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  1. Never mind... I was looking for support not criticism...
  2. I already addressed that in my previous post... I am aware of the irony..
  3. Oh come on! Somebody! :) haha.. I know... See this is the reaction of all my friends... But I know there are people out there! :) Eta... :) this is why it's so hard! Sahm's who are isolated pretty much ONLY have screens to communicate...so limiting it or moderating it is particularly hard... Therefor the need for the chat group... To help support those who ARE trying to set healthy boundaries... For us that means Friday night movie night... And weekend iPad time for mama... :)
  4. These books are literally wrapped up for my kids best friend's birthday present tomorrow.... They are just enough precoscious for a kid to relate to... They meet them where they are at... But very sweet and entertaining... We have read them 3 times...
  5. I ended up getting the Rhythm of handwriting ebook which is perfect for us starting out... And I think we will continue on with Zaner Bloser 2c etc... After that... Thank you all! Eta: that lamonator and pro click I bought on clearance years ago are SO paying off lately... :)
  6. We live in the country and feral cats are all over... We have 2 outdoor cats (that found us... One a feral kitten we found and one that was probably dumped on the road)... We have one indoor cat that was feral but very sick when we found her... She is unhappy outdoors, very skittish, and lives inside... If you live in the country, the real country, there are probably feral cats around... One cat we have who is now outside was miserable inside... Bored, tried to sneak outside, I felt the same as you... Then she took to sneaking in our bedroom and pooping right under where I slept during the night... She was... Not... Happy... She is now a very happy, very healthy outdoor cat... We have dogs that chase away large predators, they have heated kitty condos if it is cold... Maybe a kitty patio or something might work... But I will say that what makes my cats happy is walking around our property, sleeping in the sun, chasing bugs ( and other things yes) and generally being a farm cat... Eta: we have acreage.. If you have close neighbors or busy streets that's more complicated... We live rurally, and there's more of the farm attitude around here... But I just wanted to pipe in because I know for certain that my 2 outdoor cats are living far happier lives outside. My indoor one? Also happy as a clam hiding out till it's dark then snuggling on the couch with me... Animals are all different. Good luck... I have worked in animal rescue before and a spayed/neutered, wormed, flea prevented outdoor cat who is fed has a life 10 times better than many who are either feral or euthanized... Good luck... I find cats obnoxiously hard to train, we only have ours cause they found us... :) I hope you can work it out that he stays inside if that's what you want... But cats will be cats... :)
  7. What kind of program? BFSU is what we're planning on using... Science is one of those things that in the earlier grades I think everyone does very differently... But in terms of a curriculum that builds understanding and skill BFSU is what we have chosen... But frankly? For us right now we just go outside, and go to the library... For my science inclined kids they have enough natural interest in it to just follow their lead...
  8. Hi! I am wondering what some others of you might have done for LA... I have a kiddo who desperately seems to want more advanced LA in terms of understanding, concepts, narration, etc... BUT who seems to still need phonics and handwriting support... I am thinking of going more pure Charlotte Mason (basically not using a single darn workbook) so that our discussions, narrations, passages, literature, etc... can all be more advanced, without him thinking that he is working on the other skills "behind"... It complicates things because his younger sister is ahead in what he is behind, and he is VERY sensitive and I don't want him to lose confidence... The only problem is that my schedule is insane, I have no support or child care, and I had literally just decided to use workbooks more so that I could have a bit more time that want quite so one on one with them... Any curriculum recommendations or ways you all have done this? Especially if you had a full plate or youngers at the time... :) thanks!
  9. I was JUST looking at Rhythm of Handwriting... it looks like it would really work for my kiddos... I will look up Getty Dubay... Thank you all!
  10. Thanks! "Script style" was the only thing I could think of calling it to make it clear... :) I like New American... Was wondering about Zander bloser... Thank you!
  11. For one who struggles with motor skills which curriculum has the simplest font?
  12. Bumping this because I was about to ask the same thing and did a search first... Anyone?
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