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What subjects do you do daily? a few times a week? (1st-3rd grade)

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For my old-for-grade (November birthday) 2nd grader who is a strong reader:


Daily: math, penmanship, Evan-Moor Daily Language Review (grammar & mechanics)

3x/week: science, history

2x/week: Song School Latin 2


On his LA "loop": vocab, MCT's 4-level grammar analysis, composition. He does one thing off his loop daily.

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Well everything is in theory


Reading (right now eldest is reading a chapter a day of A Wrinkle in Time, and youngest is reading Apollo and the battle of the birds)

Journal (everyday the write a sentence and I write a sentence or draw a picture in response.)

Grammar (eldest does 1 to 2 lessons and youngest does 1 lesson)



Eldest does writing, 4 lessons a week. We usually skip a day or simple stretch one lesson over two days.



Watch a tv show from a list. Right now that list has: (they do this when I'm schooling the other boy)

- Pipo an animated history, 3 DVDs to pick from

- the secrets of the middle earth, the hobbit or the fellowship of the ring

- teaching company stuff about the Hubble



Ever few days we do history.


In theory eldest does typing ever day, but it is usually every other day.

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Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are every day.


If you want me to be more specific:


Daily Grams (five minute worksheet)

Grammar lesson--Different curriculum for different kids.


Copywork or dictation

Read aloud together.  They read the McGuffy readers to me as part of their bedtime routine.  Funny story:  A few years ago I lost my voice for a week, so they thought they should read bedtime stories to me.  I never let them stop.  :)

Math lesson.

Flash cards for math facts.


Read alouds:  For us, that includes History, Literature, and Science.  I read to them.  Sometimes we do an activity, or narrate back, or some type of assignment.  We try to read aloud together every day, but not all subjects are covered each day.  History may be 3 days, Science 2-3 days, Literature 3-4 days plus bedtime stories so we can read more without it feeling like school.


Some type of exercise or P.E. is necessary several days a week.


As long as Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are covered daily, and we try to do a little of something else, we have had a good day.

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Math, grammar, spelling or phonics, reading, and writing are generally daily. Science and history can stagger with each other for kids who aren't quite ready for doing too much in a day. If language has started it ought to be daily.


My current third grader does every subject every day. That's literature, grammar, writing, spelling, Latin, math, science, and history.

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My 1st grader does reading literature aloud to me daily (usually twice a day), maths and some form of writing - this may be a grammar worksheet, creative writing or writing a narration, copywork, comprehension or spelling - and usually it is at least two of these. We do spelling at least 4x/week, but it is still included in writing. I read aloud to my children 7x a week - both during the day and at bedtime. Bible is 7x/week but may be a devotional or may include some activity if more for school.


We do science 2-3 times a week and history 2-3x a week, a second language about 2x/week (needs to be more but I have only just started and need to figure out what I am doing and get into a routine), art, music, other phys ed, geography are less well scheduled and we probably get to them once a week. She has gymnastics and chess once a week each.

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For kindergarten:

Every day - geography, phonics, math, memory work

Most days - handwriting

Once a week - art, science, PE, music appreciation, poetry


1st-grade plan:

Every day - math, reading, memory work; piano if we wind up starting it

4 days - history

3 days - handwriting, Spanish

2 days - science

1 day - art, religious studies, logic, PE


Possible 2nd-grade plan:

Every day - reading, math, history, handwriting, memory work, piano practice

3 days - Spanish

2 days - science

1 day - art, religious studies, logic, PE


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Daily: Latin, math, handwriting (for youngers), reading. My 2nd grader also does spelling every day. My oldest does spelling only twice a week because she is a natural speller.


Everything else is divided up according to how many lessons we have to complete in a year. First Language Lessons is 3x a week. However, next year my oldest will be using Rod & Staff English and that will be 4 lessons per week. Writing With Ease and Classical Composition is 4 days per week, etc.


For science my goal is 2-3 lessons per week. For history we use TOG, so the reading is just divided into what is manageable. Some weeks, we can cover it in a couple of days. Other weeks, my oldest may spread it out over four days.


We also have subjects like "Greek Myths" and "Christian Studies" by Memoria Press. My oldest may complete each of these lessons in one day, or she may spread them out over two days.


I have goals for what needs to be covered in a week, and I have a rough idea of what each day's goals should be. But in the end, we're flexible in how and when the work gets done.

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Daily for 1st-3rd: ETC(phonics), WWE (copywork/narration), Math (MM or Miquon), math facts practice (either online or written), Spelling (Spelling Workout), Arabic

Together everyday: Read alouds, Memorization, Art Studies(not crafts)

2x a week : Geography (together), Science, History(together), Grammar, Vocab, Reading Comp, Logic puzzles (lollipop logic or the like)


Oldest (5th) is the same except these are daily: Science, History, Grammar, Vocab, Reading Comp(Lit) plus a bit more writing and math (something fun, like pet shop math or Zaccaro) and no ETC.

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My 2nd grader does math, reading and writing every day.  Reading includes reading to herself and usually 2 different read alouds by me.


Then she does some combination of the following each day, hitting each item several times a week, but it's not set in stone how/when/number of times:

cursive, spanish, phonics/spelling, grammar, history, science, and oral reading practice.

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For my 3rd grader:

Daily - Bible, math, Read aloud, independent reading, memory work, writing, piano practice

3x a week - grammar, science, Latin, spelling

2x a week - history, penmanship

1x a week - art and drama (outside class)



When she was younger, we spent more time on penmanship and spelling. We didn't start piano or Latin until 2nd grade. The tutorial in art and drama is new this year.

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3rd grader-

daily: math, piano, spelling, reading

2-3X/week: grammar, writing



daily: reading/phonics (handwriting incorporated into this)

2-3X/week: math


We work in a variety of classes, history, science, geography, art, etc. each week as well.

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Next year, we are going to do the following four days a week (or at least, we are going to aim for them four days a week -- there may be days when we don't get to all of them):



-Reading/literature (individual to each child)



-Family readaloud literature

-Memory work

-Poetry reading or hymn study


-Music practice


The following we will do twice a week:


-Modern foreign language (the older two kids alternate -- one will do Latin M and Th and modern language W and F; the other will do Latin W and F and Latin M and Th, because they both do Latin with me)


The following will rotate and will vary, but four days a week, they will have one of the following:



-Logic (for the older one)

-Poetry exploration (We read poetry at one of our meals, but then I want each of the big kids to do a bit deeper poetry work, with me.)

-Whatever worksheets or writing they need to do to fill in fire safety and other small stuff for the portfolios


Once a week, we will do none of the above except for the memory work, mealtime poetry reading, and family literature because that's our day out, and we will do these subjects instead, before we leave:


-Picture study

-Music study


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I think the most important thing it to lay a good foundation in the reading, handwriting spelling, and math skills.  And also grammar starting in first grade.


I veered from the Classical method with my dd and have reaped the negative consequences.  THe Classical method is repetitive, systematic and thorough.  Build a firm foundation with phonics and spelling programs which are very systematic and provide plenty plenty of review.  Same with grammar, writing, handwriting and math.


The rest is all about fun and just enjoyment up to 3rd grade.  I enjoyed doing FIAR with my children and highly recommend it.  I would spend just a few minutes or a few times per week on the content subjects.  Spend lots of time reading aloud (NOT watching TV or video games) and lots of time getting fresh air and outdoor exercise.  


But most of all be sure to be systematic with phonics, spelling, and math, and starting in first grade, grammar.


I love FLL for grammar, and WWE is a bit boring but very very thorough.  I love Horizons for math, and for spelling there are several good options but if I could go back I would do AAS.  And then, you can start Latin in 3rd grade or Greek.


I built a good foundation with my dd in first, not in second, then again in third, and not in fourth.  I veered from the Classical method when she was in 2nd and 4th grade and although those years had other strengths, I definitely feel the systematic nature of the Classical or very skills/review based learning is best.



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At that age, I did math, reading/phonics, and a bit of handwriting every day. We were relaxed with content areas (history, science, etc.,) so those were done a few times a week, depending on what was available. They would read books about science or history most days, we watched a few science videos a week, and we would go to classes, field trips, etc. at least once or twice a week. Art and music lessons were once a week with some work at home in between.

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1st and 2nd grade--We do handwriting, grammar, writing, math, and spelling four days a week. We do reading and math drill every day.  We do history two days a week plus car school. We do science two days a week (includes co-op class). Geography we do one day a week. We do art and music one day a week.  We review Latin in the car and one day a week at home.  Honestly we kind of fell into this schedule, and it needs some tweaking. Our Mondays are too full and our Fridays pretty relaxed. This is only our second year though.

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For those ages-







Listening to me read good books

Memory work (I used to do FLL stuff, then CC, but now we do Awana and Sunday school bible verses)









Writing (3rd grade)

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We do math, reading, spelling, and history daily. We like history.


We do writing and science when it happens. We do grammar informally throughout our lives. Spring has make us relax a bit with school. :)


We do recess and physical education daily.

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Like others, we do the 3 R's daily and vary with other subjects.  I consider Latin a fourth "R" (Not sure how it make it start with an R).


For other subjects, I honestly don't think it matters a ton how often you get to them in these years.  I would say that you need to add reading really good books to the core subjects daily, whether that be history related or something else.

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We block schedule somethings because my son and I need the change every once in awhile and our heads would spin if we did too many subjects at once.



MM, pathway readers, spelling workout, WWE 1

We did climbing to good English 1 and 2 earlier this year instead of WWE


First 15 weeks was sotw1 everyday

Next 6 weeks was life science everyday

Art was in the winter when we couldn't go outside


Oh, Readalouds and audio books is everyday

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DD is age 8, so an older 2nd grader....We run on a Monday-Thursday schedule and use Fridays for hands on activities and field trips

Daily: Math, Reading, Even - Moor Daily Manuscript Review, Daily Meeting (Calendar/Time/Temp/Weather/Go Over Assignments and Expectations)

Alternating Weekly, Done Daily: Grammar and Mechanics or Vocabulary

Alternating Daily: M/W - Science, T/TH - Art Lab

Alternating Daily: M/W - Geography, T/TH - Writing


Example: Week 1 Monday

Daily Meeting

EM Manuscript



Grammar and Mechanics




Example: Week 2 Monday

Daily Meeting

EM Manuscript






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7 y.o. daughter is at least a few years above grade level for most things.  I try to take a relaxed approach because she is very self-motivated and is able/willing to focus intently on things she finds interesting.  She reads at 10th/11th grade reading level now - so she reads a lot and enjoys reading...although finding age-appropriate reading material at her level is a challenge.  She enjoys picture books the most, so she spends a lot of time making up her own stories and imagining.  


We homeschool year-round and 5-7 days/week - but that gives us flexibility to take time off when we need.  For example, my 4 y.o. was recently hospitalized for illness, so we took a week off then, and we also took a week off when we moved.


The two things she absolutely does every day (7 days/week) are:  Math (Teaching Texbooks), piano practice, and Reading (she loves to read and this is no chore for me to get her to read)...


Here's our schedule, which we follow loosely - most weeks, I aim for her to do these things daily:



Math (Teaching Textbooks)

Veritas Press Self Paced History (Middle Ages)

Piano Practice (45 minutes/day with parent)

Rosetta Stone Spanish

Reading Independently

Her reading aloud to younger siblings

Artist study and drawing

Writing/dictating/illustrating her own stories from her imagination



Swim Team (4 days/week)

Theatre class (4 hours/week)

Piano lesson (1x/week)

Science (3 days/week)

Social Studies/Geography (3 days/week)


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