's the opposite. It takes an act of congress (almost) to place your kid in a high school class, even though the laws are the same for both places. And if you enroll your previously hs'd student
  3. It's a great idea! My dad is a naturalized citizen and I remember him studying for and passing this test. It was a very proud day for him.
  4. I can share what I'm doing, and maybe there's something useful in it for you. There are two schools in my area considered to be fairly rigorous. They both have sections, Student Resources, on their websites for helping teens with mental health including articles and videos on dealing with health, nutrition, stress, anxiety, test taking skills, life balance, time management, etc. I pulled resources from there.
  5. My rising 10th grade plans: 1- Alg 2 with VPSA 1- Logic with VPSA 1- Clover Creek Physics 1- English with the local ps 1- Welding with the local ps 1/2- Medieval History - using TOG yr 2 history reading list only - light style; he strongly dislikes history (gasp!). 1/2- Spanish - unsure of materials yet. I have a collection to choose from at home already. This will be causal and light. 1/2- ASL with a friend who teaches a weekly class This son also works 2 jobs and does martial arts, mountain biking, and golf with the high school teams. He fights
  6. The civics test is a requirement in Arizona. My niece & nephew graduated in Arizona and passed the test with no problem, and I've heard from multiple (across all ability levels) people the civics test in AZ is extremely easy. Are you looking for a way to fulfill the requirement? I think homeschoolers are exempt in AZ, and that it doesn't have to be noted on a transcript. Can you check your local state regs?
  7. ^This, and especially this: The bad news about capital gains on real estate Your $250,000 or $500,000 exclusion typically goes out the window, which means you pay tax on the whole gain, if any of these factors are true: The house wasn’t your principal residence. At a minimum you'll repay depreciation. Make sure you talk to your CPA before you sell. Good luck! https://www.irs.gov/faqs/sale-or-trade-of-business-depreciation-rentals
  8. What about DIVE science? I haven't used ASPC, but I have enjoyed all the Novare science we've used so far.
  9. @madteaparty There is a solutions manual and a teacher's manual. They are both valuable tools that I use all the time, but they should be one book, IMO. There isn't much help teaching the material included in either book. They contain schedules, solving steps, answers, extra problem sets, tests, etc. I'm sorry everything sucks right now! I console myself with the reminder that feelings are temporary and they change. I hope you take a restful break.
  10. +1 But, I'll try to contribute. Hits: Windows to the World by IEW. I was worried I missed the window (ha) to use this, but it was great for 9th. Still love Jacob's Geometry Novare Chemistry Potential to be a hit with a motivated student: DIVE Biology + lab kit from Home Science Tools: great content, but it's self-paced. Not the best for my school-avoidant manchild. Misses: TOG. I've used this for 14 years now. I got so bogged down this year! We skipped a lot. 😕
  11. Murder on the Orient Express - I love Agatha Christie's intelligent writing. No smut, no junk, not depressing. The Importance of Being Earnest - Hilarious! Most 8th graders will appreciate the type of humor, I think. Around the World in 80 Days or Journey to the Center of the Earth - I love the vocabulary and intelligent writing. The Hobbit - Why not? I really like to avoid depressing books in 8th grade. It's typically a hard time emotionally.
  12. This is what is familiar to me, as well. I grew up in northern arizona, which has and still does massive prescribed burns every year (they are not called controlled burns anymore because they used to routinely get out of control. lol.) It's a massive undertaking. The Kaibab National forest is 1.6 million acres that is sparsely populated but heavily used for recreation. There are several large cattle ranching operations as well. The Hot Shot crews begin working to clear underbrush as early as possible, after snow melts and roads are passable. They burn as much as possible when it's safe.
  13. I can't add to the great advice already given, but I feel compelled to give props to you, @ktgrok , for having a 5th grade dyslexic student who reads on grade level! That's a lot of work and dedication from teacher and student. Great job!
  14. It seems unreasonable from an employee perspective, but reasonable from risk management perspective. A few specific thoughts: If you're using your personal vehicle on company time, I can see where inspections and insurance proofs would be requested. They likely have a policy regarding at what point you're on the clock and off that is specified, with regard to workman's comp insurance (or whatever it's called for you). For instance, you're driving to work in the morning and have an accident or driving between clients or driving home from a client and have an accident. Do you use the co
  15. 8th grade plans for 2021-22: Jacob's algebra Self-paced Dive Science Integrated Chemistry/Physics. I'm trying very hard to drum up a group of kids who want to meet at my house for labs. TOG Yr 2 for history (with brother) Creative Writing with Blue Tent. She really wanted to do this. I hope it's worth the money. Any reviews? Literature class with another hs mom - moves way too fast and my kid ends up having to use audio books and not doing a lot of the assignments. This year, it has become more like a book club/social time, but dd is extremely extroverted and wan
  16. I have some anecdotes to share: These people live in a tourist area with millions of domestic and international tourists in a normal year and close-ish to a tech-city with a lot of international travel for work. In December 2019, there were many sick people as is typical in Decembers. A few interesting data points: A doc for a friend thought she had in in Feb 2020. He did a phone consult with the friend almost daily while she convalesced at home 4 weeks. She didn't have a +test. Covid wasn't officially in her area and she really didn't have any known contact with anyone who
  17. Have you tried Blue Tent? They have a semester long creative writing course.
  18. A family member of mine always had horrible foot odor. My dad was sure it was because of their diet. He would say, "What you eat comes out your feet!" My friend and I still say this when someone's feet smell bad and we both find it hilarious.
  19. I think this is absolutely what my sister is doing. I think deep down she knows it's not helpful and it's not kind. But at the same time, she's clearly not ready to face the pain. She & I have talked about the fact that she is hiding from her pain and that she's doing things to distract herself from what is truly going on. I think that's all she can manage at present. She knows I'll be available when she's ready to be together with us again. But she also knows we are going to live the days we still have.
  20. There is so much great advice and wisdom here. I'm so thankful. I'm really sorry that so many of you know what this is like for us, but hearing everyone's perspective is incredibly helpful and will move me towards healing and will allow me to understand better what's going on with my sister. My sister is in grief counseling. I sincerely think she's doing her best to figure out her new life. She & I have had conversations about how hard it is for her to be around my dd, and I'm willing to give my sister space and 'cover' for her temporarily while everything still feels so raw
  21. This is such a great example of the detective work that goes into figuring these things out. Once, after much time and consternation we stumbled upon the knowledge that it was ds's shampoo that was causing reactions. There is a lot of great advice here already. Because you mentioned she's always been a reluctant eater and the diary isn't giving you any leads, it's probably time for a GI visit. I'm sorry she's suffering. I hope you can figure it out quickly and that you all get some relief.
  22. +1 for Analytical Grammar. Also, I like Jensen's Grammar and/or Jensen's Writing. You can look at samples on Rainbow Resource. I've also used Rod & Staff year 5 or 6 as a foundation before entering our public high school English class. Rod & Staff has a remedial grammar course, as well. Milestone Books has samples online.
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