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  1. My son liked to have his own book to look at. He wrote some of the answers, but I wrote some that he answered orally. You don't need the DVD's if you are confident teaching Latin. I only had the TM and the student book. The student book is probably just a personal preference.
  2. We school year round, but we just keep going. My kids are technically in all different grades for different subjects. I am of the mind that you master something and don't rush through it just to get through it by a certain date. You can always go a little quicker at the beginning of the next math book if it is a repeat of what you just did. Also, we are taking our first long break because I am having a baby, but my kids still do a math sheet a couple of times a week so you can get through some of the book over the summer if you want to. I wouldn't want to go through a couple of months wit
  3. I chose 1-2 hours, but it is usually closer to 2 hours. Here is what I do with approx. times: History read aloud at breakfast (15 min) Morning Time (45 min-1hour) My kids are allowed to color, draw, or knit during a lot of this time while they listen Fun read aloud at lunch (15 min) Family read aloud at dinner (15 min) Bedtime reading (15-30 min) We don't do everything every day, but we do most of them every day. We listen to audiobooks while we drive, but not as often as we should.
  4. For US history, my kids are really enjoying Mara Pratt's American History Stories. It is secular, but not anti-Catholic. We read it every morning at breakfast and my kids are always begging for more.
  5. With a 9 year old, I would start with Latina Christiana and then move into the Forms series by Memoria Press. Prima Latina is the more gentle way to go. I wouldn't say it is independent though. I did it with my 2nd grader every day.
  6. I decide on a couple of things first. I decided on our history sequence. Our focus is on American History right now. We honestly are taking it a lot more slowly than I had intended to, but my kids are so excited to learn about it that I just stick with a topic while they are still interested. We simultaneously do a little bit of ancient history. Last year, we did Greek and this year we will do Roman. We do some Aesop's and myths along with this. It is just a basic sampling. When we finish American History, I will cover world history more completely starting from the ancients and going t
  7. I think it is a maturity thing. My son finally got time this year (2nd grade). I wouldn't linger on it. If you continue with RS, it will be covered again in B and C. She will get it when she gets it. Don't stress yourself or her out!
  8. Our morning time lasts about 1 hour or 1.5 hours. Here is what we do (after the line, they can color or knit while they listen): Daily: read the daily gospel, memorization (includes catechism, hymns, Latin, poetry, folksongs, etc and takes about 15-20 minutes), read a story or fairy tale, read a poem Mondays: US History Italian Geography _______________________ Old Peter's Russian Tales Angel Food story Novel Tuesdays: Ancient History Aesops Mythology Italian Science ________________________ Twenty Irish Saints Uncle Wiggly Novel Wednesdays: US His
  9. I couldn't do the Winnie the Pooh stories either. We made it about 2/3 of the way through. I bought it on audible. Peter Pan was an epic fail for our family. The kids just really weren't into it even after about 80 pages so we just put it away. There are so many great books. The kids can read some later on their own or listen to them in audio format. I try not to beat myself up about it!
  10. There were some great speakers. If you are able to go, there were other Catholics there (from the 4 real forums). Message me if you want to know which speakers to avoid. The fireside chats were very helpful and just talking to other homeschoolers was so helpful and uplifting to me!
  11. I went last year and it was fun to be there. I went a day early to do an actual day of CM homeschooling which was the most helpful for me personally. I am not sure I will go to the conference again. I didn't learn as much as I wanted to and it had a very Protestant vibe. I'm Catholic and I am not anti-Protestant, but I wanted to learn more about CM than about the personal faith of the speakers. I really did enjoy meeting other CM homeschoolers though. If it was a little less expensive, I might go again just for that! If you have any specific questions, let me know.
  12. I used Prima Latina last year for 2nd. I would definitely do that with your 2nd grader. I bought Latina Christiana and then freaked out and bought Latin For Children Primer A. I don't know anything about the DVD's because I didn't buy either one. Here are my thoughts: Latina Christiana PROS: Simple layout that is not overwhelming to the eye, Christian content (this can be left out if you don't want it, but it is a pro to me), clear instructions in the teacher's manual, you learn less per lesson so it is not as overwhelming, good review throughout, seems like it would be great for
  13. I'm so sorry, Rosie. I'm praying for your whole family in this horrible time. :grouphug:
  14. Narnia Hobbit and LOTR Thornton Burgess books (Reddy Fox, Bobby Coon, etc). These are family favorites in our house from the 3 year old to the parents.
  15. In our area, there are two types of homeschoolers. We have unschoolers and those who use either Abeka or Bob Jones. I mostly get together with those families to give my kids friends to play with, but we don't really talk about curricula! I have stopped talking about curricula with those in real life except for two of my friends that are mostly on the same page.
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