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  1. By the way, if you are interested in what CM expected her students to know, read this. I was shocked when I read it! I would never have passed one of her exams!!!!
  2. I am fairly well versed in CM and have been basically using CM in my homeschool (although I am by no means an expert since we have just started homeschooling). I just recently read the 1st version of LCC. I have to say that it would be very easy to use LCC in a CM manner. So, you could read his suggestions and then have the children narrate. LCC suggests reading a few books carefully which is very in line with CM methods. Usually, you are only supposed to read a few pages of each book per day. As far as the extra subjects, LCC states (I don't have time to find the exact quote right no
  3. Climbing Parnassus When Children Love to Learn The 3 R's by Ruth Beechick I also loved Liping Ma's book!
  4. Thanks! I think my kids would really enjoy the oceanography one!
  5. So true! It doesn't even seem like construction paper to me!
  6. I posted a question about this earlier and no one responded. I would love to hear from someone who has used this because I am pretty sure I want to use it later on! It looks amazing!
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