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  1. This is my life right now. My 3rd child was so difficult for a long time, and dh frequently works on Sunday, so it's all on me. Many times both child and I end up in tears, the discipline required would be more distracting and is difficult to administer when I have other kids to watch too. My fourth isn't much easier and stopping him from being too noisy/boisterous is impossible on my own. It is abundantly clear that I suck at this parenting gig and can't control my toddler...
  2. I thought that the no food thing was in case of needing surgery... I vomited in all my labours, a sign that it was kicking into gear. I was always told (by my midwives) to eat and drink as necessary. I have friends with bullying ob stories and they don't see it, 'he saved my baby!' - maybe if he hadn't induced you over a week early because he was going on Christmas leave, he wouldn't have had to save you...
  3. This this this! And add his dad's instincts in too. My DD, nt, wasn't really into friends until about 7-8. She was just shy and I refused to push her. Now she has some good friends, makes more wherever we go and is well liked by everyone. I really wouldn't worry at 6. Family, Sunday school and play dates are truly enough.
  4. You know, if this is someone that you want to build a relationship with then I'd be very honest. Like, "you're very sweet to think that, but I silent scream in the bathroom as much as anyone. Life is just hard sometimes. We're both moms doing our best and I like you too much to get stuck in the mommy wars with you, you are more than a working mom and I'm more than a homeschooling mom." Then *change the subject to something other than work or kids!*
  5. I haven't seen anyone mention the Fairyland series by Valente, DD and I loved it: Alice in wonderland? Phantom tollbooth?
  6. Hi everyone, Trying to get my head around writing for my 5-6th ish girl. I've listened to swb's middle school writing recording, twice, and I'm having a hard time articulating to myself the difference between a narrative summary sentence and a main point outline sentence. Can you help? FYI, this year (jan-dec) DD is doing narrations from A Midsummer nights dream and main point outline sentences from her history readings. I'm needing to clarify this in my mind so that I can make sure her assignments are appropriate. Thanks!
  7. I've seen that movie! Honestly, the whole anti dance thing is so bizarre to me. The churches I was a part of tended to view it as a joyful expression. I had no idea that people really banned it until footloose!
  8. This parenting gig isn't easy! We have all been there. I find that doing your due diligence with research takes you only so far. In the end, it's just you and your children at the table - trust your judgement! The teachers manuals are like enhanced versions of the student books - same text but with answers/prompts/exercises etc. Many people just get the teacher books.
  9. I use fll 2 days a week and MCT 2 days. If a topic overlaps then I skip it from one.
  10. Don't skip sentence island! We loved it! I agree with pp, grammar and practice island are about analysing other sentences, sentence island is more about how to craft your own sentence. We enjoyed music of the hemispheres in a similar way to what you describe. Low key is totally fine. We liked it but it often fell by the wayside with time pressures, don't think we finished it... I think choosing to enjoy poetry without a curriculum is more than fine. My DD is also a much more intuitive learner than my son, who requires more specific instruction and practice. He's very bright and loves to read, but his spelling and handwriting were atrocious! We are spending time remediating that! Both love the grammar island series. I don't recall any religious stuff in the books at all. You sound like a conscientious parent, trust your instincts!
  11. Sounds good to me too. Maybe give him a chart afterwards so he can think it over and jot down ideas? My DD and I have a note book where we write to each other.
  12. I'm drawing out our BA time with human endeavour that alte veste linked above, and life of Fred preA series. DD loves all of them.
  13. I think beast is a perfect fun, deep and problem solvingy math to supplement Saxon. But my 6th grader is doing (and loving) 3 different math books so maybe don't ask me!
  14. You know what I think is a better reason for homeschooling? Wanting to! Sleeping in and no school logistics are big bonuses! X100 when the little ones come along. If you want to do it, then own it! Homeschooling is a valid choice, you don't need an excuse.
  15. So jealous! When are you coming to Australia SWB? :D You're a real asset to the homeschooling community, thanks for everything you do! Also, just have to join the 10yrs/4kids club.
  16. We totally had parties when parents were away... Just about every weekend there was a house party or two. That was how we spent year 11 & 12, school, part time job, party! Not much sleep though. Amazingly, we didn't get up to anything too crazy and all graduated with decent marks, we were otherwise good kids and most of our parents didn't really care.
  17. Looks fine to me too, trust your instincts! Have a great year!
  18. My dh works a rotating roster (1 week morning shift, 1 week night shift, 1 week afternoon shift). We have more of a daily routine rather than schedule. We just shift the routine an hour or so earlier/later as needed. It is tough. He used to work all nights and if we had sent the kids to school he would never have seen them, he was asleep by 3 and not home from work until 9 or so...
  19. We're 7 weeks in to our year. DD is 11 in July and is doing a sort of 5/6th combination year. Math: finish BA4D, BA 5 as it is released. Life of Fred pre-a series. Mathematics a human endeavour - she loves this! Logic: fallacy detective - another hit. History: finish the second half of Diana Waring's RRR, including Plague from rfwp. I also have her practice outlining and essays in history. LA: pieced together. We are doing a journal, including poetry and nature. We are slow reading a midsummer night's dream and working through CW's poetry for beginners. We may do some creative writing later in the year. Spelling by sound and structure 6 and grammar voyage level. Languages: Latin- she finished gswl. We're doing fabulae ceciliae now and will probably begin with Henle later in the year. Russian - Rosetta stone. Art: virtual instructor videos. Science: units using bfsu2. We're just finishing astronomy. We'll do some chemistry, biology and botany (probably using quark). Observations in the nature journal. Violin lessons and sport for fun (mostly swimming, bikes, tennis) I think that's it. It's working well so far, only science is difficult to get to sometimes...
  20. DD is about half way through the secrets of drawing course. For a while there she was taking any opportunity to teach her siblings and friends how to do 2 point perspective drawings.
  21. I will pay you good money if you write a beginning Russian book for elementary/middle school! Writing curriculum - not necessarily homeschool. Do you enjoy working with kids? What about taking up conducting in your choir? Composing? Starting a children's choir (one of my life long dreams)? Learn an instrument? Learn to make an instrument? Could you just do your own research, for your own interest, and share with like-minded people? I don't have any idea how feasible that would be! I'm out of ideas. You can help me write up my business plan if you like, it's big and daunting and I'm procrastinating! hahaha I currently have a toddler climbing me, your life sounds lovely and stimulating, but I suspect I couldn't come close to your aptitude or energy (says the introverted homebody!)
  22. I know parents who, while struggling, were able to set a baseline minimum of independent school stuff for their (reading well) 8 year old. Just a list in their room to work through. Then unschooled or worked in other things as able. I mention this with the caveat that the 8 year old is neurotypical and generally compliant, the mom is very serious about taking care of her mental health (regular psych appointments) and there are many more good periods than bad, there are fewer children - and some go to preschool, they have a cleaner. I agree that your later posts about 'bad days' are normal, and I'd find it hard to believe that bad days like that would lead to the difficult behaviour. I don't know if putting your kids in school is the best idea or not. But from here, worrying about scheduling and books is akin to doing the dishes while your house is on fire! You really do need to try and deal with the fire first - your and your child's mental health. I applaud you for making appointments for your DD, please look after yourself too and don't minimise your needs. Your family needs you to be healthy and you deserve to be.
  23. I don't have much advice, but I read your post and I'm here. Your oldests behaviour would concern me, I'm glad that you're getting help. I do know people who home school with some fairly severe mental health issues, they know their limits and make sure that they have support. Are you taking care of yourself? Have you thought about other ways to get some help? Cleaner? Mother's helper? Preschool for the younger ones? Homeschooling those ages is difficult at the best of times (btdt!) So I'd be keeping things very simple, times 10 while you're in the beginning stages of helping your DD. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
  24. Thank you! I think I just decided what we're doing for the botany unit I had scheduled for later this year!
  25. Ok, thanks soror, just realised that it wouldn't load on this device! No wonder I struggled to see it yesterday! Can I just ask where you guys buy the McHenry book from? It's minimum $55AU (bookdepository) so far that I can see...
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