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  1. As a fellow Catholic who follows CM, I cannot recommend enough the 4real forums. Here is a link. This is a great place to plan booklists!!!! This is a great blog to spend some time on, but especially this post about the Considered Booklist. She has a list of books for each grade somewhere, but I couldn't find it right away. As far as CM goes, I think it is a wonderful way to educate. I also think that the earlier you start the better. It is easier to teach kids to narrate when they are young. It just becomes a part of their life and leads to such better attention. I would definitely call CM rigorous and I would also consider it to be a classical education. CM taught Latin in all of her schools and they were very proficient in Latin. Also, look at some of the sample exams!!! I also don't think that science is light in CM because we do a lot of science. My kids are very good at observing nature and we read a lot of living science books. We have really enjoyed using this for science as well. I think it is good for K-2. I do think that CM is more akin to the classical education of late and is farther from the WTM way which is think is neo-classical in nature. As far as history cycles, I spent way too long stressing over that. I don't know if you saw the CiRCE thread from last year, but I have really let it go and have been schooling from a place of rest ever since! I decided to start with American history. We are doing the D'Aulaire's biographies supplemented with picture books. This year, we did Leif Erickson, Columbus, Pocahontas and Jamestown settlement, and we are now on Ben Franklin. Next year (2nd and K), I plan to add in some "Classical studies" where we will start learning about myths and a little bit of ancient history (using Ancient Rome Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times and Ancient Greece Modern Rhymes About Ancient Times). I plan to do American history and world history simultaneously for early elementary (kind of like HUFI, but I can't follow anything exactly). I can see why people do the three cycles of 4 years, but I want to spend more time on each cycle and spend more time on American history. I think learning American history first is wonderful since we live here! I don't think we need to stress as much about this as we do. I don't know if you use a Morning Basket time, but that is the best addition to my homeschool. This is when we do our reading: history, science, literature, poetry, composer study, picture study, memorization, etc. Then we do our seatwork (math, phonics, reading, etc). It is good way to mesh CM and WTM if you really want to do that. Best of luck!
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