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  2. I am so glad to read a positive update. I think about your daughter from time to time (particularly when I’m worried about something one of my daughters is doing on a horse, to be perfectly honest). Thank you for coming back with an update!
  3. Not just the elderly. Those of us with arthritis in our feet are also afraid of dogs knocking us over.
  4. I like mine. BUT my oven heats up the whole house, I think something is wrong with how it vents, so the airfryer is awesome. I love making sweet potato wedges in it and roasted potatoes. It makes great chicken wings. I use two times a week.
  5. First update stems from my post about DD23 and her BF. Not only did he tell his parents, but apparently they surprised him and were very happy, plus, they invited her to dinner tomorrow night. DD23 is over the moon thrilled. For Disney fans, you know that line from Frozen..."Don't know if I'm elated or gassy...but I'm somewhere in that zone!" Yep, that's where DD is right now. She plans to call me tomorrow as soon as the dinner is over. She is also thinking that maybe....he really was just way more freaked out than was potentially warranted. I will keep folks here updated. I also want to say....even presuming this goes well....that doesn't really mean rings or dates will be coming soon. All it really means is that discussions will still proceed. Even so, I hope it goes really well tomorrow. Second update, unrelated, but kind of a funny. Earlier this week I talked about DH and his "issues" with how the house is kept and his terrible timing. Well, discussions, very mild ones were had... Today is Saturday. Most Saturdays go down like this: I wake up between 6:30 and 7:30am, naturally. I finish the grocery list, get dressed, etc. There could be some dishes or laundry done, or perhaps some kid management if they wake up early. I am usually leaving between 8:30 and 9am. Most of the time, kids are just waking up either just before or within the timeframe that I head out. Depending on the shopping trip, I am usually home sometime between noon and 2. And during that time I am gone, the person I live with usually watches fishing shows on YouTube, gets the 6yr old out of his Goodnight and into some clothes, and usually makes some nuggets for the kids to eat...pours some milk, etc. Once I get home, he hollars from his seat for the kids to get their shoes or clothes to get the groceries unloaded, then asks what's for lunch. Today I had a scout thing with DD10. I went shopping after. When I got home, everyone was dressed. And....had eaten. AND........he told the kids to unload AS HE WAS PUTTING ON HIS SHOES. Then...............after they were unloaded, I went potty and...........................................he started putting them away?!?!?!?!?!? Without being asked. And he asked where things went if he didn't know (instead of doing something like putting refrigerated stuff in the pantry.) Oh...oh...............AND......he asked about the trash pick up schedule for the holiday weekend!?!?!?!?!?!? Trash pick up day is the fact that he thought to ask about the holiday schedule made me do a double take. Sometimes............boys are dumb. And sometimes, they can be taught lol
  6. I'm probably over thinking this whole thing, but since I don't really read and write Spanish myself, I have to be attentive to make sure that their Spanish literacy is not stagnating. In the ideal world, I'd like for them to be able to read and write equally well in English and Spanish by the time that they get to highschool, so we still have time.
  7. Following since I was wondering the same thing
  8. poor kiddos; I really think they should have done more comprehensive testing when you put them in (I think they should do this more often for incoming homeschoolers) and let you know if they thought there'd be a problem advancing with the class, being so close to the end of the year. It sounds like they dropped the ball and I'm irritated on your behalf. We put our oldest 3 (8th, 5th, 1st) in PS this past Oct., and they did no entrance testing. Oldest DD has been in PS before and was tested into the gifted program so she had that paperwork and they enrolled her in Alg. and the gifted pull-out based on that, but for whatever reason they didn't put her in the advanced Language Arts class, which eventually determines placement and access to APs in HS. At semester they let her switch, but it was on her own request - it never would have occured to them independently. DS (5th) was the top reader in his grade by many degrees (700 AR points vs the next highest kid had 200!) and the top student in his math class, but they only recommended he move up to the advanced ELA and math classes for next year; they didn't entrance test him or even ask what his strengths were. It worked out, but I can definitely see it having gone the other way - there was just not a lot of direction on their end.
  9. Or Australia. You only get it if you fix your booya. -OBB
  10. Oh dear; I'm sure it could, but it does sound exhausting, especially with the age spread. I hope your summer is restful! DD was still home during this time. It was fine because she's largely independent and generally cooperative. So far we haven't had the middle school drama I keep hearing about. And the other two were at the same school, so it was probably the easiest scenario of "some in, some out" that could possibly be. But it felt like family life had to be squished to each end of the day; it was just new and uncomfortable. My youngest let me know tonight that he doesn't want to go back to the same school so that he won't be embarrassed there. The oldest boy (middle child) is fine with going back and making new friends with the rising 5th graders. DD most emphatically does not want to go at all. She tells me nearly every day.
  11. I’d suggest a 5 foot size limit on snakes, especially if untilities are included. The really big ones take a lot of power to keep warm. I think Canine Good Citizen should be a requirement for any ESA dog that goes out in public. It’s not expensive to test and usually there are low cost classes available, too.
  12. oh my. i'm in Washington. pot shops everywhere.
  13. Today
  14. If Slache decides she doesn't want BFSU I am interested; I have the first volume. It's a curriculum Booyah!
  15. You only have to pronounce it if you are from England.
  16. Place names were like that in California. El Segundo--the middle syllable is pronounced like the word gun. San Pedro has a like Apple and e like East. I lived in both those cities for several years and it drove me bonkers the whole time.
  17. ok - we're finally replacing my car. it will probably be used, no more than 4/5 years old. so recent at least. I've driven the highlander awd (platinum) and the pilot awd (not sure - leather) , and not been completely satisfied with either. i do want 3rd row, and middle captains chairs, roof rack, blue tooth would be great! towing pkg etc. etc. any suggestions? I tracked dd's car down online - then we went and looked at the dealers who had one. - and i figure a dealer whose pictures have snow on the ground - are more likely to want it off their lot (if they have it for six months - they pay more.)
  18. Just putting this out there....... Several years ago my favorite high school teacher was offered early retirement after a long series of issues with the district. She took a part time gig at one of the national strip mall type learning centers and before the year was out found herself managing it. She enjoyed it there and stayed several years. Wondering if this might be a path to the tutoring......
  19. Many years ago we had a couple of rental properties. They weren't the nicest places, but we still didn't want them damaged. We did allow pets because we are animal lovers and knew it is hard for people to find rentals that allow pets. It worked in our favor because we got better applicants since we allowed pets. One woman was in veterinary school and had pets but couldn't find anywhere nicer that would allow her to keep her animals. She was the best tenant we ever had and her and her animals did significantly less damage than some of our previous tenants. I know that animals can cause a lot of own cats have damaged things in my house, so I think it should always be up to the landlord.
  20. It's great that you've identified an area where you can grow--and that could really shift your job search. Amy
  21. Yeah, I was offered a job at a Christian school, for only 10% less than the local PS district, BUT, what they didn't explain is that the retirement was pretty much nothing and there was 0 health insurance in retirement, making the PS exponentially more when you looked into the future earnings. But I am sure they aren't all the same. MOST of the private schools offer benefits like free or reduced tuition for your own kids, which would have benefited me a long time ago, but not now.
  22. Totally agree that men often approach job searching in an entirely different way than women. Apply for jobs you'd like on the timeline that works for you. Personally that's not my initial instinct, but I see (and am learning from) the impact on the career progression of men in my life. Amy
  23. I refuse to pronouce the "h" in "herb"; I don't care what Martha Stewart says.
  24. I live mine and use it often. It is an off brand (I’ll have to look at the name). I mostly use it to cook up chicken breasts or tenders when I don’t feel like grilling. I occasionally use it to roast veggies.
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