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  2. I see! Well that does sound like quite a lot for seeds, soil, container! but, maybe she wasn’t up to finding individual components in her circumstances 😌 perhaps a few high quality seed catalogs would be good for her to have! I recommend the Fedco Seeds from Maine catalogs. Plain black and white, not glossy enticing pictures, but hugely informative! And excellent seed (and tools) quality for fair prices.
  3. And no. I wouldn’t be concerned in your shoes about getting the vaccine, because catching it as an adult without the vaccine having students least prompted some antibody development would be so, so much worse.
  4. I picked up a "free" shirt with Kohl's cash this morning - a basic white long-sleeve t-shirt that is a little more belly-clinging than I would prefer, but I have a ton of jackets it'll go under. The shirt was $14 on sale for $10, and the Kohl's cash I had was $10. So, I didn't even have to pay tax as it was a $0 transaction. The cashier was a little weirded out - "That's $10.83 before your coupon *scans coupon* Your new total is, um, uh. Well, I guess you can just take it. Um, good job!" I also picked up a free with coupon bath gel from Bath and Body Works this morning. MIL gave DH his dad's kindle, so he's happy about that. I signed my VIPKid contract this morning. I have a workshop tomorrow morning with them, which should earn me some tokens. My two youngest kids have already said I have to get the Dino plush - I was thinking more along the lines of Amazon gift cards, but we'll see once I have enough to spend. I have to wait until I get DD's medical appointments on the schedule/figure out if we're looking at surgery & rehab or what the deal is before I start scheduling classes though. DH dropped his class this coming 8 weeks due to DD's medical problems. He'll just have to do it later, but the drop in stress was worth it to him. The school worked with us to get him a refund even though he was 1 day past the drop date. It helped that I grew up with the lady who runs the department - she went above and beyond to push it through. My mother wants to buy me a new winter coat for the season, but I don't know when I have time to go shopping. On the not frugal side: My car went in to the shop and needed a lot of work. We've purchased a couple of crafty things for DD to do as she is not allowed physical exertion until she sees the specialist (info on her health issues here) DH and oldest are visiting a college this week. So gas for a 6 hour roundtrip drive and food for DH (DD will eat in the cafeteria on the college's dime). However, if she visits now during the application process, she's eligible for a $2500 scholarship, so this visit could really pay off if she chooses this school.
  5. I had chickenpox as a child as shingles at 22, which sucked - the nerve pain was absolutely brutal. They tested my antibodies a few pregnancies ago and they were fairly high, so I’ve never had any shots for it.
  6. It was some sort of kit, where you could grow several different types of herbs. She said she paid $250 for it😳
  7. Besides some of the other great suggestions, simple games like Yahtzee or the card game version of Monopoly or any regular card games might work. Something that is short and doesn’t require great concentration, but can be repeated many times if she is enjoying it. Also, since she enjoys your kids, maybe have some pictures to show her on a device and then you can talk about everything they’ve been doing. I really like your idea of having your kids write letters to her.
  8. I had chicken pox when I was six weeks old (youngest of five kids). I was tested for antibodies just a few years ago and am immune. I should get the shingles fax, but haven’t yet. My ds had the first chicken pox vaccine, then was exposed to someone who had a sibling with active chicken pox (don’t even get me started) that same week. Within a couple of days of the exposure, he had the chicken pox, but we don’t know if it was from the vax, the exposure or a combination. He got his vax not long after they started offering them. We do know a family where their 23 yo son just recently had shingles. He had chicken pox as a kid, but I don’t know what age. He missed a couple of weeks of work and still has some painful flares.
  9. I had chicken pox as a child and also have had shingles, a mild case. My doctor has encouraged me to get the shingles shot but I hate needles😢 DH recently got the shingles shot, the two series, and felt off for a couple of days. Guess I need to work up my courage🙄
  10. I don't think it's the best choice for most students, both for reasons of true understanding and long term memory and for practical reasons - even a short illness will put you far behind. Yes, timely feedback would be crucial!
  11. Dh did not work this weekend. Which is ok. He's trying to close out a specific project and it doesn't seem to be going well, so being home to de-stress is as ok as working the OT. And he does have OT on the check, it would just be more ot if he was working lol
  12. I actually feel less modest and more uncomfortable when my side or belly is showing than my breast. I found some nursing tank tops with a built in bra that are w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l. and keep all that stark white flesh from showing 🙂
  13. I had the chicken pox when I was 9 months and then shingles when I was 3 years old! My poor mother...of course I don’t remember either.
  14. I tested immune, but never had noticeable chicken pox. My doctor doesn’t feel I should worry about shingles until I’m older.
  15. I had chicken pox but never had shingles. all four of our kids had chicken pox and a couple of weeks ago Dd 27 had shingles. Her shingles were a mild case but she had viral meningitis at the same time and she was miserable for a week. I’m not sure if Dh or I will get a shingles vac. Heck I don’t even get a flu shot.
  16. Small kids, simple in home activity. No. I actually finally made the decision about a month ago that I am going to get a treadmill after years of thinking about it. I am going to spend like $800 and get a really good treadmill. We have a few bills that we are behind on and once that is done I can start putting money away. I haven't picked one out yet, but I want a dang good one!
  17. We did similar games to those mentioned in the post above mine. There's one called something like Distraction, you have to play the card, say back the number, repeat back all the ones before yours, and then every so often a card comes in with a question and you have to stop and answer the question before continuing. We also played a lot of those "I'm going to grandma's house and I'm taking a......." games (where each person says a thing, and you have to keep repeating the full list). Other games would also be Scattergories, Ticket to Ride (being able to plan the routes, adjust, etc. seems to work that set of stuff), any of the various slapping games (where you slap cards that are played), or Solitaire, or especially the various group solitaire games (it's called something, where all the aces go in the middle and you're trying to play on those...?). Even chess & checkers can be good, for one on one. There are likely single player games via apps for a smart phone that would be good for an adult, too. You may check into that.
  18. Many years ago I worked on an alternate health television show. One of the profiles we did was on Ann Sawyer who is the co-author of a book called The MS Recovery Diet. Sawyer, a nurse and a person with MS, refined earlier diet-based approaches that appeared to reduce the symptoms of MS. Her approach is built around eliminating "trigger foods" that set up a cascade of myelin damaging responses in the body. She explains the science in the book. She in no way proposes this diet as a "cure" for MS, or as a replacement for medical treatments, but it seems to help people mitigate the symptoms of MS. Worth checking out in my non-expert opinion. Bill
  19. Insurance issues suck. Even in Canada, with universal health care, we have a lot of limitations regarding health care. Sorry you aren't getting enough support for your back issues. What is the biggest attraction for you with a treadmill? Can you fill that need in other ways?
  20. I did not have chickenpox as a child. I was tested and then got the vaccine. I also recently got my first Shingrix dose for shingles.
  21. Not exactly like your p. 19 example, but maybe something here might still be of interest for solo-working with pattern blocks: download/print - Pattern Blocks: Reflecting Symmetry Mats -- free download from Preschool Mom Blog - Hands-On Learning with Pattern Blocks -- Mrs. Jump's free downloadable; various activities, I don't see symmetry, but I don't see a level on it, but it looks like maybe gr. 1-3? - Teacher's Pay Teachers: Pattern Blocks: Symmetry (Joy) -- it says gr. K-2, but without the block shapes drawn in to complete the patten, I'd think gr. 3-5... - McRuffy Pattern Block Symmetry Mats -- 19 mats and 6 cards of very simple mirror symmetry shapes for $5 - Pattern Block Lessons to Meet Common Core Standards gr. 3-5 -- symmetry is included books - Pattern Blocks Mega Activity Pack -- eBook, printable from The Crafty Classroom -- lots of different activities; I don't see symmetry - Patternables (Sehi-Smith) -- gr. K-6 (but I'd say it's more for gr. K-2) - Pattern Block Book (Clarkson) -- a book - Developing Mathematics with Pattern Blocks gr. K-5 (Swan) -- a book; according to this info, it does include symmetry, but also other topics These are out of print, so I can't see inside: - Math Discoveries with Pattern Blocks (gr. 2-3) -- we used a number of books out of this series - Pattern Block Activities (Bayha) - The Super Source: Pattern Blocks: grades 3-4 -- from a different link it said "teacher guided activities" -- which wouldn't fit with your solo-working needs For upper elementary ages: Advanced Pattern Block Book (gr. 3-6) Geometry and Fractions with Pattern Blocks (gr. 3-6) Patterns in Mathematics (gr. 3-6) Fractions with Pattern Blocks (Zullie)
  22. Well, what about just getting the shingles vax? Or both? I am wondering if there's a reason you can't do C-pox, then singles? Or maybe even singles, then c-pox?
  23. I had chicken pox as a child. There was no vaccine then. I actually did get it twice (rare). I am over 50 and will probably get the shingles vax. If I hadn't had had the chicken pox, I am not sure I'd get the shingles vax. I would probably get the chicken pox vax. It's pretty awful to get it as an adult. If you had the pox, you can get shingles anyway. If you haven't had the pox, you can't. Geez that is unclear. I mean, if you never had chicken pox, you don't need the shingles vax because you don't have the virus floating around in your system. You need the POX vax (well, if you need a vax at all). Editing again...sheesh--IMO, it is better to guard against the chicken pox as an older person, esp if you are around kids (exposed). If you are of childbearing age still, then yeah, for sure. If you, as a person without antibodies to chicken pox and who has never had them, are exposed to SHINGLES, you will get chicken pox. I would not be worried about being suseptible to shingles thru the vax for chicken pox.
  24. My doctor sent me a RX for chicken pox vaccination (I'm 52) He was suprised that I never had chicken pox as a child that's why he ordered the blood test. Now my husband had chicken pox as a child and did have shingles that lasted for weeks when he was only 46.
  25. Thanks all! I went with Pinot Grigio. 🙂 I doubt anyone drinking wine at our dinky little fundraiser is going to complain. If they don’t like it there is red wine, margaritas and a keg. Did I mention this is a church fundraiser? Haha.
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