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  1. What is your passion for? I started learning piano in my 20s with 2 small kids (& one on the way!). And just start reading the classics - the well educated mind is great, it has lists. You'll find that many classics have earned the name for good reason! I read many via audiobook while cleaning up in the evening! And don't minimize what you will learn alongside your children! My nearly 11 year old has more education (homeschooled) now than I ever had, we learn a lot together! It's never too late and it is so interesting! Good for you!
  2. I thought long and hard about what was important to us at the moment and I made some tough choices. We do 3 longer days 9-3ish), one midweek short day (2hrs max) and one 'music lessons and poetry/art with friends' day. And my house is a bomb, kids help with chores (mobilise my resources as my MIL would say lol) and I cook as minimal as I can. I used to love cooking lavish meals but no more. I don't do it all, not even close. I do do enough of the important things, most of the time, sometimes...
  3. I would give the 4th grader a checklist of stuff that he can do independently. Things like copy work or assigned reading. I would go through the list with them first and explain the expectations. I would probably have a reward in place for completing correctly without interrupting you. Watch his concentration soar lol. Then I would send him to do his list at one side of the table, while you work with the younger two and I would combine them as much as possible. Even if they both are doing the same subject at their own level, you can be in math mode and get the 2nd grader to do some math facts review while teaching the 1st grader, then switch. Let the first grader play with c-rods while you work with the 2nd grader. I would spend about half an hour or so on this then let the younger two do an activity (that has a natural end! Like, read a picture book and draw me your favorite part), I would then work with the older one on the same topic - so math. That's about an hour all up, then I'd repeat the pattern with the next subject. This is generally how I manage my days with a 6th, 3rd, k and toddler. And it's crazy lol! Good luck!
  4. Some weeks are like that and with only little ones you can get away with it. I agree with Jean that at some stage you will need to think about where your time needs to be spent. I also agree with Minerva that a routine is important, just add one thing at a time until that thing is done consistently (so, morning routine/chores, then morning routine/chores & math, then morning, math and LA etc) *Hugs*, hope next week is better, I wouldn't have gotten anything done with all that out of the house stuff! You will find your groove and it will be fine!
  5. I insist on music as important as any school subject. I value downtime and peaceful, calm family time. I will not sign up for something that requires multiple lessons/practice times a week (btdt). I haven't found a sport yet that fits our values or schedule so we do incidental, family based activity. Pool, tennis, bike riding, walks etc. I would possibly like to get the kids into either swimming or martial arts in the next couple of years, but it's not a high priority.
  6. Oh goodness! Prayers for you guys. And yes, we're in a situation like that (not health related) right now and it is affecting me. I woke up this morning with a half composed letter in my mind...
  7. Yes, I was thinking that writing does it for me too. I tend to love a particular author's writing. I think it does for dh too - we both sighed over Lovecraft's writing (I know - weird). Scripture definitely - I strongly prefer certain translations. And Chopin. And frequently the night sky. And some art but generally only in a gallery... I also think that it can be dulled after overexposure, learning to play Chopin's raindrop makes it happen less - like all the mystery is lost in over analysis.
  8. My friend bought the poetry book - not realising that it went with a level, she thought it was for highschool/adults and worked through it herself! She found it excellent, though I'm not sure of details. She was shocked when I told her that it was for middle school ish - she's a highschool English teacher by trade lol! As a result she is determined to use the MCT books, starting island straight away with her 3rd grader. If you have a specific question I can ask.
  9. Congratulations!!! That's fantastic work! I'm about 24lbs down so far too.
  10. We all bring our baggage. I watched my mother crash and burn 3 out of 4 marriages (the first ended before I came along) because she just could not yield on anything. I won't have that marriage, and the guy I picked wouldn't have it either. That comes with its own issues, but we are still very happy 13 years later - longer than any relationship I saw growing up. That said, I do not give marriage advice or expect others to have marriages like mine. Dh and I are unique people who have our own groove. Ftr- he would pick the tree/paint because I don't care at all. I would pick the bedspread and he mostly wouldn't care. We have each picked mattresses - mostly based on price!
  11. Sigh, love that book! We did it for our first homeschool book club and it was a huge hit!
  12. Similar here, except I do the budget and he does the shopping! He's a dominant personality (although quiet and reserved and respectful), he's a very deep and detailed thinker - he's got plans a-z organised before I've had my coffee. He also loves us deeply and has strong ethical convictions so 99% of the time I trust his judgement (or, I try to ;) ) I am much more naturally a follower who wings most of what I do - I provide the flexibility! We also spur each other on and encourage each other. No one makes me a better person like he does, and vice versa. We are both very stubborn and have had some memorable 'heated discussions'. Overall, we're a good team and work well together- better each year - but he's definitely the boss/driver. Even Homeschooling was his idea first ;)
  13. We put them to music - usually their violin pieces. Go tell aunt rhody is the 6x lol. After a while I do drill and coach them to trust their memory so they can use the individual facts rather than sing through the whole song.
  14. We have the same issue with read alouds and picture books. Thanks for your reply, I'm thinking about yours and sahamamama's ideas, filing them in case I need to tweak things. Thank you!
  15. Lol! It makes my girl feel very grown up and gives her some feeling of control I think. Awww, thank you. The subject blocking is easier for my brain, I can do math mode etc better than scattered, I'm a bit of a scatterbrain naturally so big, clearly defined blocks is helpful!
  16. I could cry at this reply, thank you! Sounds great, thanks for your reply!
  17. Haha, yes. You have no idea how vindicated I feel that other people recognise this! Somehow I keep thinking that it should be easier... Lots to think about here, thanks! Million dollar question! Scheduling too much and too complicated, my brain cannot focus on all the detailed schedule stuff (like in MOTH) and still run lessons. So then I swing too far in the other direction and we just randomly do what we can as we can, which means that it's chaos, little kids miss out and older ones push boundaries. The actual work we were doing was good, it's simply the time management issues, and I don't want to be pushing to finish at 4pm or later... Yes! Sounds familiar! I'm quite happy with their ability to work independently, though they can be distracted - so can I! Thank you for your post, I appreciate it!
  18. Yes, that's a good way to see it, thanks! I've tried to put the family and important subjects first, so that the younger ones can disappear and play after LA if they are just done.
  19. Thank you! That is encouraging. Do you loop everything? How far ahead do you plan, or is it mostly just do the next thing?
  20. Thank you! I'm trying to recapture some joy and free time for my younger two, they've unfortunately had the short straw in terms of quality time.
  21. Wow! Thanks for the feedback guys, I so appreciate it! I will come back for a more detailed read and reply, but just on independent work - my older two are very good at working independently and I expect them to spend time each block working independently on that subject. My daughter gets a weekly checklist and my son gets a daily checklist so they know what to go on with. Part of my issue has been that DD looooves the checklist and loves to choose what to do when - she actually does a very good job of rationing out her work over the week - but the teaching time is quite chaotic because I don't know what she'll want to do in our meeting time. With the subject blocking I can control for that a bit better.
  22. Thanks everyone! Just writing it all out helps. Critterfixer, I have similar concerns about the LA block but I'm trying to incorporate the writing more with history/lit. My oldest son works at a snail's pace and I am working with him on neatness/carefulness, so he won't have too much downtime! He's also my most diligent child with his chores in the morning. My 5 year old loves downtime and plays very happily in between. He likes to be left alone to do his own thing. He also loves Fiar so drawing him back shouldn't be too hard.
  23. So, following some previous threads and 2 weeks of total burnout (outside stresses!) I've put together a new schedule for us. We have been missing things like memory work, reading together and just a nice family atmosphere; instead being stuck in getting through the list mode with no joy or spare time - we also desperately need to work on habits/chores. These last two weeks I have let them mostly run free. They have pleasantly surprised me in many ways - lots of craft, reading, playing together, being outside. I've enjoyed the opportunity to read, listen to podcasts and refresh my homeschooling batteries. So with all of this whirling through my mind - distraction from stress!- I've decided that we need a change. Compounding the difficulty in sticking to a schedule, my husband works a rotating roster and I have a 2 year old. My kids are nearly 11, 8.5, 5.5 and 2. The 5.5 year old is just reading but not yet fluent/confident. I'm just not sure if it is enough, especially for my oldest (nearly 11, 5th/6th ish). Organisation is not my strong suit, I tend to cram in too much and freeze when we fall behind. I cannot keep a strict, detailed schedule, I've tried... I've done subject blocks before and it works well for us. Each block is an hour, each kid gets at least 15mins direct teaching time per hour and I'm still there if they need help. I'd love some opinions! 3 days a week our schedule will be as follows- ideally we'd be done by 2-3pm and they have the afternoon for free time/music practice/reading/chores. They will have the opportunity to get their practice/chores done before school if they are diligent ;) Block 1: basket time - Bible/copy work/memory work, reading aloud our novel, reading from various science/history/picture books/biography and narrations* Block 2: math block - rotating through the kids. Block 3: la - start with DD- dictation/writing from main point* from basket readings*, our Shakespeare study, then she goes on with spelling & MCT mostly independently. Ds8 starts with spelling & handwriting (independent), then I do dictation* and fll/MCT with him. Then I work with ds5 with phonics, handwriting and reading. Block 4: languages. Older 2 alternate Russian (Rosetta stone) and Latin while I do Fiar with the little ones. Block 5: history (2x) or science (1x). Reading together then assignment/project/experiment. Wednesday will be lighter as we either have homeschool group or library. They'll have spelling, maths, languages review and DD will also have logic. Less than 2hrs all up. Friday is our music lessons day (they all take violin lessons) and with another family we cover Bible study and Art and a field trip about once a month/bimonthly. I don't know, it seems like a lot and not enough at the same time... Am I doomed to being too busy? We have a lot of land and they spend plenty of time bike riding/climbing trees etc. The toddler has plenty of craft, toy drawers, outside equipment, books. He likes to cause trouble lol. Clear as mud? Yep, that's how I feel...
  24. Any recommendations for books under $40-50 each?! Yikes, you guys are killing my bank balance!!! ;)
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